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    Hi there!
    I am revolutionary at heart, and I long for living a more decend way to live than what the industrial development are teaching us and forcing us to do. I want it more genuine, more down to earth and more nuanced. Contact with nature, my soul, and the great many treassures life can teach. That's why I am searching for like minded people, to share and build projects that aim towards a healthier and better way to live. I myself am a sensitive guy who love a wide range of music, but the most atypical and still frequent genres I listen to is classical and celtic music. I fancy architecture, spending time in nature, solving problems of different character like mathematical, sudoku, the understanding systems of living, cultures, languages, identities, materials, history, art and spirutality, weather it is religion (both pagan and institutionalised) or other aspects. I am, in short, a person who thinks and feel A LOT, and that side of me is potent and characteristic.

    Sustainability is the future, and I would love to gain more knowledge and skills in this area, as well as live closer to nature and improving my construction skills.

    In my spare time I love writing, bikecycling, spending time in nature, dancing, singing and digging into history, social science and natural science, exploring, climbing and debating.
    I am a skilled debater and I have spend quite a lot of time pondering the depths of life, such as social structures, existential questions and a wide range of aspects of life. This is mentioned twice, but it is the core of my being, so I would be pleased to meet likeminded people.
    I have been told I could be a great psycologist. I have a lot of hard skills, and I am an advanced healer. That gives a lot of intellectial knowledge, but it also causes people to tell me stuff they have never told anyone before - and that responseability can easily be too much for me, as I am learning to center my energy on myself, so it dosen't go in all directions and drains.

    I have strong empathy which is a plus both when it comes to working with animals and working with people, and I would like to gain more experience working with animals, as I believe I have flair for it.

    I am queer(!) which means I would highly appreciate if that would not be a topic to defend at some point. :)
    That goes both for sexuality and genderroles - and gender roles is in my experience terribly inconvenient, although I am a man. Gender is not a binary for me, and I identify as a feminist.
    Now, would people be ignorant but trying to learn and understand, that would be wierd for me but doable. I am a glad to share knowledge and teach people about diverse ways of being human, as long as it doesn't become aggressive and there is a certain respect to the ownership of my identity and sexuality.

    One final thing you should know about my personality is that I think a lot, and I have experinced a lot of different stuff in my life. I raise questions, also even though it hurts (I am working on that), and I have a very clear picture of how the world around me functions on a psycological level. If something I say hurts you, tell me. If there is anything wrong, tell me. I want to collaborate, and I want to be able to do the same thing the other way around.
    That being said, I often get told that I am sharp, and that is true, in it's essence. That means I am very direct and I prefer it that way.
    Anyhow I suggest to have a conversation, be it a meeting or a little check up each week to see how it is going. That would be a fair rule for the conflict shy I reckon, as structure might make it easier.

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    I have experience with being a bike messenger for 1 and a half year (which means I am quite fit),

    I have been working 10 months back home in total with wood and metal (smithing modern and traditional, being in a wood workshop building smaller projects

    I have been working previously with an autistic boy for 2 and a half years,

    4 months in a center for underdeveloped people.

    7 months in total on 8 different farms in Spain (when I was 20),
    France (when I was 20),
    And Germany,
    The tasks consisted of: wood work, metal work, concrete and brick construction (projects), A LOT of tearing down, interior copnstruction, fixing wood on an artistic building, art projects in wood and metal, general maintenance, work in the field with planting, seeding, harvesting, cleaning and tons of weeding, cutting and stabling firewood, a lot of heavy lifting, digging and shoveling, minor bike cycling maintenance (that's also part of being a bike messenger), garden work, reparations of furniture, tools or other things belonging to a farm, structuring and cleaning, cooking (love cooking for a lot of people), shepparding goats, cuddling dogs ( :D ) and all of the work have been mainly independent.

    In short I love variation of working tasks, and I am happy to learn new skills.
    I like to have responseability and to structure work, which also leads to creativity. I have a very advanced sense of aesthetics, I love singing and doing theater (or in any way presenting something for an audience), and I love being able to channelise my creativity in the work that I do.

    I've spend one and a half year travelling (hitchhiking wide distances like going from Copenhagen to Spain back and forth 3 times) and living in autonomous communities in Spain, which means I have been taking part in communities and did a lot of practical work of a wide range of different tasks for example doing plumbering, because calling a plumper would both cost a lot of money and be wierd to summon people into an occupied house. :) so maintenance in general, art projects like doing mosaic, getting water from the local well, installing water conservatories to make use of it and so on.

    I have experience organising political events as I have been taking part in political grassroots movements back when I was 19-21.

    I prefer heavy work (note: not currently as I have an injury, but still functional), and I am a part time working horse, which means that I will be more than up for working extra hours some days when I feel particularly energic. I prefer to finish what I do, in stead of stopping before it's done.

    I am good at analysing, measuring and understanding the bigger picture - and I also need to know the bigger picture to work with my full potential. I have hyper focus which means I tend to work very concentrated and I prefer not chatting meanwhile working and I work VERY methodically.
    I am good at structuring and remembering routine tasks, but I usually need time to tune in to new tasks, as I am not very sensible (or too sensible) and therefore don't work very fast.

    I am am advanced debator and I have my way with words. I am good at making a nice impression and to make people interested in an idea or a product, if I where to take part in any business like in a store for example.

    I am sensitive, have strong principles and a I like working until late some days. I am introverted by nature, which means I am good at understanding people in their core, but don't conform brilliantly into social norms, which is to say, that the surface of people is not of my interest, unless it is connected to a deeper personal feeling (my brain works that way, I can't help it).

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    Love ecological and vegetarian food, but I am not too good to eat a bit of conventional (and meat) food. ^^

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      Indirect communication, lack of clear communication. Let's face it, everyone does that, but if there is a problem, I would highly appreciate an environment where it is possible to talk about whatever is wrong, with respect. You can speak clear with me!

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