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    Hi, we are Lia and Thomas!

    Early 2019, we quit our jobs, bought a van and left Switzerland to travel around Europe. We ended up travelling for two years, from which we spent 18 months doing Workaway in 11 different places. After that wonderful break, we went back home to get back on our feet and focus on what we’d learned and what we really wanted. It took us a while but now we are determined: we want to leave Switzerland for good and go live abroad (still torn between Italy and UK)!

    We think it can help you have and more precise idea to know what our project is, so here goes: we want to buy an old house with productive land, refurbish it in order to have a few rooms to rent, breed chicken and pigs, grow our vegetables, and mostly be able to have our family and friends whenever they want to.

    A bit about ourselves, of course:

    Always with a smile on her face, Lia, 28 years old, is a sparkling young lady who is constantly willing to meet new people and try her hand at new things. She loves talking for hours over a coffee or a glass of wine. When studying at Uni, she has worked for a long time in bars and restaurants and finally ventured into banking. During our big trip, Lia’s learned a lot our new crafts (wood carving, crochet, flowers, sewing, etc), nursed a lot of lambs and proved very patient and committed growing and caring for plants.

    Now 33 years old, Thomas turned his back to a former career in academia and chose a simpler life. Being back in Switzerland, he changed jobs so he could spend more time cooking, learning about joinery and carpentry and taking care of our dog. Loving animals (especially dogs and pigs) and being outdoors, Thomas will gladly do the heavy duty and other more physical tasks.
    We are both passionate about food and drinks, love discovering new cuisine and tasting new things. As real epicureans, we're always eager to learn more about wine and wine making, but also distilling and brewing. In short, we just love to enjoy the little things!

    Tagging along and never leaving us, Carat is our 45 kg baby dog! Despite her looks, Carat is a big teddy bear who loves humans most of all. Having lived for almost two years in a shelter, she’s used to being with other dogs and is sociable with them. After some experience with "host-dogs", she has proven respectful with her fellows and their territory, especially if there are several of them. She’s indifferent to small farm animals (like sheep and poultry), and certainly won't mess with horses, cows or pigs! Carat sometimes likes to chase cats. However, cohabitation is totally possible as long as we keep an eye on her, which we did successfully each time we lived with cats (in more than half of our Workaway stays actually!)

    If you have the kindness of taking us as your guest co-workers, know that we make a point of respecting our host(s). Indeed, we will gladly get busy with what you need from us, we’ll eat what you eat and most of all we love to experience other cultures and traditions. In our Workawayers experience, we proved being able to handle all of the tasks we were given, no matter rain or heat.

    Now you know us a little more, but feel free to ask for more details. We hope that we will meet soon, and we already know that we will have fun together!

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    Filmes e TV
    Culinária e comida
    Cuidar de plantas
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    Alemão: Intermediário

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    Projetos ambientais

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    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Cuidar de animais
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    Land clearing, weeding, ploughing, planting, garden caring
    Willow planting, pruning and working
    (Hard) landscaping, paving and footpath laying
    All types of fencing
    Woodworking and basic building; strong experience in wood chopping and chainsawing; basic knowledge in carpentry, wood milling.
    Cement and brick laying
    Basic lime pointing and picking
    Basic plastering, installing plaster boards, insulation
    Cleaning, organising, decorating
    Strong experience in crochet, knitting and sawing
    Basic knowledge of small hotel management (3 months in B&B in Italy), customer service, cleaning rooms and outdoors, cooking and baking breakfast, supplies management, accounting; experience in farm shop
    Strong experience working in bars and restaurants
    Feeding and taking care of animals (especially poultry and pigs; sheep and horses), solid experience in lambing and bottle feeding
    Basic brewing (we brew pretty decent ginger, nettle or beetroot beer; tried elderflower and maté beer as well)
    Any heavy duty!

  • Idade

    34 & 28

  • Algo mais...

    We will never refuse to have a bed and a room for our stay, but note that we can sleep in our van if we can use toilets and bathroom somewhere.

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