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    This is Sabrina! a 35year old Geographer from a beautiful and quite populated (nowadays) seaside city called Mar del Plata, in Argentina. I am passionate about exploring the world`s endless combinations of nature, people and possibilities that there are to discover.
    I have also done a Master in Environmental Engineering but ever since I graduated I was devoted to do my best to go out and explore, see those things I read about with my own eyes and keep learning from "the real" people, their culture, their stories and experiences, and from first hand in the very midst of the unknown. It's been quite a number of years on the road, and I couldn't be more grateful. I have had amazing experiences, working in a diversity of places and helping in all types of projects, living in all sorts of conditions, meeting lots of different people with different views, different ways of life and different ways to relate to other people and the environment.
    My first adventure was about twelve years ago, in Hawaii. This was an important milestone in my life. And after all these years of travelling and going back and forth home, I started this "last" journey and embarked on a project for a new life. Since then, everything has been greatly beyond my expectations.

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    I am a dedicated perfectionist. I like to do different things- I like the challenge and the fact that you learn better in the process- in which I will undoubtedly put my best. I am deeply convinced as well that kindness is a key ingredient for anything you do.
    I am very adaptable. Over the years and many travels I have learnt and developed that skill (I am pretty sure adaptability comes within the blood of every argentinian considering our history). Being flexible is crucial to make my way through situations, jobs, tasks, life?... I have had the opportunity to take and experience a "sample" of a wide variety of jobs. From working in the fields to office work (gardening, pruning, weeding, babysitting, a lot of hospitality, doing research, in management; painting, doing maintenance, plastering, working in construction, at a winery, cooking, in the automotive industry, cleaning, landscaping...and the list goes on)
    I strongly believe two things: taking the time to be in contact and learn from our environment and to build good human relationships are key to have a great life. Actually, there is a third one: simplifying (applies to everything).
    I love to cook, specially if it is for others.... I also had the opportunity to teach Geography (in high school) something that requires a lot of patience, which fortunately I do have, in vast quantities. I am curious, I like to learn... And I sing, a lot! my apologies to those who have or will suffer :D
    At the right place I would be more than happy to help with anything that I could be useful at.

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Fluente
    Francês: Iniciante
    Italiano: Iniciante

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    I would love to keep learning french and italian and I would be more than happy to share my spanish and/or english.

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    Argentinian/ Italian

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    I am, above all definitions, a passionate explorer. And as one, I am a BIG “walker”. Walking, hiking, cycling ( when I can) is my first approach to start any adventure on a daily basis.

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