Help us educate underprivileged children in Speankaek and Phum O Villages near Siem Reap, Cambodia

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    Are you looking for a meaningful way to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Cambodia?

    Here, education is the key to a better future and breaking the cycle of poverty. That's why we work tirelessly to provide free English classes to underprivileged children who would not have the opportunity to learn otherwise.

    Our peaceful environment, surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquil sounds of nature, provides the perfect setting for volunteer teachers to make a lasting impact on the lives of local children.


    About Us
    We are a charitable organizations providing free education to underprivileged children and young adults living in Speankaek and Phum O villages in Cambodia's Siem Reap Province.

    Our Mission
    We aim to make education accessible to underprivileged children and young adults in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. Teaching these students English and instilling good morals can provide them with better opportunities for the future and end poverty in the region.

    Through our efforts, we strive to improve the living standards of our students and their families while reducing the number of young people who drop out of school. In our community, it is common for children and teenagers to abandon their education to provide for their families. However, we are determined to break this cycle of poverty. We are dedicated to providing a brighter future for underprivileged children and young adults in the Siem Reap Province through education.

    School Founder
    Sophara's journey toward his passion for education is an inspiring tale of dedication and hard work. During his early adulthood, he devoted his time to practicing as a monk at the historic Bakong Pagoda, where he was fortunate enough to receive an education and learn the English language. Through sheer perseverance and determination, he overcame the many challenges that came his way and eventually fulfilled his lifelong dream in 2013 of establishing a school for his community to allow underprivileged children to learn and develop their English language skills, just like he did. The heartfelt support of his dear friends from Australia only added to the beauty of his journey, making it a truly remarkable one.


    About the Locations
    Our organization (school) is located in Speankaek Village, just a 30-minute tuk-tuk ride from the world-famous Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, 25 minutes from Pub Street, considered the center of the action as the night falls in Siem Reap, and 60 minutes from Siem Reap International Airport.

    Our center is located in Phum O Village, just a 20-minute bicycle ride from the School, a 35-minute tuk-tuk ride from the world-famous Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, 30 minutes from Pub Street, considered the center of the action as the night falls in Siem Reap, and 60 minutes from Siem Reap International Airport.

    But there is more - the ancient Bakong temples, located just 10 minutes away by tuk-tuk and seldom visited, are also within easy reach.


    About the Experience
    Volunteering at our schools is truly a remarkable experience for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the lives of local children. It's a great way to give back to the community and an opportunity to explore the stunning beauty of Siem Reap and the surrounding countryside on a tuk-tuk. By living with locals, you'll also get a chance to experience authentic Cambodian village life.

    We offer many experiences for our volunteers. To start, you can teach English in the morning, afternoon, or evening classes, engage in artsy activities, read books, play games, sing or dance with children, and bring joy and inspiration to their lives by simply showing up and being yourself. Moreover, our cultural exchange program immerses you in Cambodia's rich culture and history. You can take a private tour of the beautiful Angkor Wat or join other volunteers on a village tour to meet the locals and witness the changes as we continue to provide education and community services in Speankaek and Phum O villages.

    So that you know, there is no cost to volunteer here. As NGOs that provide free education to students in our villages and beyond, we rely on the support of our volunteers and the public to continue our work.

    However, to support the continued success of our community, we ask for a small donation fee of $8 per day (per person) for those who choose to stay with us at our homestays. This fee includes three meals plus water, coffee, and tea. We highly recommend our homestay options for those seeking an immersive Cambodian cultural experience while volunteering at our schools. This option is an excellent way to take your volunteering experience to the next level and maximize your time in Siem Reap.

    Additionally, you'll have the pleasure of waking up to delectable coconut waffles each morning and indulging in family-style lunches and dinners while learning the Khmer language and delving into authentic Cambodian village life.

  • Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Trabajo de caridad
    Proyectos artísticos
    Práctica de idiomas
    Construcción y bricolaje
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Ayuda doméstica
    Mantenimiento general
    Ayuda informática
  • Objetivos de sostenibilidad de las NU que intenta conseguir este anfitrión

    Objetivos de sostenibilidad de las NU que intenta conseguir este anfitrión

    Objetivos de las NU
    Fin de la pobreza
    Hambre cero
    Salud y bienestar
    Educación de calidad
    Igualdad de género
    Agua limpia y saneamiento
    Energía asequible y no contaminante
    Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
    Industria, innovación e infraestructura
    Reducción de las desigualdades
    Ciudades y comunidades sostenibles
    Producción y consumo responsables
    Acción por el clima
    Vida submarina
    Vida de ecosistemas terrestres
    Paz, justicia e instituciones sólidas
    Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
  • Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    About the Cultural Exchange
    Traveling to a new place can be an incredibly inspiring experience, especially when it involves immersing oneself in a new and different culture. Siem Reap, a city in northwestern Cambodia, is the perfect destination for exploring and discovering new cultural experiences. The city is widely known for its breathtaking Angkor temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is considered one of the most awe-inspiring architectural wonders in the world. Visitors can also explore vibrant local markets, purchase traditional handicrafts, textiles, and jewelry, and interact with friendly and welcoming locals. Additionally, the quaint nearby villages, accessible by tuk-tuks or buses, offer an opportunity to experience the authentic rural lifestyle of Cambodia and learn about the country's rich history and heritage.

    Our cultural exchange program is designed to help volunteers better understand different cultures. By immersing themselves in a new environment, volunteers can learn about local customs, traditions, and beliefs, giving them a unique perspective. They can also develop new skills, such as learning a new language or trying fresh cuisine, which can be a great way to broaden their horizons and enhance their life experiences. Our cultural exchange program also fosters greater empathy and understanding between people from different backgrounds, which is particularly valuable in today's globalized world.

    Overall, traveling to Siem Reap can be an awe-inspiring and life-changing experience that can enrich one's mind and soul and lead to a greater appreciation for the diversity of human culture.

  • Proyectos con niños

    Proyectos con niños

    En este proyecto podría haber niños. Para obtener más información, consulta nuestras directrices y consejos aquí.

  • Ayuda


    About the Focus
    Our primary focus is for our volunteers to get as much time in the classroom as possible. Therefore, our program asks our volunteers to assist our local teachers with prepping for student activities and delivering lesson plans. There is no requirement for previous experience teaching in a formal classroom setting or teaching English.

    With the partnership of our local teachers and real-life classroom experiences, naturally, you will learn how to interact with students, deliver lessons, and have fun. However, to make this a wholehearted expertise, we require a genuine love for new experiences, working with children, and assisting with community needs.


    About the Daily Schedule
    We have a daily schedule planned out for you to ensure you make the most of your time at either location. On your arrival date, you will be given a tour of our school grounds and assigned one of the rooms at our homestay. Your first day will consist of observing the classroom you will assist in and beginning your volunteer teaching experience the following day.

    When applicable, we allow our volunteers to create schedules based on their preferences for teaching different age groups. We require all volunteers to assist in afternoon classes from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., with the option to choose to assist in morning classes from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. with our younger students or in the evening classes from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with our young adults.

    Our schedules are prepared weekly, and assignments for the 4-5 hour daily exchange are determined based on preferences and current needs. Breakfast will be served at 7:30 a.m., lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m., and dinner will be served family-style between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Depending on your schedule, you will have free time to relax and explore the village in the mornings or evenings.

    Volunteers can expect to spend their weekend assisting with our current projects, exploring Siem Reap and local villages and nearby attractions, resting, or enjoying their free time in whichever manner they choose. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture and learn about the country's rich history.

    *Please note that meals are provided on the weekends, and it is optional for volunteers to forego them.

    **Ask about our partnerships with local tuk-tuk drivers to provide private tours to Angkor Wat or a ride to Pub Street!


    About Other Opportunites
    Suppose you have a passion for community projects. In that case, plenty of volunteer opportunities are available for those interested in our upcoming projects, such as remodeling the library and classrooms, general maintenance of the school grounds, and participating in special projects, including building playgrounds and homes in the local community. We would happily share our current projects and discuss how you can contribute. Please remember that we need a minimum commitment of three weeks for community projects. This ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in teaching at our school, exploring Siem Reap, and participating in community projects.

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    Khmer: Fluido

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    About the Rooms
    We highly recommend our homestay option if you're interested in immersing yourself in Cambodian culture while volunteering at our school. You can enjoy one of our homestays below for just $8 per day. Please note that this fee is calculated per day (per person) for the duration of your stay.

    Location A: At our school in Speankaek village, you can enjoy a cozy and comfortable private (or shared) room with a private (or shared) bathroom and shower, fan, mosquito net, Wi-Fi, and immediate classroom access. This option offers an immersive Cambodian cultural experience while staying with locals Sophara and Dalin.

