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    Hi! My name is Martina and I'm Roman from Rome (means born and bred). For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to travel, hear the sound of other languages, meet people, eat all the different foods in the world and share experiences. I promised myself that the first few coins I earned I would use them to travel and so it was.
    I have always been immersed in the humanities, from high school all the way through university. If I had to describe my schooling, however, it would be a curious jaunt through the woods without a map. For now, I'm still trying to center myself, buut I'm proud to introduce you to all the things I'm passionate about:

    - I’m addicted to other people's stories, human stories and stories of the cultures. I would spend hours listening and immersing myself with you in your reality. So bring it on, I'm all ears!

    - I insanely love theater, as a spectator and limping actress. The truth is that I enjoy acting because it gives me a chance to experience personalities, stories and desires different from my own, as much as enjoying a live, human performance. I've also taken a few courses in theater directing and dramaturgy, to explore the magical world of theater as much as possible.

    - It's been five/six years now that I've been trying in my own small way to transform my lifestyle in a more sustainable way, embracing the zero waste movement, recycling and transforming broken or disused objects as much as possible, supporting small local businesses and getting closer and closer to a vegetarian/vegan diet.

    For my near future, I would like to immerse myself even more in projects and social environments that I've been lucky enough to frequent a lot in Rome, even if not as a very active part.

    - I love words, the glue of all the experiences above. I enjoy the various uses people make of them, how they choose to relate them, made-up words, nonsense words, words in poetry and essays.

    - I love eating as much as cooking, experimenting with new preparations, and starting from scratch in cooking (yes, even homemade pasta!).

    - Last but not least, irony and self-irony are welcome!

    Proud rider 🚲😎

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    As I mentioned before, I love cooking so I will be more than happy to cook Italian dishes for you and even teach you some recipes!

    I love building things, arranging spaces, getting my hands dirty and creating something (I'm attaching photos of the closet I enthusiastically forced my flatmate to build). So I’ll be able to help out with building projects.

    I've been living on my own for four years now, so I've learned what it takes to run the house, from various cleaning, to shopping to tidying up.

    And then well, I'll be more than excited to learn new skills and help with whatever is needed!

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