A Recycle and Donation project hostel and farm and Community in Jumunjin next to the sea, South Korea


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    Hi I am Damien the Project manager.
    I traveled Australia, France, Germany, USA, Cambodia, Indonesia for 3 years.
    Now I am doing project to help travelers who travel around Korea.

    I am working on a Recycle and Donation project in small fishing town in east coast of Korea with

    We are building Community by Recycled and Donated stuffs from local expats and local Koreans and you international travelers. We also pick up unwanted items on the street and upcycle them to art work or useful stuff for our community.

    We have fully equipped wood work tools and also sewing machine in our place everyone can use and everyone can learn how to use.

    We have few project going on in our community

    ============== Recycle project. ===============
    1. plastic
    We are trying to do "precious plastic" project here.
    We will collect good quality plastic from our consuming and also from the local area. We are gonna melt down these rubbish and trying to recreate something valuable or artistic things from these plastic rubbish.

    If you have some artistic mind or engineering mind, you may can get involved this project!!
    let's have some fun creating something, and maybe we impact a bit good to our earth :)

    2. glass
    and also we are recycling Glass bottles to make Beer Glass or something else useful.
    we have few glass cutter , you can make your own water or beer glass from the bottle you used.

    3. Wood
    We also recycle a lot of wood from used pallets. we time to time go around the local businesses to grab pallets and build something cool.

    ============== Working Holiday Shelter / language exchange program =================

    Since I was traveling around the globe with working holiday visa, I like to attract working holiday visa holders as much as possible here.
    If you have working holiday visa, we can discuss more about this.
    We run basic Korean study group for your job hunting and for actually working situation too. I will support what ever you want in Korea.
    Even you don't have working holiday visa, I will help you :)

    We are now having unofficial morning language exchange and evening language exchange time very often. since we are very international community, you will have chance to learn a lot of other languages not only Korean such as French and German.

    I am trying to make a community as widely connected as possible. You will have friends around Korea and the world wide.

    As you have working visa, I will also try my best to help you to find a job in the region for your working holiday life.
    even in our community you may can have paid position.

    =============== Writing project =================

    We promote to write about your trip in Jumunjin and Gangneung(city where jumunjin belongs) and your life in Korea and also your travel and your own culture.
    Jumunjin is in Gangneung where 2018 Pyeongchang winter olympic co-host city. There are a lot of places to visit around here and we like to promote the region.
    City government like to publish a book about international traveler's travel story about the region so if you write a good article, we will hand your writing to them and you may can be a co-author of the book city government may publish.

    If you like writing, If you are already having your Blog, it is also a perfect place to be.

    =================== Video Project =====================

    We are planing to run youtube channel about our project also. Your working and activity will be recorded a lot of time. Most of the videos we make are like making bunked or drawing your artwork or having boat trip or surfing or snowboarding and picking up something nice from rubbish and picking up plastic from the beach plus party and some other daily life things. It will be fun to see part of your life as a video :)

    If you ask me I will send you the link of instagram and facebook and youtube of the project, you will see what kind of short videos we make. It is normally not serious but just daily tasks and activity. (or trip or party:P)

    Here at we already took 2 movies and one movie got a prize from local movie festival.
    If you have passion about making videos and taking pictures , here is the place!

    I strongly believe daily life and small incidents can be from of art when it is taken as video or picture nicely.
    For sure we respect your privacy so if you don't want want certain things to be public just tell us.

    and if you are video person, if you like to make video and being in the video,
    here is your place to be.

    ==================== Pub (Public House) =======================
    This pub is built by recycled and donated stuffs.
    all the Pub things are build by helpers, once you come, you will hear stories behind with a pint of beer :)
    If you have working holiday visa or other proper working visa in Korea, we can arrange paid job behind a bar.

    We run ocean conservation program with local community and travelers together.
    When we go to the beach we always try to clean up the area we had picnic on the beach.
    We have good connection to local workawayers group so that we have a lot of chance to have volunteering experience like stray dog shelter.

    You will have a lot of chance to hang around with other travelers and also local people.
    We also sell locally brewed beer you will have chance to hear local beer brewery stories.

    We some times make our own alcohol, and if that happen you can taste it for free :)
    time to time we have party with workawayers and locals and travelers together.

    we are planing to sell Korean Traditional alcohol too. Eventually our vision is making a Pub the center of Korean traditional alcohol experience and education.
    You will have chance to learn about history and types of Korean traditional alcohols.

    and for sure you will have chance to taste it :p

    We are also looking for people who are serious about learning Korean Traditional alcohol so that we can make good Korean traditional alcohol network around the world.

