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    2022 objective: start to travel again and make Workaway experiences as much as possible

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    Hi there everyone!, my name is Nicolás and I was born and raised in a very small town of Argentina called Picún Leufú, in the heart of Patagonia Argentina. I lived in several places of the world because life sometimes leads you to places that you don´t expect, and part of the journey of living in this world, is to experience new and interesting things, and get to know people that can leave you beautiful stories and anecdotes in the process.

    Some facts about me:

    - I´m 43 Years old, single, and I have no kids.

    - I have a bachelor´s in Advertising from

    - I´m currently a Community, Brand & Sales Manager for Clients that I have in Argentina, Perú and Italy. I´m also a Web & Graphic Design, SEO & CRM expert. I´ve been working for almost seven years with my clients since I went independent (and a Digital Nomad).

    - I speak Spanish (My Mother Language), English (IELTS C1 Level), Portuguese (CELPE Intermediario superior), Italian and I'm learning French.

    - I´m pretty good at doing things in construction in general (I´m no constructor, plumber or electrician, but I´m familiar with those kind of activities).

    - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to cook and to keep Kitchens as tidy as possible. Kitchens are the most important place in a house, I don´t care what the rest of the world says: the Kitchen is the most important place in any home (from my point of view).

  • Interesses

    Esportes de aventura
    Atividades ao ar livre
    Arte e design
    Artes performáticas
    Desenho e pintura
    Faça você mesmo

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  • Idiomas

    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Fluente
    Italiano: Fluente
    Português: Intermediário
    Francês: Iniciante

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    Esta pessoa indicou ser um workawayer com interesse em compartilhar seu(s) idioma(s) ou em aprender um novo. Entre em contato diretamente para discutir o assunto.

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    Tenho interesse em:  

    Projetos artísticos

    Conhecimento de:  

    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Fazer companhia para idosos
    Cuidar de animais

    Poso ensinar:  

    Manutenção geral
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    Professional Skills: Advertising, Marketing, Brand & Sales Management, Graphic & Web Design, Community Management, Media Planning, SEO & CRM.

    Soft Skills: Good communication & organization, punctuality, sociable, friendly personality.

    Social Skills: Good cook that even do the dishes. If I have a guitar nearby, I pick it up (always). I´m a very good listener. I tend to joke a lot, all the time, I like to make people laugh.

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    Art, Architecture, and history inspire me in a personal level. Personal interactions and get to know people from different backgrounds inspire me as well. Also music (a universe of it). Also, the simple fact of being inside a kitchen and cooking for someone else enriches my life, and I always look forward to sharing that kind of moments.

    Traveling for me is also the tool I need to find my place in this world (which I have not yet found), and the process of finding it is, is what makes me keep looking for a new adventure here in Workaway.

    I can be a lot of things at the same time: Advertiser, RRPP, Community Manager, Musician, Cook, Writer, or a mere clown. I have no idea if I'm good at all those things, but I'm sure that I put a lot of effort into everything I do. I´ve always felt that meeting new people and experiencing life from another point of view is a must because life is destined to be lived the way we want.

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    • Fumante

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    • Alergias
      Polen (dull, common allergy)

    • Dietas especiais
      I tend not to eat poisonous stuff, just in case




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