    Location B: At our center in Phum O village, you can enjoy a cozy and comfortable private (or shared) room with a shared bathroom and shower, fan, Wi-Fi, and immediate classroom access. This option offers an immersive Cambodian cultural experience while staying with locals Sarath and his family.

    These are excellent ways to take your volunteering experience to the next level and maximize your time in Siem Reap. While preferences are chosen during the application process, we ask our volunteers to be flexible with the availability of our homestay options and our current need for help at either location. We can help arrange accommodations at preferred hotels and hostels if you prefer to stay in the city.


    About the Meals
    In addition to accommodations, you can enjoy breakfast daily and family-style lunches and dinners with authentic Khmer food while learning the Khmer language and experiencing Cambodian village life. All three meals provided throughout your stay include water, coffee, and tea.

    We can accommodate your request if you have any dietary restrictions or prefer vegetarian meals. Just let us know your meal preference during your application submission.

    We understand that our volunteers may want to explore the town and its local eateries for dinner during evenings on weekdays or at any time on the weekends. Therefore, you may forego homestay meals anytime; however, a small donation (per person) will still be required and much appreciated.

  • Algo más...

    Algo más...

    About the Transportation
    Our goal is to ensure our volunteers have a hassle-free travel experience. We offer pick-up services from Siem Reap International Airport for incoming flights or from the local bus stations for an additional fee. Upon arrival or later, this fee can be paid directly to our residential tuk-tuk driver. We also offer convenient transportation options to explore the town center, local eateries, and tourist attractions.

    While our locations are a bit ways outside of the city center, if you need transportation to the city, we also offer convenient transportation options to explore the town center, local eateries, and tourist attractions. Our residential tuk-tuk driver is available to take you on a personalized ride experience to visit markets and Pub Street or even take a private tour of Angkor Wat for an additional fee.

    Or downloading the Grab App is helpful for other transportation options that fit your comfort and budget.


    About the Homestay Rules
    Our home ground is truly a labor of love for us, as we have invested much time and effort into creating a beautiful, natural environment that is sacred and dear to our hearts. To preserve this special place, we have implemented some essential rules we ask all volunteers to follow. One of the most important rules is our policy against drugs and alcohol on the grounds. Keeping our home free from these substances is essential to maintaining a safe, peaceful, and respectful environment for everyone.

    In addition, we also observe quiet hours from 21:00 to 07:00 at both locations. During these hours, we kindly ask that all volunteers show consideration towards each other, our local teachers, and our family by keeping noise levels to a minimum. We understand that people may have different schedules and sleeping habits, so we ask that everyone be mindful of their surroundings and keep noise to a minimum during the designated quiet hours.

    Our dress code is simple. We allow business-casual or casual. However, please ensure your shoulders are covered and your bottoms reach your knees at a minimum. We do not wear shoes in our classrooms, so be prepared to have flip-flops or shoes that can easily be removed at the entrance. Please leave any clothing with offensive language or images to your time away.

    By following these rules, we hope to create a respectful and harmonious community where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in helping us maintain the beauty and sanctity of our home ground.


    About the Policy
    Our school and center are dedicated to creating a secure and safe learning environment for all students, staff, and volunteers.

    We believe safeguarding is a shared responsibility and are committed to protecting all our students from abuse, harm, and exploitation. Our Safeguarding and Code of Conduct policy outlines our approach to safeguarding and the code of conduct we expect all staff and community volunteers, teachers, and members to follow. Upon confirmation, all volunteers will receive a copy of our policy for review and signature.

  • Un poco más de información

    Un poco más de información

    • Acceso a Internet

    • Acceso a Internet limitado

      Acceso a Internet limitado

    • Tenemos animales

    • Somos fumadores

    • Puede alojar familias

  • Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    About the Space Our spaces provide reliable internet speeds of up to 20 Mbps, making it an excellent choice for digital nomads. Previous volunteers have been OK with Zoom or WhatsApp calls. Please commit 4-5 hours per day to teaching English in exchange for staying with us. You'll have plenty of time to focus on work, explore the area, and connect with others.

  • ¿Cuántos voluntarios puedes hospedar?

    ¿Cuántos voluntarios puedes hospedar?

    Más de dos

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    Horas esperadas

    Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week

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    $8 per day contribution to this verified charity
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