    ==================== Backpacker's hostel =====================

    We are international traveler friendly backpacker's hostel in the middle of east coast.
    Jumunjin is the name of the Town. once you come here, you will be in another world. (like Jumanji :P)
    your priority work will be house keeping, but house keeping is not a lot of work.
    after house keeping, we will give you a time to work on your own project!
    If you like to do art work, you can do art work, if you like to run cultural program, you can make your own program and run it. If you like making things, you will have time to make things!
    if you don't know what to do, you will learn everything here :) basically how to build things and how to organize and how to work and how to read Korean and maybe even how to live your life. (maybe this you learn by yourself :p )

    I like to describe this Backpacker's as

    By the Backpackers
    For the Backpackers
    of the Backpackers.

    I strongly believe working can be one of the fun activity if it is related to your passion and working while you are traveling for special projects.
    This place is my passion and I try to give you a job that related to your passion :)
    Except housekeeping and cleaning, if you don't like the job I give you, just tell me and I will change your mission.

    =================== Farm ======================== (new ! after august 2020 )

    We have been running pub and cafe and hostel for our financial source.
    After Covid-19 hit, we decided not to keep it going and we are about to close Pub and Hostel.
    We are now preparing to start a farm!

    We will try hydroponic farm and permaculture farm.
    I dont know that much about farming but I am personally taking some courses now.
    If you are into these green farming movement this is the place to come over.

    this year we are planing to grow cabbage. There will be some more plants we will grow next year :)
    We are not professional so just join us we can learn together or if you know some more it will be great help for us :)

    ================ Weekly International Culture Seminar / Weekly world travel seminar ================

    Every Tuesday we have International culture seminar.
    We have 5 to 15min presentation to talk about culture and also philosophy and science and international relationship.
    Any kind of topic we have speakers as volunteer and we talk about things.
    We already has some speech about Veganism and also medieval architecture in Computer games.

    Every Friday we have World Travel seminar.
    We have speaker talking about their own world travel story for 10 to 15min and other 10 to 15 min of Q & A time.
    We had a lot of Trans-Siberian trip stories and south Asian trip stories. why don't you come and share your stories?

    You will have a lot of chance to hear a lot of other people's stories and knowledge.
    These seminars will be online with your consent :)


    We are still building the place. we are also building a lot of online projects too like website and facebook page and instagram and all the other online spaces include workaway.info :)

    Whatever skill you have will be helpful for us.

    Just come and be a part of community!! :)

    We expect you to help 5 hours a day and 4 days a week. which means you have plenty of free time. and 3 days off mean you can travel around Korea for 3days and come back :) Korea is small place so you can set Jumunjin as headquater of your Korea journey.

    We also sometimes go to picnic together to the beach or to the mountain or forest.
    sometimes when we go to the beach we clean the beach :p
    Sure for the party sometimes and short trip somewhere time to time :)
    and movie night or beer night time to time all together :)

  • Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Trabajo de caridad
    Proyectos artísticos
    Práctica de idiomas
    Ayuda en proyectos ecológicos
    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Ayuda en una granja
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Ayuda doméstica
    Mantenimiento general
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet

  • Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    You can learn Korean and Korean culture here with Korean staffs and there will be a lot of opportunity to learn Korean language and all the other languages from all around the world.
    This place is very international backpacker friendly but we also have Korean travelers here.
    It will be perfect place to mingle with Local and international travelers.

    We are also running working holiday shelter for those who has working holiday visa. We will have special Korean study for you guys to make you prepared to get a job and work in real Korean situation. If we have position in a bar for paid position for sure you will have a chance before everyone.

    We have weekly culture seminar and travel seminar time.
    you will have chance to share your stories and knowledge and also you will have a lot of chance to learn from other people.

    You will be able to learn all the wood tool and also sewing machine. You will learn how to make things and how to re-create things from wood, from glass and from plastic.

  • El anfitrión ofrece una paga acorde al salario mínimo

    El anfitrión ofrece una paga acorde al salario mínimo

    Este anfitrión ofrece alojamiento y paga.

    El anfitrión ha indicado que pagará al menos el salario mínimo por hora de su país por cada hora trabajada y que también ofrecerá alojamiento. Pide ayuda con un negocio o una actividad empresarial. Ponte en contacto directamente con el anfitrión mediante la mensajería de la página para obtener más información y detalles sobre el salario ofrecido. Cualquier acuerdo con el anfitrión debe cerrarse por anticipado.

  • Ayuda


    We are building

    1. Working holiday community.
    2. Video Projects
    3. Writing project
    4. Plastic recycle project
    5. culture and travel seminar
    6. Traveler's art project
    7. Pub
    8. Hostel

    We are not English cafe teaching English to people but since we are community base, we need good English skills to have good conversation each other.

    Creativity and autonomous attitude are essential.


    basically we need every kind of help.

