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Sustainable project creating a food forest on the Island of La Palma, Canary Islands

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  • Descrição


    The project is looking for long-term volunteers! We will only consider short term volunteers if they have impressive skills for example carpentry, metal workers, art sculpture ie wood carving or a big landscaping/permaculture background.

    There is also an option for a role of responsibility. The project needs leaders and experts as well as responsible, practical people with the ability to run the project regularly when called upon; Sometimes the owner needs to leave, even take a holiday, would you be able to take on some responsibilities and look after the place? Are you interested in shaping and designing an ambitious project? Do you want to experience this lifestyle from a unique perspective?

    I travelled on a low budget for several years throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and parts of Africa often working in seasonal positions, like in fruit orchards, to sustain my travels. Travelling really fuelled my curiosity; sometimes just contemplating life under a tree or in a hammock, sometimes watching it unfold before my eyes and occasionally getting involved in it too. So much inspiration to lift my spirit! I would like to help bring these types of experiences to anyone who has the time.

    Somewhere along my journey I began to spend more and more time in many wonderful places though volunteering in sustainable organic type of farms and eventually I came to the decision that I wanted to create a little Eden too; Somewhere I didn't have to leave and where I could put my own personal roots in the ground and see how I grew.

    I am aiming for a sustainable project that both inspires people and positively impacts the environment, creating a food forest, using some permaculture principles and local ideas and I would like to share some of this journey I am on! I have knowledge in some areas like tropical tree care, a good level of English, an intermediate level of Spanish, preparing food, landscape gardening plus a strong creative impulse in design but I'm often open to volunteers ideas and knowledge.

    As a more creative mind I find I'm often pleased to welcome more practical thinkers or skilled workers to complement my vision. However, I think everyone has something to teach each other; it's usually just a matter of how much time will pass before we discover what that may be!

    We are only looking for LONG STAY VOLUNTEERS; those whom wish to stay around 4 WEEKS or more! Anything less won't be considered unless your a master carpenter or a famous artist.

    We are having a lot of interest in the project so if you have any relevant skills please HIGHLIGHT YOUR SKILLS in your message. 👍

    Please read the entire profile before asking to come!

    The ideal candidate is someone who would like to come to the project for a while, immerse themselves into the project and into the relationships here (that doesn't mean you have to be extroverted), human and animal, plus stay here long enough to pick up some real knowledge/exeperiences and leave with some accomplishments and with challenges faced, fought and finished with! I find that often people are just coming here for a cheap holiday and view the place like a rental for review. Please come and join us to make positive action together or don't come at all?!

    For all volunteers there will be a Trial Period of 4 days to a week after that period you can expect to stay for your agreed stay or extend on request.

    You will be expected to commit to the project for the time agreed (minimum 1 month or longer) and honour that commitment. Unfortunately we have to reject several people every month so those we welcome we wish honour their commitment. People choosing to abandon the project with little warning because of some inaccurate winter weather reports for example, will not be viewed positively (which may be reflected in your review) as all the information is available here;

    This project is still in it's infancy but has some young trees in the ground and there is an Almond orchard already established. The amenities are basic but functional with some quirky details and things are always improving with every day...this project at this stage is perhaps for the more adventurous - people who actually want to be involved in the process of creating and designing and people who are not affraid to live close to nature.


    Nov/dec - Feb/Mar

    Here we grow many tropicals and enjoy the best weather in Europe. We normally have around 7 months completely dry or around 98% no rain.

    However, in the winter around December through to Febuary/March we can have more rain. Generally heavy rain is only for a few hours around once a week on average but that can leave some areas of the site muddy. Then on average it's probably less than 1 full day of light rain a week which isn't so bad around our normal sunny days and it usually involves a beautiful photo including a rainbow - but still it best to come prepared! Think strong hiking boots, also rubber boots, lightweight waterproof clothes for working and travelling, camping torch lights for moving around property and a willingness to abandon work life for a few days and head to the city etc if we get a few days of strong rain. We're currently creating more drainage channels for any downpours of rain.

    Don't get too despondent! When we light the fire and make some good food, play some music etc then hopefully 🤞✊ a little rain won't manage to bring us down ...😅 However, this year we have experienced people getting worried about the rain from weather reports and in many cases the rain never came, it's often just a very light shower with sun, actually fine for working in a t-shirt....We want people who will embrace this stage of the project and be prepared for rain and mud sometimes and not worry too much about their fashionable clothes getting dirty. 🤪🤞 Again we do have some of the best weather in Europe here and grow very tropical plants and trees, so it's just better to come prepared!


