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    Actividades que me interesan:

    I like to learn new skills and crafts.
    Weaving carpets and baskets.. carving bowls and spoons..etc

    I like to learn the language the cuisine and culture.
    Spend time with different people and be surpri

  • Descripción

    Hello my name is Wiam (pronounced We Am) from The Netherlands. I am a 28 yo male who has spend the better part of seven years on the road.

    I am always looking to improve on myself and exploring the possibilities of the human experience and this wonderfull world which we all share.

    My interest range from construction to filosophy, we can spend the evening sipping tea and discussing our most intimate traumas since I see no need for holding back my true self and tho i wont push you to express (unless you want me to) you can rest assure that you will be accepted and respected for the perfect imperfect bundel of love which in my eyes you are.

    and/or we can pull our sleeves and get to work. I have experience in a wide range of crafts and shores. I like to keep my own and the common space tidy and neat, like to work in an organised fasshion and get things done.
    when started on a task it isn't unlike me to keep at it trough rain and scorching heat until the job is done. (call it the Dutch work(a)way)

    feeling connected with the land and the people on my path is what the traveling is about for me.

    my memory cannot hold the amounts of churches, mosks, temples etc.. that I've visited over the years and so let me just come over and be part of your world for a while.

    welcome me into your world and know that you are welcome in mine.
    There is much for us to learn from one another.

  • Intereses

    Deportes de aventura
    Actividades al aire libre
    Bricolaje y manualidades
  • Habilidades y conocimientos que quiero compartir o aprender

    Me interesa:  

    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Cuidado de niños y juegos creativos
    Compañía para ancianos
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet

    Ciertos conocimientos de:  

    Mantenimiento general
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Vida en una granja
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales
    Trabajo de caridad
    Proyectos artísticos

    Puedo enseñar:  

    Práctica de idiomas
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    I can carve a wooden spoon..

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    Idiomas hablados
    Inglés: Fluido
    Francés: Fluido
    Holandés: Fluido

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    A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. call me Jack, I've hit the road and am working on getting back on my feet someday (its in the song) Any cind of craft, art or skill I am interested to get my hands on and add to my treasury of knowledge. to list all of the ones I've had the please to get a taste of would just become a bore to read but to name a few; roofing, carving, claying, weaving, gardening, massage, shibari, sailing, surfing, horse riding... really the list is long and I am always looking to make it longer.

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    I can imagine the reader getting the impression that I am really full of myself.
    I am, yet never full enough and that doesn't mean that I fool myself into believing I am better than any other but this life is my own experience. I encourage each and everyone to love themselves to the fullest, follow the yearnings of our souls, live, love, act, inspire..

    I am young and stupid and have o so much to learn from the world.
    If you are reading this and still reading after all this unreflected writing of mine this must be because I have requested to come be with and learn from you.

    thank you for concidering me.
    We will meet if faith has it

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