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    Living in the Netherlands, studying urban environmental management, working at the municipal health service, bouldering, cycling, meeting up with friends, reading, going to the movies :)

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    My name is Lidia, half Dutch, half Russian. I am enthusiastic, open-minded, social and a hard worker. Also, my friends say my baked eggs are the best ;)

    I love being outside and in the nature, surrounded by mountains, the sea and/or forest. I get energy from my friends, meeting new people, a nice hike, camping, good conversations over a coffee, tea or beer and doing sports like cycling, bouldering and sailing.

    I am in my second year of the master "Urban Environmental Management" (making cities more sustainable) at the Wageningen University and Research (agricultural university), and hence, one of my biggest passions is sustainability. With my actions, I hope to make the world an even more beautiful and sustainable place. However, so far, everything has been theoretically (lectures, books, articles). Therefore, I would like to apply my knowledge into practice and do practical work and Workaway is the perfect place for that!

    Next to sustainability, other things I find important are being part of a community, helping each out and being friendly and respectful. I love being among people, do things together, get to know each other better, learn from them and exchange cultural traits and values. I'm also quite independent and don't mind going places on my own and explore, but I do prefer sharing this with others.

    Last but not least: I love travelling, as it gives me a lot of energy to meet new people (from) abroad, become friends with them and exchange different aspects from our cultures, like food, habits, traditions and ideas. So far, I've been to different countries in Europe and lived in and/or travelled to Russia, Cuba, Ecuador and Peru. Until my 11th birthday I lived in St.Petersburg, Russia and therefore was raised bilingual. Furthermore, I lived in Sweden for half a year and studied at the agricultural university in Uppsala. I loved the international atmosphere there, met great people from all over the world, got to know another country and its culture and became a local in a new city. In Ecuador I did a Spanish language course of 2,5 months. In the mean time, I learned a lot about the Ecuadorian culture, tasted different kinds of food, spoke to locals, met other internationals and visited incredible places. All these various experiences gave me an even broader and more open view on the world. I would like to continue with this, enjoy new and unique experiences share this with all the people I meet. I think Workaway is a great way of doing that as it gives me the opportunity to travel, but also to become a sort of local in a new place!

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    Manutenção geral
    Vida na fazenda
    Projetos ambientais
    Cuidar de animais

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    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
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    I have quite some experience in working in cafe's and restaurants and can cook quite well. However, in my childhood, I learned to work in the garden from my parents, hence I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves in the garden. Also, I speak 3,5 languages: Dutch, Russian, English and a little bit of Spanish. I have good social and organising skills and are quite disciplined. Furthermore, I helped my sister with building her house last year and I worked as a cleaning lady. Also, I worker as a baby sitter when I was in high school, so taking care of children and looking after them would not be a problem for me. Lastly, I work in the kitchen of a vegetarian/vegan restaurant since the end of summers, where I prepare dinner and do the dishes.

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Holandês: Fluente
    Russo: Fluente
    Alemão: Iniciante
    Espanhol: Iniciante

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    In my free time, I like to read as a relaxation. I love sending postcards to friends, in stead of a souvenir. Furthermore, I am a big music fan and love to go to music festivals. Also, I have a box full of card and board games, of which my favourites ones a Rummikub, Risk, Ticket to Ride and Ligretto. Lastly, I'm not a bad photographer ;) Another fun fact: I bake my own sour dough bread!

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