    On the island there is a good supply of natural water that arrives because of the way the clouds are passing by and being caught by the mountains. The water is then channeled in to viaducts and spread to large tanks. These tanks are then either chlorinated or just filter the water before it is distributed. The water the project received is not chlorinated. No chemicals are used in this water. However, it is arriving through an open viaduct so could have been compromised by wildlife for example. Therefore, currently we only use that water for cleaning, for the orchard, garden etc and in future this can perhaps be filtered for consumption too, but in the meantime, additionally, we use a vehicle to pick up drinking water, usually the fresh natural fountain from the mountain. It is a great quality of water with no added chemicals.

    If you read through this part of the profile then please write the codeword 'Cactus'🌵 in your message 😉👍

    For FOOD/MEALS please find under accommodation section below 👇😁

  • Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Projetos artísticos
    Prática de idiomas
    Ajuda em projetos ambientais
    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Cuidar de animais
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Manutenção geral
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
  • Objetivos de sustentabilidade da ONU que este anfitrião quer atingir

    Objetivos de sustentabilidade da ONU que este anfitrião quer atingir

    Objetivos da ONU
    Erradicar a pobreza
    Erradicar a fome
    Saúde de qualidade
    Educação de qualidade
    Igualdade de género
    Água potável e saneamento
    Energias renováveis e acessíveis
    Trabalho digno e crescimento económico
    Indústria, inovação e infraestruturas
    Reduzir as desigualdades
    Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis
    Produção e consumo sustentáveis
    Ação climática
    Proteger a vida marinha
    Proteger a vida terrestre
    Paz, justiça et instituições eficazes
    Parcerias para a implementação dos objetivos
  • Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Everyone will bring something here and take their own experience away from their time here. I think that with different characters constantly entering our lives, we are frequently updating our learning on how to better share with and respect those we find around us. Calmness and patience are two virtues I welcome here but also an understanding that we are trying to reach goals and so when the time comes to work, we are not afraid to break into a sweat and reach for those goals!

    I hope that you can learn something interesting, perhaps;

    - English words, language help, English Library.
    - tropical trees and their care
    - vegetarian or vegan cooking
    - composting, worm compost etc
    - vegetable hugulcuturs beds
    - upcycling solutions
    - conserving and not wasting resources
    - natural treatments for health
    - Germination and seeding
    - Up-planting and ground planting.
    - Natural plant pest management
    - Mulching
    - creative design recycling what nature offers
    - digging tree holes
    - digging for multipurpose caves and harvesting rock.
    - problem solving skills plus many more
    - vegetarian/vegan cooking skills
    - to wear head cover in the sun 😉

    Please feel free to ask in your inquiry what we are doing at the time of your stay and what your interest is in and we can hopefully find you something to suit you are least part of your stay.

    The project is part of an experiment that attempts to work with the micro-climate that we have here to fulfill the needs of the different plants and trees we are hopeing to see grow and excel. It is all a learning process that needs constantly updating!

  • Ajuda



    In this moment we are trying to get the water system working efficiently and thus the outdoor shower working well and creating natural material privacy screens to stop wind too.

    Levelling the land, creating permaculture swales and drainage channels for winter rain.

    Grey water solutions..

    Also we are trying to create more shade around cooking areas etc for the hot summer sun using palm leaves and other natural local resources.

    -Alongside this 👆, wood working some ventilated storage boxes for foodstuffs. Anyone like to use recycled wood to make furniture? 🤗😆

    - Adding a ceramic fridge


    In general I have focused on one third of the land but now I need to begin to clear more, create ground-cover and bigger vegetable gardens in many areas ( seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting). Many people seem to really enjoy using a machete!

    Other future tasks ;

    - create a shade area for young plants and trees
    - create yoga/ meditation platform/ Zen garden
    - wind shields for young trees
    - Natural Privacy surround for outdoor shower area
    - Pagoda for Passion fruit vines
    - Pagoda for vineyard
    - Planting banana plants
    - Planting trees
    - install fencing
    - planting vegetables
    - planting seeds
    - composting cactus
    - pallet construction for separate composting areas.

