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    Prague, Czech Republic - desde Ago 2021 até Dez 2023
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    Hello! My name is Shannon Henderson, but I prefer you call me Hendo. I am 25 years old with a very old soul. If I had to pick 3 words to describe my personality: thoughtful, charismatic, and honest. I consider myself to be very open-minded and empathetic, but I also don't like to take life too seriously––I'm a go-with-the-flow kind of gal. I am a firm believer that living "the good life" is all about balance, developing genuine connections with other beings, and caring for oneself with compassion and strength.

    I have two Bachelor's Degrees in Magazine Journalism and Fine Arts, and I have work experience in the restaurant/bar industry, urban agriculture, art galleries, freelance design and marketing, and most recently I have started a private chef and pastry business! In August 2021, I moved to Prague, Czechia, to complete a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification, and now I work as an English teacher for a private language school teaching kids and adults in general english, exam prep, and conversation skills. I also teach to a number of private students ages 7-16. I joined WorkAway to seek new opportunities where I can authentically experience other cultures while compassionately sharing my own with other humans around the world.

    My first WorkAway experience on a small permaculture farm in western Germany truly opened my eyes to how badly I need to live close to nature, with my hands in the soil and my face in the sun. My heart was so warmed by the welcoming, hard-working spirit of my host family, and I am feeling driven to continue building new experiences that further connect me to the land and good-hearted people.

    I find happiness in the small things: a delicious bite of food, a beautiful scene in nature, a meaningful conversation with good friends; but I also love to move and explore! I have a great passion for food, art, dance and music, especially funk, blues, reggae, and soul. I am an avid roller-skater, fire dancer, concert-goer, home chef, yoga-enthusiast, and I love being outdoors, experiencing new places, and teaching others new skills. I am motivated by a need to constantly be learning and growing; living a healthy and environmentally conscious life is very important to me.

    My next step upon returning to the States (in about 3 years from now) is to study for a Masters in Gastronomy and do research on the history/culture of food and food systems. Eventually, I would like to earn a PhD and become a university professor of cultural studies, gastronomy, anthropology, history, or a similar field. I hope that these WorkAway experiences will help me to build my skills, knowledge, and experience for a present and future in connecting to others in a meaningful, fun, and knowledgable way. Thanks for reading! :)

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Intermediário

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    I studied Spanish for 7 years through high school and part of university. I would say I once was semi-fluent, but I have not had much practice for a few years, so my conversation skills are low. I am still very able to read texts and can write at an intermediate level. I would love an opportunity to learn and practice my Spanish, as well as other languages. I know very little Italian and Czech as well.

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  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    I have an extremely broad range of interests and experiences, which include:

    Gardening/Farming/Animal care:
    - I worked on a permaculture farm in Germany for one month, where I dug up invasive roots, built garden beds, weeded and sowed seed, planted trees, laid new fencing and tree posts, and cared for alpacas, goats and chickens (watering, feeding, walking, rotating grazing fields, cleaning pens and laying hay)
    - I have maintained landscaping and a home vegetable/herb garden off-an-on since childhood.
    - I am a proud plant mom with lots of exotic houseplant experience.
    - I have trained 3 family dogs and have cared for my own Pyrenees-mix for the past 9 years. I love taking dogs out for walks and hikes! And I have often pet-sat for friends' cats, fish, and dogs.

    Home Renovation:
    -My mother and I bought an old house together a few years ago and have worked together through all the renovations, including drywall, plaster, painting, and installing tile, cabinets, and appliances. She has worked as a property developer for over 30 years, and I have learned a LOT about property management and maintenance by helping with her properties my whole life.

    Arts and Creative Expression:
    -I studied Fine Arts for 5 years, and have a lot of skill in drawing, print-making and design.
    -As a member of the National Art Honor Society as a teenager, I volunteered to paint faces and teach crafts to kids at elementary schools. We also engaged with the local community in various workshops.
    -I worked as a gallery assistant for 2 years, staging shows, hanging work, and patching walls. I also curated my own show as an intern at Sager-Braudis Gallery in Columbia, Mo.

    Writing and English:
    -I also studied multi-media and magazine journalism for 5 years in college. I have had many internships at a couple city magazines and a marketing company creating content and writing a range of stories.
    -Through my experiences as a writing student and magazine writer, I am well-trained in the English language both technically and conversationally. I have conducted interviews with many non-native English speakers, and I am good at navigating difficult conversations.

    CPR and First-Aid Training:
    -I worked as a certified lifeguard at a family waterpark for three summers as a teenager. I operated waterslides, guarded a deep-water wave pool and beach, and monitored the children's pool and play areas.
    -I am trained in first-aid emergency response, injury-wrapping, bone-splinting, back-boarding, IED application and CPR.

    Hospitality and Food/Bar Service:
    -I began my first restaurant job as a hostess and busser at age 16, then I started waitressing at 18 and worked at a busy college bar/restaurant. I started training behind the bar at 21 years old and have learned a lot about how to operate a successful, efficient, and sociable bar!
    - I have developed on my own experience and research a broad knowledge of beer, wine, and liquor (especially wine and whiskey). I know a few bar tricks and feel passionately about flavors and mixology!
    -I worked as a bartender and cocktail waitress for 3 years while finishing college.
    -I also worked for 2 years as a door hostess and cocktail server at a live entertainment venue for concerts, live comedy, and catered events.

    Cooking and Homesteading:
    -I have been very passionate about from-scratch, farm-to-table cooking for many years and have experience planning small catered meals in many diets, styles and regional flavors.
    -I have experience composting, gardening, harvesting, preparing, and preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foods.
    - I operate a small private chef and catering business, mostly cozy events, catering for film sets and gatherings.
    - I run a small vegan and allergen-sensitive pastry business, specializing in cookies and experimental flavors :)

    -I love playing sports and being active in different ways, but I especially enjoy roller-skating (figure skating, speed skating, and roller derby), hiking, volleyball, softball, and soccer (football).
    -I have been practicing yoga for many years now, and I love leading sessions with friends!
    -I have been spinning baton and contact staff (like martial arts, but with a dance focus) for 5 years, and I often do performances where I light the ends of the staff on fire

    Media Production and Blogging:
    - For many years, I have done freelance media and writing, including logo design, SEO and social media management, website design, and copy writing.
    - I manage a culinary and lifestyle blog called, where I create and share recipes, advice, and general thoughts about food, culture, life, and travel. Because of this experience, I know how to use CMS and how to build sites using WordPress.
    -I have many years experience in photography, videography, and digital editing. I understand Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.

    -I have some conservation experience through an environmental youth leadership program I did in high school. We learned about water-quality and stream clean-up. I have worked in invasive species removal, native species re-introduction, animal rehabilitation, bird-banding, water-quality testing, and litter/pollution clean-up.

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      I have recently discovered that I have an allergy to milk protein :( so I try not to eat cow's milk products. And I prefer not to eat pork; I can eat sausage in small amounts.