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    I am currently in the south part of Turkey (in Antalya region) and looking for opportunities to learn and engage in sustainable living and farming.

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    My name is Askar, and in joining “Workaway” community I see an opportunity to engage in the process of self-discovery and realization in a way, that I thought was not possible: Being able to travel and spend as much time as you want to fully experience cultures all over the world, whilst being able to give back to the communities that you are visiting by doing meaningful work.

    About myself: my background lies in the fields of electrical engineering and material science, and I used to work as a research assistant in a laboratory that focused on solar energy technologies. As was the case with a lot of people, the pandemic made me re-examine my life, and I realised that I needed to change something. I decided to drop out of my master's program, quit my job and step on the path of self-discovery. So, I am currently on a journey to seek ways of reconnecting with natural world, and to live a happy man's life by doing what is meaningful.

    Even though my professional field of expertise is quit narrow, I am a very good learner that is able to engage in all sorts of mental and physical endeavors. I do not shy away from difficulties, and as a workawayer I am willing to contribute to the best of my ability and deal with any challenge.

  • Intereses

    Navegar / barcos
    Deportes de aventura
    Yoga / bienestar
    Actividades al aire libre
    Trabajo de caridad
    Bricolaje y manualidades

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  • Habilidades y conocimientos que quiero compartir o aprender

    Me interesa:  

    Práctica de idiomas
    Proyectos artísticos
    Trabajo de caridad
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Cuidado de animales
    Vida en una granja
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Ayuda doméstica
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet
    Mantenimiento general
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    I got my bachelor's (and 2 semesters' worth of master's) degree in Electrical and Computer engineering. Under this influence I also worked for 2 years as a research assistant at the university laboratory that focused on researching novel materials in solar energy field. Besides learning quite a few nitty gritty skills related to conducting scientific research and working with high technology in general, I also learned how to express my ideas in a written and well organised format.

    On a personal note, growing up in a multi-cultural environment of post soviet union Kazakstan, I was exposed to a wide range of cultures and languages that certainly influenced me. I am fluent in Kazakh, Russian, and English. I also dabbled with quite a few languages such as Turkish, Korean, Chinese, where I managed to acquire and retain some basic level of competency.

    Outside of my academic and professional expertise, I am personally a very big proponent of practices related healthy living, in both physical and mental sense. I do not differentiate between the two, as I believe that physical well-being plays an essential part in mental well-being, and vice-versa. Practices like stretchnig, mobility training, resistance training, cardio training, and meditation are in my toolbox of well-being tools, and it is steadily expanding as I go about living my life.

    My current interests include practices related to sustainable living and organic farming. To this point, I managed to volunteer for short-term at several organic farms that allowed me to gain a little practical and theoretical experience in those fields. Still, there is a lot that I am yet to learn, which I am happy about.

  • Idiomas

    Idiomas hablados
    Inglés: Fluido
    Kazakh: Fluido
    Ruso: Fluido
    Korean: Principiante
    Turco: Principiante
    Chino (mandarín): Principiante

    Más información sobre tus intereses idiomáticos
    I am open to learning and teaching any language:)

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