  • Idiomas

    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Intermediário
    Alemão: Iniciante
    Francês: Iniciante
    Português: Iniciante

    Este anfitrião oferece intercâmbio de idiomas
    My priority is to improve my Spanish while at the same time not losing too much focus from the work on the land. In an informal capacity I have taught English to fellow travellers and colleagues for many years and now I teach English on the island in schools, my mother was a school teacher so it's comes fairly naturally to me.

  • Acomodação


    The accommodation depends on what's available on your dates. Modest choices available; from camper vans, tepees to tents, all available on site. Whatever it is, it will be prepared tastefully and if there is anything we can do to improve your comfort during your stay, we will endeavour to help you! Close to and during the summer months its even possible to sleep beneath the stars (mosquito nets and mattresses available).

    Food/meals included;

    Lunch Included; There will be a generous healthy, meal mostly from our ecological garden prepared around 2pm on each working day which we will all share together to celebrate our work.

    Breakfast basics available; I fast until lunchtime usually but in the mornings some basic provisions will be provided including some herbal teas, porridge/museli oats and the local gofio will be provided to eat. On some days fruit will also be available too.

    Evening meal not included but sometimes offered;

    Although I will sometimes invite volunteers to share a meal in the evening, it is not guaranteed to be included. The kitchen area is made available for your use. You should bring some food stuffs to prepare your evening meals. Expect to combine and share meals with other volunteers 👍

    There will also be some exceptions to the norm with gatherings round a fire to fiestas, pizza parties and possibly even invitations to other meals and parties around the local community. Sometimes we will prepare food here for bringing to a gathering elsewhere.

    If you read this part of the profile please write codeword 'Casita' in your message 👍

  • Algo mais...

    Algo mais...

    The finca is located on a hiking path. There are a whole network of hiking paths within a few metres away where you have the possibility to travel south/north/up to mountains/down to coastal paths and the sea. The ravines either side of the village area are spectacularly beautiful.

    This island is a UNESCO starlight reserve. It is packed with adventure and natural beauty. Almost everything can be reached by public transport and enjoyed if not within a day trip then within a weekend. We have several exquisite hiking paths nearby and areas of outstanding beauty. The coastline here is also protected; .

    There are several options for swimming depending on the time of year. We have a beach only a several minute drive from the finca or about 30 mins walking...

    - Bus stop (south to Puntagorda, Tijirafe, Los Llanos, Santa Cruz de La Palma) : 8 mins walking

    - Bus stop (North to Santo Domingo, San Antonio camping and festival, Juan Adalid natural pools, La Zarza hiking, Don Pedro, El Tablado, Roque de la Muchachos hiking, Roque Faro, Franceses, Los Sauces pools, Puntallana): 8 mins walking.

    Playa Callejoncito (beach); 30 min walking, 8 mins car.

    Santo Domingo (local town with shop, cafe, library etc) : 40 mins walking, 10 mins car.

    Puerto Santo Domingo (swimming access, Cuevas etc); 1 hour walking, 12 mins car.

    Lomada Grande (sea swimming access); 1/1.5 hrs walking, 15 mins car.

    Buracas Caves and dream paths; 1.5 hours walking, 20 mins driving.

    Other nearby recommendations not to miss! ;

    - Playa Veta hike near Tijirafe
    - Poris de Candelaria near Tijirafe
    - hiking from El Tablado to Playa La Fajana
    - sat/sun market Puntagorda

    I will try to offer opportunities where possible to travel in my vehicle or with a friend when we are going somewhere interesting!

    We may be located in a rural area but if your here for a few weeks you'll likely find local social events with live music and or food happening close by...

  • Mais alguns detalhes

    Mais alguns detalhes

    • Acesso à internet

    • Acesso à internet limitado

      Acesso à internet limitado

    • Temos mascotes

    • Somos fumantes

    • Pode hospedar famílias

  • Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    I'm open to this, we have a consistently reliable connection in 4G and I'm open to a discussion about how this would work.

  • Espaço para estacionar campervans

    Espaço para estacionar campervans

    Camper vans can be accomadated here and also very close by. Larger vehicles are a possibility but would need to be confirmed before arrival.

  • Pode aceitar animais

    Pode aceitar animais

    We're open to pets accompanying volunteers. I only have have a cat here at present but I have always been around dogs. It's important any animals are not repeatedly causing damage and are able to fit in with the people and other animals around the project and neighbourhood. As with most things, there is normally a reasonable solution to any issues encountered along the way.

  • Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?

    Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?

    Mais de 2

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    Horas previstas

    Maximum 4 full hours a day not including breaks, only 5 days a week.

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