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    Planning to travel Portugal from 27.12.2021-10.01.2022

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    Azerbaijan - desde Ago 2022
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    I am Matteo from Austria and I have a huge fascination in exploring the world, plunging into adventures and meeting new people. I am totally hooked on globe seeking. I believe that platforms like Workaway provide a unique opportunity to authentically explore new places and learn from different countries. I am passionate about other´s cultures and gaining new perspectives and I love listening to stories and discussing about the world, different traditions and believes. To me, traveling is a continuous process of learning and I attempt to improve and evolve as a person, to achieve bigger goals, to fulfill bigger dreams and live life to the fullest. Traveling reminds me to reconsider everyday decisions and actions, and not take anything for granted. It helps me to appreciate life. Traveling makes my soul filled with love, adventure and happiness: Nothing is too crazy to be done. Traveling takes that leap of faith outside of my comfort zone so that I can be stronger and more experienced but most importantly, traveling has evolved into a kind of moral compass to me.

    Building new friendships with people from around the world is partly why I love traveling and I am convinced that strangers are just friends that you haven't gotten to meet yet. Every walk and trip I have taken, the people along the way have become a great part of the story. And so I am looking forward to connecting with many other humans, and those who have a similar rambling attitudes to life!

    I grew up in Austria but I have French/Dutch origin and so far I‘ve lived in Germany, Greece, Canada and Mexico. My diverse background particualarly sparked my interest in exploring the world and immersing myself in new cultures. I am passionate about outdoor sports, economics and green finance, investing, international relations, history and languages. Ambition is what pushes me every day; it drives me to solve any problem I come across, and a precise, goal-driven mindset ensures that I work efficiently while bringing forth the best possible outcome. I work hard to achieve my goals, and I do not give up; I try to better myself whenever possible.

    I‘m very outdoorsy and active in my spare time and I seek to get myself out of my comfort zone:

    - Went on a 3 day solo canoe trip in Canada
    - Hitchhiked across Turkey and joind the Namaz-prayers in an Istanbul-mosque. Appeared in
    the state news
    - Cycled 550km from Munich to Venice
    - Climbed a 1300m wall in the Austrian Alps and played for the Austrian Badminton Youth
    National Team for 5 years
    - Meditated at a Thai Temple for 4 days
    - Hiked to the Cenote-Caves and Maya/Aztecs pyramids in the Mexican jungle
    - Rode 5h on the top of a Jeepney-Bus in the Cordillera rice plantations, Philippines
    - Sneaked into the Ford v Ferrari film premier in Los Angeles
    - Fixed a flat tire on a remote, 3400m altitude, serpentine-road in the Atlas mountains in
    Morocco and climed the highest dune of the Moroccan Sahara desert
    - Worked as an Hotel-Entertainer and Jetski instructor in a Greek hotel

    ToDo-List: Trainhopping, Climbing abandoned television towers, dumpster diving, ice bathing, climbing frozen waterfalls, ultra-long distance hiking

    I might be the biggest risk taker you have met.

    I am called a romantic existentialist. And indeed I like to paint things blacker than they are only to make fun of myself. When things are at high stakes,it's better to play the fool. I am living my life with it's ups and downs. Most of the time you'll meet me with my mind in the clouds, with one foot on the ground; the other balancing a feather on the tip of my toe and meanwhile juggling my way through the chaos we call society.

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    I am happy to share my help in different areas, wherever I am needed. I can help whith various chores or gardening. If interested, I can teach German (I also speak a bit French) and I can cook some delicous meals (cook experience for larger groups due to my work experience as a canoe Tripper in Canada). I´m good in childcare and love to take care of kids and do sports or other things with them. I also like to paint and work on creative projects. I am an animal lover and I can help you with keeping animals if you have some. I am also very interested in photography. If you need help with marketing, I’m happy to share my knowledge about it. I think I live quite ecoconscious and would love to support and help any organisations which protect nature or animals. I would describe myself as helpful and a hard working person when the working atmosphere is good. I really look forwards to help you or your family in any projects.

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    Alemão: Fluente
    Inglês: Fluente
    Francês: Intermediário
    Japonês: Iniciante

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    I am eager to learn new things and hope to strenghten my knowledge in languages and culture plus gaining work experience abroad.

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