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    Hi, my name is Skye and I am a young person whose passion is storytelling. I'm empathetic, creative, open-minded, and hardworking. I have an adventurous spirit. One of the things my friends tell me the most is that they can speak to me without fear of judgement. I grew up in the American Midwest, born and raised in Wisconsin. I finished college during the pandemic, and worked for a couple years before deciding to go to school in France for a year to work on my French. Now I'm a digital nomad (freelance writing/editing), working and travelling while I search for a Masters' program abroad that suits me.

    I have approximately a thousand hobbies and interests, and many skills that I plan to learn over my lifetime.
    I know how to/love/adore/enjoy: crochet, cross stitch, paint, writing (fiction, poetry, nonfiction), gardening, hiking, rock climbing, dance (swing and ballroom), playing the ukulele (and have about 7 years' experience with the clarinet, though it's been a few years since I've played); playing games (card, board, RPG, video, outdoor), spending time with animals, exploring, kayaking, canoeing, baking, yoga, camping, sharing stories, ad infinitum.
    I am interested in learning about sustainable practices, foraging, carpentry, glassblowing, forging, ceramics (I have some experience but I'd like to learn more), masonry, construction, history, cultural traditions, swordfighting (I'm a pacifist, I just think it would be fun), sailing, and absolutely more.

    I've done a fair bit of travelling--all over the United States (lived here for 22 years), France (lived here almost 1 year), Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Belgium. I plan to soon visit Scotland, Italy, and possibly Greece. I'd love to continue travelling and exploring. I've travelled via Workaway before as well, despite my account being new--my friend has a profile and we've done some travelling this way. I also use BeWelcome, and hope to someday host people in return!

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    Trabajo de caridad
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    I love learning languages! I'm always keen to get more practice in with French. I am especially interested in learning German and Polish at the moment, though I welcome the opportunity to learn any language!

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    I've had quite a number of odd jobs--I enjoy collecting experiences and skills in a rather jack-of-all-trades fashion: cashier/bagger at a grocery store, cleaner at a bakery, sales associate/money manager at a craft chain, book development intern, English tutor, writing tutor, writing conference intern, sustainability office student worker, general maintenance worker, freelance writer, freelance editor, social media manager, camp counselor, lifeguard, people-counter at a hockey rink, poetry coordinator for an arts festival, forum moderator for a community discussion about water protection laws; etc.

    I have a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing, and a minor in Philosophy. I'm Teaching English as a Foreign Language certified.

    I have experience in deep, detail-oriented cleaning; feeding animals; stacking bales of hay; mucking up after horses; brushing horses down; building sets for theater; repairing fences in innovative ways; moving wood with a tractor; planting trees and native plant gardens; managing a community garden; organizing annual events; journalistic interviews; editing; writing; photography; cooking and baking; pet-sitting; caretaking for adults and children with disabilities; babysitting; mentoring; marching band; managing props for a musical and a play; performance poetry; the list goes on.

    More generally speaking, I have strong organizational and communication skills. I'm self-motivated, and I excel working alone and with a team of others. I enjoy leading, and I know when to follow someone else's lead.

    I have experience working with a variety of animals: sheep, goats, cows, horses, chickens, donkeys, miniature pigs, dogs, cats, snakes, tortoises, rabbits, rats, hamsters, degus, fish, and others.

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      I am a vegetarian (2 years) who leans toward veganism, especially in my home country (the USA) (4 years), though my ultimate opponent is food waste.