Beautiful tranquil home in the Bay area with epic views, California, USA

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    I'm an entrepreneur, running a holistic and mindful education company out of my home, empowering students to manifest top scores on high stakes tests like the SAT, GMAT, USMLE, and more. From the metro NY area, I'm a bay area transplant with a dream home.

    The following is a write-up based on the dozens of workaways/worldpackers/helpx and other travelers who have stayed with me and what works best to have a successful time.

    When workaways have stayed with me they typically reap the benefit of a beautiful place to chill. My space is serene with off-the-hook views, so it's a great place to land. Pre-Covid, it was a social hub, since friends of mine come by and visitors can get a full taste of the culture that you don't typically get as a tourist or traveler. I can point to off-the-beaten-path places to go and various experiences, not typically found in a travel book or on a website. I am in close proximity to San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Oakland, and Berkeley, all were able to soak in the Bay Area - at your leisure, discovering the area and all the beauty it beholds.

    I want to describe the workaways who have been an ideal fit for the place and at this point what I've come to expect if you want to stay here. I rarely accept workaways who are US citizens, under 24 years old or have not lived out on their own. And I really mean, rarely.

    The schedule for working with me is 5 hours a day of direct work on projects. In addition to this, since we're cohabitating, visitors share in the overall functioning of the household which includes keeping the common space clean (ie. sweeping, keeping kitchen counters clean, garbage out, dishes out of the sink and washed or put in the dishwasher, upkeep of bathroom, sweeping floors - - things you'd do if you were living in your own apartment/home and which I do as well: we live in the same space so this is just co-living stuff, but not part of the time of your staying here.

    Workaways are responsible for keeping their room clean, and typically you'd arrive at a clean room, and you leave it that way as well: clean sheets, a fully cleaned room, and bathroom - ready for the next guest. Guests clean up after themselves and at no point, do I expect to clean up after guests/workaways.

    As far as the 'work', it varies. Some people come and do handyman work, and help with things I just don't get to, like spray painting metal chairs, treating wood on the cabin, changing fuses in my car, defrosting the freezer, organizing, or gardening. Others help with their own skill sets, like revamping my website, marketing, social media, writing/editing, and video work or helping me get the house together for an event - and during an event. Especially since of COVID, however, it is extremely rare that I need event/gathering help and we're not a hostel so that isn't something either. If this is all you see yourself doing, we're not a good fit. Also, I don't need 'that' much cleaning or gardening, so if it's more than a week's stay, and that is what you're wanting to do, I'm likely not a great fit for you, not matter how much you like to clean.. Also no kids here, so no childcare is needed. I do have a dog, and often multiple foster dogs, so I sometimes split this responsibility with the visitor(s).

    Please note: My place is gorgeous, and there 'is' public transportation but it's definitely not convenient or super close- - the bus is a good walk away (about a 30 - 40 minute walk downhill/uphill) which can take you to the BART. An uber/lyft to the BART is about $8 USD.

    What isn't a good match is if someone doesn't clearly communicate, follow instructions, or isn't detail-oriented. If a job , any job, is not complete (ie. cleaning) tell me that. A pet peeve is discovering that your job is only partially done when you said it was finished. I don't want to have to remind you of things needed to get done more than 1x. I also want the status after your shift is over so I know where we are with a project. It might be that the person doesn't know what/how to do something (please ask!) or that they aren't detail-oriented, but if you can't do something or know how to do something, I'm happy to share HOW to do it, rather than a lot of back and forth, being told it's done, when it hasn't been. As an example of what I mean: I had someone alphabetize several hundred vinyl albums, which took them about 4 hours. I discovered when I checked it, they weren't correctly alphabetized and it took me another 3 hours to fix their work and put in the correct order.

    IF you don't like dogs this is not the place for you. Also: No patience for anyone politically moderate or to the right.

    Visitors who are coming here with good computer skills and plan to do computer work, should have their own laptop.
    Being proactive is also great. I don't want to be a parent to visitors.

    In general: folks interested MUST state specifically what it is they'd like to do while here. I likely won't respond much if you send me a short note about your desire to learn English, meet people and explore the area. This is a given if you're coming to Bay Area.

    Many many nice people apply so please consider what you want to get from the experience and what you'd like to contribute based on the opportunities listed here not just what you want from me/us. Most important are:

    videographer/social media

    I am open to hosting those who are communicative and enthusiastic about the opportunity to share in cultural exchange, but please know I work alot so this is not a highly social environment.

    If you are a massive introvert, a drifter, have a prison record (for something other than civil disobedience/political), a drug user or heavy drinker, a smoker, or are using workaway to save money b/c you are needing to get out of debt, work locally but don't have reliable housing, those who have a chip on their shoulders, are self-proclaimed gurus, starting your own religion, are running from the law, or need a place to host romantic meet ups with the locals, please do not apply to stay here. These are all types that I've hosted before (or have heard about from other hosts) and neither my place, nor I, am not an ideal fit for them.

