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    Canary Islands, Spain - Desde Dic 2021 Hasta Mar 2022
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    Love motivates me. God, as in the ultimate and highest expression of consciousness, and life in general motivates me and brings me happiness.
    There is so much beauty and magic and divinity in this life on this planet.
    Happiness comes from within me. Just being alive, being able to experience so much, do what my soul and heart yearns for brings me happiness. So in all honesty I would say that I am happiness. I am one with the energy of happiness, it's part of my true nature. Living in the present, living in love makes the happiness that is always present in the now, come forth and through. This is the organic way.

    But to be more specific, here are some of the things that I am super bonkers about, that especially resonate with my heart:
    Being here now, and supporting other beings in their way back home, in ways that are available for me in the present moment
    Sun, moon, rainbows, grass, moss, nature, the never ending breathtaking beauty of it all
    Community/communal living - people coming together and helping, celebrating each other because there is so much power in unity
    Different-different artistic expressions - painting, drawing, tattooing, singing, playing music, dancing, videography, collages, playing with organic and repurposed materials

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    Trabajo de caridad

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    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Compañía para ancianos
    Mantenimiento general
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales
    Práctica de idiomas
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet

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    Proyectos artísticos
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    I have always liked to learn through experimenting and trial and error and I have always liked to make things myself, whatever I can at that moment. My family didn't have that many resources available when i was growing up so I have been into upcycling, repurposing and being resourceful ever since I can remember and I am very passionate about it.
    I have worked in cafes and bars, so I have experience in customer service, but I don't like to do it that much. I love communicating with people though.
    I can sew, paint, play music, follow instructions, cook, do some interior decoration/repairing, I have always been into growing food - I used to live on the countryside and would help my grandparents a lot. Now I have leaned into and learned more about permaculture (as a lifestyle) also.
    I'm also quite good at teaching, I don't have a degree in it, but I used to be a tutor for younger kids and the kids in my class when I was in school still.
    I have holistically healed myself and I am always so happy and grateful when I get to be a channel for God's love and healing, whether it's with saying something, holding space, sharing knowledge or doing different activities consciously together with other beings.
    I had an eating disorder for a long time and I healed from it so now I have this beautiful gift of being quite knowledgeable in this area of conscious and holistically healthy eating and movement. By this I don't mean that I have the perfect eating and exercising routine for everyone, rather it's different ways people can get to know their whole being and from there find their inner guidance.
    I haven't finished high school not to mention university because my life path has been different, and I am super grateful for all these twists and turns that make life so interesting. Through my experience I have realized this so deeply that the education system we have at the moment is not very supportive for most of us and I really hope to one day be able to offer a different kind of experience.

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    Inglés: Fluido
    Estonian: Fluido
    Alemán: Principiante

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    I could help learn/practice English and Estonian. I would like to learn different languages. Wherever I am currently, learning even just a bit of the language spoken there would be an honor and great joy for me

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    I like being happy, and contributing to the happiness and peace and well being for all brings me so much joy, that is what I live for, so this is like my main thing in life.
    Right now I'm working on creating my dream life what means living a sustainable, off-the-grid lifestyle in an eco + healing community. Growing our own food in a food forest, building with repurposed materials and having sustainable systems like compost toilet, compost/methane water heater, solar panels and so on. Living in harmony with all the other creatures. Writing and playing music and dancing a lot is a very big part of my dream life, and being able to live in nature. Helping people learn how to heal themselves. Creating a time and a space for people to come and be here, in this moment, without having to worry about money and surviving

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