    We need to build things like bunk beds and tables and shelves and chairs and so on.
    Basically everything. If you have good hand on skills of making something it will be super and it will be fun.
    Even you don't know how to do things, We will teach you if you have "I can do it!" mind.

    for working holiday community,
    I will help you haha I just like working holiday people ! :P cause I was working holiday for so long.
    learning Korean will be your priority. I will do my best to help your learning!!
    we don't do lecture style teaching but we are planing to have regular language and cultural exchange session!
    we already have irregular one almost everyday.

    for video project,
    I like to promote members to do your video project or photo project while you are staying here as part of art project.
    don't hesitate making your own films. not only for trip to the national park but also for the small project happening.
    if you are youtuber or any video makers, you will be super welcome to join

    for writing project,
    We are trying to publish some books about travelers in our project and workawayers and also about our project and also about region.
    If you are a writer but you will have chance to be co-author of our book project if you leave good article for us!! if you love writing when you have free time, you may can enjoy a lot!

    for plastic project,
    If you have basic idea of material or engineering or designing of 3D printing or plastic forming,
    we have project to recycle plastic waste here.
    to join this project you may need basic engineering or product design knowledge. if you like to join our plastic project, just let us know. we are gonna create everything without any boundries. Everything you can imagine, can be tangible with plastic. Plastic is a curse but at the same time it is magic.
    What we are trying to do is minimize plastic going in to the nature and we keep them in human society and try to recycle and upcycle with permanent cycle!! :) even you don't know anything about plastic waste recycle and 3D printing, don't worry if you have will to learn, you will have chance to learn here.

    for culture and travel seminar,
    Every tuesday we talk about everything about culture, and we have one or two volunteer speakers who wants to speak about topic a bit deeper and share their experience and ideas.
    Every Friday, we have world travel seminar.
    We will talk about traveling around the world. We have also one or two volunteer speakers who will start the topic.
    just share your experience and knowledge with us :) and the event will be recorded and will be on youtube :)

    For Traveler's art project
    Travelers can make and leave their art work and we exhibit the art work here and there. we also promote people to make art work from recycled materials. you can let people enjoy your work and we are also trying to sell your art work. if your work is sold, we will contact you and we will share the profit with you!! get ready to get a call from our team while you are traveling !

    For a pub, we are really trying to make the pub public house as this name started. You will have a lot of chance to deal with Korean and also international people. You may can have small job as paid position if you have proper visa. If you don't have just enjoy :) and you can add up some art work for people.

    For a hostel
    We are also running hostel because we are located in small town where not much affordable accomodation.
    We like to attract as much people as possible but not random people, we like to attract people with environmental awareness and also artistic people. We like to attract who has scientific mindset but also spiritual people also.
    If you have right working visa, You may can have paid house keeping position.
    all the rooms is being decorated by recycled art work and information about our project and environmental issues and social and scientific information and works. If you like to do something cool and if you have msg to spread around the world, you will have a chance to decorate your own way in certain room and certain wall so that people can see and read and enjoy.

    We have so many stuffs are going on, so basically you can just choose what to do and what not to do.
    Do according to your interest :) We can discuss about your role in the project.

    When we get donation, we will have a chance to drive around the town and meet really good people around the region.
    We sometimes do environmental activity like beach clean up.
    If you have any idea and project you want to do while you are staying, we are ready to do together or help you :)

  • Idiomas

    Idiomas hablados
    English: Fluido
    Korean: Fluido
    French: Principiante

    Este anfitrión ofrece intercambio de idiomas
    Este anfitrión ha indicado que está interesado en compartir su idioma o aprender otro.
    Ponte en contacto con él para obtener más información.

  • Alojamiento


    You will get one bunk bed in a staff dorm room.
    there is also female only staff room.
    u can also use guest room when it is empty.
    We have common kitchen and super nice ocean view rooftop.

  • Algo más...

    Algo más...

    We are 2 min walk to the historical Jumunjin Light House.
    1 min walk to the sea where you can actually fish.
    10 min walk to the super nice Jumunjin Beach.
    10 min walk also to Jumunjin Harbor and Jumunjin Fish Market.
    40min away from Gangneung city center by bus.
    1hour drive to Pyeongchang olympic ski resort.

    3 hours to Seoul

  • Un poco más de información

    Un poco más de información

    • Acceso a Internet

    • Acceso a Internet limitado

      Acceso a Internet limitado

    • Tenemos animales

    • Somos fumadores

    • Puede alojar familias

  • Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    I am also learning basic coding and video editing web and app development. If you are digital nomad, you are welcome to join us

  • Espacio para aparcar autocaravanas

    Espacio para aparcar autocaravanas

    you can join with your camper van

  • Podría aceptar mascotas

    Podría aceptar mascotas

    It is okay with pet with limited condition.

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    ¿Cuántos voluntarios puedes hospedar?

    Más de dos

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