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    hellooooo, adventuring and backpacking, between the ocean and the mountains you will find me soaking up all the stories of the locals! I am motivated by passionate conversations, learning from life and beautiful gestures of kindness. An admirer of mother nature, an outdoor sports (and adrenaline sports) enthusiast and giving my time to those around me!

    sooo, I am currently travelling to experience cultural differences, enjoy the opportunity to meet and have conversations with locals and strangers, to understand myself and they way I think, act and connect with people from varying backgrounds. Hearing stories, observing the gestures and kindness of others and just being a friendly, greeting everybody, type of person makes me joyful!

    I think everyone is on a journey of self-discovery and understanding things and experiencing moments that center themselves more - this is what I am doing at least. I have a passion for helping people, be it children or adults, I have a deep desire to make people feel loved and show them they have a purpose and encouraging someone to understand themselves better. I want to motivate and inspire someone to be eager and reach for the goals they have set for themselves. To see someone else achieve something that they desire or long for, big or small personal victories - it makes me so joyful and I feel I am living in that persons intense joy too!

    I am busy learning languages, as this, other than being a real human and sharing joy for life, is such a pure form to connect with others on a deeper level - to speak their language - so this is what i am after.

    I have completed my studies and now I'm off venturing to "seek the unknown". I enjoy spontaneous adventures and the opportunity to see the world and my views on life from a different angle, approach or different persons perspective. I enjoying listening and have a good laugh!

    I am on workaway to give my time to others, seek experiences and moments that will connect me to people, nature and myself, to listen to the wisdom and personal experiences of others, to meet people with soul and passion and a will to live life. To understand the land, the way we are and think and just to see where life takes you if just trust in the beauty of it. What I am looking for in life is also looking for me...
    So here I am, bringing my stories from my past, the experiences that have shaped me and using that as my strength and motivation to seek what gives me life!

    also walking barefoot, feeling the earth below my feet with the sun upon my face - makes me very content!

    Trying new experiences, putting myself out there and stepping out of this comfort zone - to grow, understand and just be!

    Life is pretty damm beautiful and real people, authentic experiences and living with purpose make my heart so glad!

  • Habilidades y conocimientos que quiero compartir o aprender

    Me interesa:  

    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Vida en una granja
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Trabajo de caridad

    Ciertos conocimientos de:  

    Compañía para ancianos
    Mantenimiento general
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet

    Puedo enseñar:  

    Cuidado de niños y juegos creativos
    Práctica de idiomas
    Proyectos artísticos
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    I am not afraid of hard work, physical or finer detailed and skilled work. I enjoyed being challenged with learning new skills and finding creative and efficient ways to make a problem something fun! Very determined and believe I am strong minded - but please challenge me on this too so I can learn more! I am a fast learner and adapt to new ways and methods of work.

    These are my current more structured skills :
    - currently a freelance online English teacher - allows freedom to explore life and learn from students of different cultures and backgrounds at the same time
    - GARDENING, woodwork, sewing and making clothes, also have average skills at working with stained glass and mosaics
    - cooking and especially baking desserts and breads!!!
    - sports and outdoor activities coaching
    - working on a farm and teaching or providing opportunities for those with mental disabilities to find fulfillment in life and show them they can contribute too to making a farm self-sustainable
    - numerous outreaches with teaching kiddies new skills and in doing so learning about communities and their cultures and way of doing things and life!
    - completed my studies of science and psychology in South Africa, looking to bridge over into engineering (biomedical) sometime in the future...
    - I have a motorbike and skippers licence too
    - I am an outdoors person, nature, hiking, swimming in the ocean, most water sports, extreme sports, cycling and just being active and breathing in the gooood fresh air - good at encouraging others to push limits and also experience this!

    and I am ready to be adding more skills to this list...
    lets get started!

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    Idiomas hablados
    Afrikaans: Fluido
    Inglés: Fluido
    Xhosa: Fluido
    Hebrew: Principiante
    Portugués: Principiante

    Más información sobre tus intereses idiomáticos
    i find learning and being interested in various languages keep you curious and grounded, able to get a deeper connection with the culture and people, SO YES, I enjoy teaching and learning new languages!!!

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    to experience life in its true form - connecting to people, nature and cultures is all I am seeking
    always open to new ideas or challenges that will teach me about life, life-skills, people and about myself and my strengths and weaknesses
    while travelling now, to work with farms, NGO's, or any person who has stories to share and work for me to do to give back to others, give back to nature or just be a good old human being - count me in
    don't need much convincing to do something that connects people or leaves positive energy
    I have played sports my whole life, grew up around water sports, running, cycling, hiking and tennis - think I am fit and strong and thus enjoy the hard work in the field!
    I am passionate about nature and seeing people interact and become calm and centered once spending enough time in nature. Bonfires at night have always been a place of deep thoughts and conversations and I reallly appreciate this!
    I can spend hours alone being fascinated by the smallest bits of beauty in nature, this is where I understand myself the most. Real connections and authentic experiences is what I am here for! Simple life but with meaning!
    I grew up in a very active family, each doing some type of different extreme sport, thus my love for trying new crazy sports or adventures. This has helped me develop a strong mind and understanding of hard work, efficiency and enjoyment of the moments before you!
    If you see my at the ocean or walking on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, I'll be suppper close to the edge and as quiet as anything - absorbing it all in! I can swim for hours in the ocean!
    and... this is me !

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