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    I am currently in Crete, Greece. I'm looking for a group to join for free camping on the beach (maybe Matala?) - otherwise I'm into anything nature-orientated, but also volunteering at backpackers!

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    Turkey - desde Jul 2022 até Ago 2022
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    Hi! My name is Olivia (Liv) - a 21 year old South African currently living in the UK. I've just moved to England after living in South Africa my whole life and graduating from the University of Cape Town at the end of 2021. This year is my "tumbleweed year", although if it extended into the rest of my life, that wouldn't be so bad. I want to travel to "suck out all the marrow of life", to quote Thoreau. I want to learn and see everything I can in the short time I'm here! I believe travel offers an opportunity to make genuine, soul connections with people and to learn and broaden my mind through experience and getting out of my comfort zone.

    South Africa is a big, beautiful and diverse country with nine official languages and an amazing history - I could teach you some Afrikaans or Zulu and tell you about South African traditions, show you South African music, or tell you about some of our fascinating history, or I could tell you about growing up on a rural South African farm at the foot of Lesotho and feeding/running away from buffalo! I am also a musician and write my own songs and play guitar and sing, and am always down for a jam session, story-telling and creating all sorts of things.

    Exploring motivates me! My favourite thing about travelling is learning from other people, learning about new cultures, learning new languages and hearing stories. I love being outdoors, hiking, climbing, swimming, or just being in nature. I adore animals of any kind and I think we can learn a lot from them! Music is my passion and is also something I love sharing and creating with people, as I believe it is a beautiful way of getting to know someone.
    I am always open to new experiences and to learning new things and have a never-ending, ever-growing bucketlist.
    I am also very keen to learn new skills, such as gardening skills, restoration, eco-building, carpentry, animal care - anything really! I am particularly interested in exploring "alternative ways of living", to find a way of living that is different to the one we are told is the only and "right" one. I also like to think of myself as a decent and mostly competent cook..

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    I can speak three languages - English is my native language, but I am fairly competent/intermediate level in French and Afrikaans. I am a passionate musician and aspiring writer and I love creating things in all senses! I grew up on a farm and have done Workaways on other farms, so have some experience with manual labour, feeding calves and other animals, milking cows, clearing land and mending a few things here or there but I am always keen to learn more! I am not afraid of getting mucky or dirty and I am not really squeamish in any way. I have done a few community projects including painting houses and classrooms, sanding down walls and mending doors. I am keen to expand my skills in all areas and am a quick and enthusiastic learner! I also have waitressing experience - I currently work as a waitress, bar tender and housekeeper at an Inn in the Cotswolds.
    In terms of education, I have a degree in English Literature, Psychology and French Language and Literature. I also have a TEFL (teaching English to Foreign languages) qualification. I have worked as a tutor in various subjects, working with school children from ages 6 all the way to 18. I also have a lot of babysitting experience.

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Afrikaans: Intermediário
    Francês: Intermediário

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    I can teach English and I'd like to learn French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese!

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