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    Hi. Mathias the name. I value simple, fundamental things, like honesty and integrity. I don't care too much about flashy, fleeting things, which in my eyes don't hold a real use. I'm happy to learn that my perception of something was wrong, though.
    Working and travelling has been my MO since quite some time and nowadays I merely do it for practical reasons, not romantic ones. Albeit the physical place, life always comes up with similar challenges.
    Long-term I am intending to settle, being homeless has its perks, but also comes with a cost. And the cost outweighs its perks lately, at least for me.
    When one is alone, stability is of utmost importance, for one has to pull oneself up single-handedly and at all times.
    One part of personal stability is putting oneself into environments that also opt for stability. In a work environment that means that for me it is important that my hosts are realistic about their own resources, be it material or mental ones, and act accordingly (or at least have the sincere intention to do so, even if they don't know how to, yet). For example: Having realistic plans about expanding structures means that a) the benefits surpass the cost and b) one has enough spare resources to do so without having to interfere with basic needs.
    Also, it is very important for me that everyone has good will towards each other and that there is care from the heart, as opposed to lip service or other forms of manipulation. Out of care develops trust, which is fertile soil for good things.
    I tend to look for solutions to problems internally, after having observed and understood the situation.
    In a work situation this means that first I would like to know and fully understand what the other person wants the end result to be and, if needed, discuss solutions with them. Then I can tell if I am able to do it. After that I prefer to do all 'tactical' planning and execution of all steps until completion of the task by myself, while regularly consulting with the other person in case new questions or problems arise, that are beyond my accountability. If I need help or a problem arises, I will tell immediately. 'Strategical' plans I like to discuss holistically in one piece, for example within a short meeting in the morning or a walk on the construction site, where I will also elaborate on new ideas I had the day before. This is the method that works by far the best for me.
    I'm not very experienced in 'being taken by the hand' and copy/pasting what someone tries to teach me without knowing the big picture of what the aim is and how to get there.
    Another important point is, that there is self-reflection on one's own skillset in order to complete a task in the best way possible. For example: The person I would consult regarding a task at hand, would always be the person with the most expertise in said field. Likewise, in case I am the most experienced person in a field present at the moment, I appreciate my counterpart taking my opinion in that field into consideration, so I can help finding the best solution. This way there is no waste of energy.
    If I have doubt about your plan being feasible, I will tell you, cause I want to do a good and sensible job and I want you to profit from my work. If you're more experienced than me and will teach me the 'whys' and 'hows' of your plan, I will follow your lead and try to learn from you. For me, good relationships are about proper 'energy exchange'.
    I am vocal and open about things, whenever I see my counterpart is mature enough to be able to talk and listen openly as well.
    In the beginning of new situations I sometimes need time and freedom to process things, as I find the amount of impressions and information the mind receives quite overwhelming at times. While that might appear aloof, it is merely a means of considering and understanding situations.
    Having time in solitude is very important to me, cause that is when I recharge my 'batteries' and reflect on the day. I don't need much animation and am able to plan my leisure time independently.
    Before accepting a stay I would like to have a phone call with you. It can tell so much within a couple minutes and might help us understand what the other one is about and if it fits.

    Some other points:
    I don't consume alcohol or drugs of any kind, nor do I smoke.
    Also I will not participate in the killing or in steps that lead to the killing of a sentient being. For example: I can herd your sheep, cause that is a service to the sheep. They need to be sent to the next pasture anyway, in order to live. But I can't help you load the sheep on the truck that drives them to the slaughterhouse, cause that would be a disservice to them.
    While I prefer eating vegetarian, lots of it raw, with some bread, cheese and eggs, as a guest I adapt to my host's customs. I don't want my host to have to work and think more, just for my convenience. Just make sure there is enough fresh stuff mixed in there, cause my body has a limited tolerance to processed food. It's also no problem for me to cook for myself, if that's more convenient for you.

    About my skillset: I wouldn't say I've mastered anything, but I am able to think and calculate solutions on my own in most cases. I'm a practical person, so my skillset is not overly specific but opts to have tools for a plethora of situations I may realistically encounter. I am able to admit when something surpasses my expertise and I would need help. Most skills I've learned by myself. As written above, I am very eager to learn from you, if you know something I don't, which is important for the task at hand or useful for me personally later in life.
    On the following list, the only thing I've done professionally is landscaping for a couple of years following my apprenticeship.
    Things I've done and have varying experience (from novice to intermediate) with are:

    - Construction, landscape gardening and and all related tasks (building walls, terraces, wooden decks, pavements, ponds, stairs, foundations, fences, gates, etc.)
    - Handling heavy machinery used for constructional and agricultural work (tractors, excavators, wheel loaders, dumpers, cranes, etc.)
    - Handling of chain saws, brush saws and other lumberjack tools
    - Tree climbing license for rope-supported arborist works
    - Use of telescopic platforms
    - Pruning, cutting down and felling of trees, making firewood
    - Grafting fruit trees
    - A lot of skills that are necessary for a self-sufficient lifestyle (lived on a self-sufficient farm for over 2 years)
    - Drywalling
    - Animal husbandry
    - Poultry keeping
    - Bee-keeping
    - Sheep herding
    - Horse stable hand
    - Small engine repair and maintenance
    - Roofing
    - Welding
    - Carpentry
    - Bushcraft/Survivalism/Preparedness
    - Butchery (e.g. deer found dead on the side of the road, etc. a.k.a. Roadkill)
    - Naturopathy
    - Functional bodyweight training
    - Cooking (for up to 20 people at once)

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    I can teach English and i would be interested in practicing French.

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    • Alergia
      Mice and mold (started after longlasting exposure to both in the past)

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      Raw and mostly plant-based, if possible. It's no problem for me to adapt to your customs, though.