    If you do apply for things that could be demonstrated by photographs or videos, writing samples, etc., then please send links.

    Having hosted quite a few workers, I know what typically works, and communication is key.
    If this (still) seems like a good fit for you let me know!

    Each work away will typically have a 3 -5 day trial period so if you're looking to stay longer than 2 weeks, plan on my only allowing 2 weeks to see 'how' it will work out. If it doesn't you'll need to find another location.

  • Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Cuidar de animais
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Manutenção geral
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
  • Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    People staying here will have a lovely stay, I expect they may learn some new things, will contribute to having the house 'work' and help with fairly easy daily tasks. If someone has a project they're working on or need a way to be in the bay area, this is a great place to land. For some people it may become a great resume item!

    I'm an outgoing person and my home tends to be somewhat of a social hub. Socially in tune with the pulse of the Bay Area, while living in a home that is off the beaten path, peaceful with majestic views, and the ease to get into Oakland and San Francisco makes this an ideal destination for landing in the bay area.

  • Anfitriões que oferecem uma remuneração de acordo com o salário mínimo do país.

    Anfitriões que oferecem uma remuneração de acordo com o salário mínimo do país.

    Este anfitrião oferece acomodação e remuneração.

    O anfitrião indicou que vai pagar um valor equivalente ao menos ao salário mínimo do país por hora trabalhada e a acomodação também vai ser fornecida. Está buscando ajuda com um estabelecimento ou atividade comercial. Entre em contato com o anfitrião pelo sistema de mensagens para obter mais informações sobre o pagamento oferecido. Qualquer acordo deve ser combinado com antecedência com o anfitrião.

  • Ajuda


    There are lots of opportunities to help out at my space. From cleaning to cooking and shopping, house help, walking my dog, organization, cleaning, help with events (this is very much NOT a common thing so please assume it's likely this won't happen during your stay, but when they 'do' happen, I need help - - also do not apply if this is all you want to do), landscaping, and garden work, to errands, helping out with home-office duties, home/handyperson skills, or building business, web/computer support, writing, video or photography skills computer programming (APs and online platform development), marketing, writing, and videography. Let me know about your experience with related skills and how long you'd like to stay. Send samples of your work if it warrants it.
    I am an entrepreneur from the East Coast transplanted to the west coast. I enjoy connecting with people, traveling, nature, dance, music, healthy food... 

    In one of the East Bay quiet residential neighborhoods next to one of the largest parks in the region (tons of hiking) and with sweeping views of the bay area. Slightly rural with the city 25 minutes away (and in sight!), plus super close to the rest of the East Bay, Napa, Sonoma, and North Bay - easily and quickly. It’s more like a spa getaway than urban or suburban living.  Easy transit to downtown, San Francisco, Berkeley and more.

    If interested, please be clear on how you feel you can contribute.
    I might ask for 3 references if you're doing anything more than general help or if you have no testimonials here.

    All people staying here unless extenuating circumstances, must like dogs.

  • Idiomas

    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Intermediário
    Hebrew: Intermediário

    Este anfitrião oferece intercâmbio de idiomas
    Este anfitrião indicou que tem interesse em compartilhar seu idioma ou em aprender um novo.
    Entre em contato com ele para obter mais informações.

  • Acomodação


    Two spots available:
    (1) One furnished bedroom with a full bathroom with a shower and tub
    (2) A free-standing structure with wood burning stove, and electricity. The plumbing in the main house.

    I provide the following food only: fruits, vegetables, beans, pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal, bread, eggs, milk, coffee, and tea. Should you need more beyond this, you'll need to communicate clearly upfront. I don't supply meat, chicken, fish, any packaged or pre-made food, nuts, chocolate, beer, wine, or cheese.

    What's worked best, when we eat the same things, is to share meals - - whether I cook or the workaway cooks. This prep is not typically part of the hours working since we're both doing it unless it's a special arrangement. I often cook soup and fritatta-like dishes.

  • Algo mais...

    Algo mais...

    My home is in the east bay close to the largest regional park with miles of trails in nature. I'm also an easy trek to San Francisco, Napa/Sonoma, and other areas in the East Bay. The BART would be a $5- $8 uber/lyft ride away, unless you have your own car and ease to get places.

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    Mais alguns detalhes

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      Acesso à internet limitado

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    • Somos fumantes

    • Pode hospedar famílias

  • Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    I have hotspots in house and may be adding more.

  • Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?

    Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?


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    Horas previstas

    At least 25 hours a week.

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