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    About me:
    Bonjour! Hola! Hallo! Ni hao! Buengiorno!
    Hi! I'm Aliyah! I am a single mother of four wonderful kids! I have always wanted to travel and always been interested in different cultures since I was a small child. I went to Ecuador on a tour when I was 11 and from there, I became interested in learning Spanish. I really kicked that up a notch in high school and became pretty fluent in Spanish, as well as knowing some stuff here and there in Swedish, Dutch, Russian, French, and Italian. I'm currently learning Italian! When I was in high school, I had a world map and colored all of the countries I wanted to visit, which was pretty much all of them! Unfortunately, life was pretty complicated and my dreams of travel went by the wayside.
    About three years ago, I was trying to figure out who I am and what I like....what do I want to do with the rest of my life. The possibility of travel came back into play. I've heard for years that I can't possibly travel with children in tow, but in 2018 we sold all our belonging and set out to travel the world. We've currently settled in Morocco for about a year. With all this Co-vid 19 uncertainty, we are currently just waiting to see what will happen with international travel. But, I hope to find a longer-term workaway where we can stay afterwards and be useful.

    Our goal is to live like locals and learn new skills, language, and culture while traveling. I am very interested in doing workaways as I believe it will be the perfect way to really see a country and the people.
    I don't want to live my life from the sidelines anymore! I am ready and eager to help in whatever way I can at our future host homes! I am a freelance writer. I have a degree in social work and have been a manager for five years. I have experience with grant-writing, event planning, and social media engagement. I ran my own daycare for three years and have lots of experience with childcare and gentle parenting. I can help with housekeeping, childcare, and cooking. I don't have much experience building or caring for animals, but I am a quick learner and am confident I will be an asset to you in these jobs as I am a self-starter and can work independently. I can paint, I can build with instruction, and I am a great listener. I have references which would include a background check and references from couchsurfing. I can get personal references if needed.

    We don't expect you to feed all of us and we can also contribute to bills if need be. We are grateful to those who give us a chance since we are a large family

    My children:

    Daughter, 17 years old- Eliana is crafty, artistic, and also loves to learn about cultures. She is currently learning Arabic and enjoys art and music from those areas. Her current goal is to someday teach English in Korea. She is quiet and can be shy, but once she gets to know you she is a great friend. She is interested in helping with workaways tasks and will also be helping with keeping an eye on her siblings while I do whatever jobs are needed. She has experience with horses and coding.

    Son, 12 years old- Cael is a loving kid who is interested in hands-on skills such as carving, woodworking, and building. He also enjoys coding and of course, Minecraft! He wants to learn how to do tasks at workaways too and will be involved in supervising his younger sister. He is always willing to help in whatever way possible!

    Daughter, 6 years old- Jazlin is smart, friendly, and active. She loves to help her siblings and me and would most likely be involved in any age-appropriate tasks the family might have. She is also an excellent friend to others and would love to be involved in language practice.

    Daughter, 1.5 years old- Nayaira doesn't do much yet, except keep a smile on her face and yours! If you're worried about having a screaming baby around, I can't say she never cries, but it is typically limited to nap/bed time for a few minutes, and if she gets hurt.

    We are a mixed race family, so we are able to share our Spanish language and cooking with you. I am confident we can help you out with just about any task you may need us to do!

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    Películas y televisión
    Cocina y alimentación
    Política / justicia social
    Eventos y sociedad
  • Idiomas

    Idiomas hablados
    Inglés: Fluido
    Español: Fluido
    Francés: Principiante
    Italiano: Principiante
    Holandés: Principiante
    Ruso: Principiante
    Chino (mandarín): Principiante

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    I'm trying to learn Italian, but I dabble in a bit of everything.

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    Compañía para ancianos
    Vida en una granja
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Cuidado de animales
    Trabajo de caridad
    Proyectos artísticos

    Puedo enseñar:  

    Cuidado de niños y juegos creativos
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Ayuda doméstica
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    I speak, write, and read Spanish, cooking, watching, teaching, and taking care of children, cleaning, painting, whatever is needed I will be up for it! I have been a single parent for years, and I have survival skills! I have business experience running my own daycare and as the director of social services at a non-profit organization. I have been a soccer coach and a basketball coach. I haven't worked outdoors a lot, but anything I set my mind to, I accomplish!
    My daughter who is 17 can offer some Korean language skills and art skills as well as helping with children.
    We can talk about our travels and what it's like to live in Morocco.

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    American/Mexican/African American

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    We are a family of five single mother and four kids. We are quiet and clean. We can all share a room for the most part. The older kids will take care of the youngers so that I can focus on the workaway tasks, however we would all like to play a part in the work! We are really excited for these opportunities as we travel and hope to connect deeply with others!

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