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    Hi everybody!

    I am Karin from Austria and I am new in the workaway family. I plan to work and travel in Canada, since I have a working holiday visa. So I found this platform on the internet and thought it would be perfect to connect with people and find places where help is needed and I would fit to help.
    So... What makes me happy... Well, as I grew up in the middle of the mountains, I am an absolutely nature enthusiast. My big passions are skiing/ski mountaineering and mountain biking. These are the two/three things that make me feel alive the most, and these moments shared with my friends, simply every time but a big smile on my face and make me happy. But also just sitting on top of a mountain or on the beach of the ocean while watching the sunrise or sunset just makes me happy and grateful to experience moments like this. So like already mentioned, I love the outdoors! And of course I love to travel and see more of this beautiful planet. Since I studied Geography it´s more ore less my obligation to travel, right ;-) My favorite way of traveling is traveling by van. At home I have a small van where I travel in Europe. For me this just means pure freedom. It´s like you have your small little home always with you, no matter in witch country you are. I just love that. I can go anywhere without a certain destination and can just stop and stay wherever I like it (more or less, because in some European countries it´s not allowed to stay anywhere)...
    Last summer i fulfilled a dream and traveled to Canada. And of course I traveled there by car and a tent. I slept the whole summer outside. I loved it. For me, Canada has always been the country that I imagined was paradise. Huge pristine forests, large lakes, beautiful mountains, fantastic snow, the ocean, wilderness and super friendly people. And last summer I was able to experience all this (except the snow) and I can only say that for me it is paradise. And it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to live and travel here for a longer time. So I went back home and immediately pulled out all the stops to get a working holiday visa. However, since I was already 30, it was my last chance for this visa and it was very unlikely that I would get it. I still can't believe it at times, but hey it actually worked out. And now I will go to Canada at least for one year.:-)

    Since about one year I practice yoga regularly. It helped me to get to know my body better and also helped me to become a more self confidently person. So practicing yoga really enriches me.

    Besides my hobbies that take place outside, I do also have hobbies that take place inside. ;) I always liked to work and create with my hands. At school I worked most time with wood. But for some time now, I discovered sewing for myself. I like to create and sew handbags, which I then give away to friends, because I don´t use handbags that often. That seems somehow strange I know. But yeah.. I just like to create pretty things and make friends happy.

    What I am doing at the moment:
    After finishing university, I started to work for a consulting engineers company. I work for the geohydrological department. I work as a freelancer and work only outdoors. Beside that I have a lot of time to follow my passions. :)
    And now it´s time for a new adventure and chapter of my life. Canada is calling....

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    I studied Geology and Geography. I know, that is for sure not very helpful, but I love to be outdoors, so everything that´s taking place in nature is good for me. Before University I went to school for interior design and wood working. And during school summer holidays I worked in different carpentry. I like working and creating something with my own hands. During my studies at University I worked in a hotel as a server and barkeeper. I like to help in the kitchen, I am not that creative with cooking but I like to give a hand and I love to bake cakes.
    So where help is needed I can offer a helping hand, I am eager to learn new things, I am enthusiastic, I am fairly good at manual tasks and able to handle heavier physical work.
    I know that I dont´t have experience with workaway yet, and maybe that could be a reason for you to not take me, because I don´t have any feedback of a host. But I can say from myself, that I am a very honest, friendly, unsophisticated and happy person. I give a hand wherever it´s needed. I love to get to meet people, and I am super curious of life stories and different kind of ways to live a satisfied life.
    Also it´s not my first time abroad. After high school I spent 6 month with a family in Italy as an Au-pair. During my time at University, I stayed and studied for one year in Portugal and after finishing my Bachelor, I traveled trough Central America.

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    I think my english is not that bad, but without using it every day, it´s not getting better..;) so I really look forward to just talk english again all the time and become more natural again. But what I would really love to, is to learn french. I started a beginners course at home, but my french is still very, very basic. And somehow it´s by far the hardest language to learn for me out of the ones I tried to leran. And since Canada is a bilingual country, maybe my chances are not that bad to learn a bit of french. :) My mother tongue is german. So I would also be able to help with learning german if somebody is interested.

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    I apologize for my pictures at the profile. I know they all just show situations during my favorite sports. But actually, I only take pictures when I am doing things like that. But I am trying to get better and add some more other pictures.

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      I am vegetarian, but eat everything else..:-)