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    Hi everybody, we are Jasmin and Jerome. In 2018 we met each other during a workwaway stay in Irland and since then we're traveling together. Since May 2019 we changed our backpacks into bikes and decided to cycle around the world for the next couple of years. We just came back 1 1/2 years later from our bike tour through Europe and are now planing to work in Austria over the winter season.
    We don't like traveling around like tourists and we like to believe that the best way one can learn about an area or a culture is through direct contact with its locals. We're looking forward to get to know new people from all over the world.

    About Jasmin:
    I studied social work and worked as a social worker in a secondary modern school in Germany for two years. But in the beginning of 2018 I decided to quit my job to travel the world. This has always been a long-cherished wish of mine.
    Now I'm on a round the world trip over the course of the next couple years, decided to sell my belongings and toss the essentials into a backpack and follow my passion, travel and cultural exchange and making new friends all over the world.
    I love traveling and for me, there's nothing better than being outside in the nature. Give me a backpack, a tent and a good friend and you'll know what freedom is. I like the simple way of life and I really enjoyed the many amazing trips I did and stunning places I've been in the last 2 years.
    My other interests are reading, canoeing, whitewater rafting, snowboarding, trekking, biking, playing the clarinet and western horseback riding.

    About Jerome:
    I am a passenger, I like to move a lot. I figure out pretty early in my life that I don't wish to follow the classical steps. I rather prefer having no home but living new experiences and meet new people, than trying to feel good by filling a house with stuff and going to work everyday. I hope that I'm an easy going fella who can adapt himself to all kind of situations. At least I'm trying too. I like simple stuff : walking in nature, drinking a couple of beer, reading a book, eating a good meal, biking, watching movies and of course petting cats. I hate a lot off stuff as well, but the worst is the violence for free in the world. I'm not a churchman but I trust that we are kind of all brothers and sisters and we should always try to help each other. I look with interest on this world, and I hope it's not gonna get more crazy than it already is.. Sometimes I get pessimistic about that. I like my nikename Jeje cause it's much easyer to pronounce for the no French fella.

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    About Jasmin:
    First of all I'm a professional social worker and I worked with kids in the age of 10 to 16 in a school and in a youth center. I would say I got a lot of social skills during this time especially when you deal with Teenies.
    I'm very organized and like doing creative thinks like painting stones or just some nice projects to help with.
    I love western horseback riding and all kind of animals. I grew up with many pets like mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs. Therefore I really know how to take care for animals.
    Last, but not least I like gardening and cooking. I really enjoy good food and when it's from your own garden that's the best you can get.

    -Workaway#1: Akureyri, Iceland (3 weeks)
    Living with a lovely family and taking care of the three kids & helping the family with daily tasks and gardening

    -Workaway#2: Þórshöfn, Iceland (2 months)
    Volunteering at a guesthouse plus sheep farm and gather experience in preparing breakfast and dinner, housekeeping, reception work, helping with tourist and some daily farm work

    -Workaway#3 (Jasmin & Jeje): Glendalough, Ireland (4 months)
    Volunteering in the Glendalough International Youth Hostel with 18+ other workawayers maintaining the upkeep of 135 beds and serving all the guests. Some supervisor and receptionist work plus preparing dinner for large groups

    -Workaway #4 (Jasmin & Jeje): Tived, Sweden (5 months)
    Volunteering in the Tivedstorp international STF Hostel with sometimes 10+ or only one other volunteer. Preparing breakfast and barbecue dinner buffet for the guests. Housekeeping duties and taking care of the upkeep of the big area around the hostel and the buildings. Some receptionist work and looking after the guests as well as helping to prepare a music festival on the hostel area.

    -Workaway #5 (Jasmin & Jeje): Horb am Neckar, Germany (3 weeks )
    Volunteering at a horse stable. Taking care of around 15 horses including feeding horses and cleaning the stables. Some work in the veggi garden and general maintaining around the farm area. Gather experience about daily farm life and baking homemade bread.

    -Workaway #6 (Jasmin & Jeje): Hausen an der Zaber, Germany (1 month)
    Volunteering at an Demeter Farm. Preparing the beds in the greenhouse and planting lots if different veggies. Weeding and harvesting by hand. Taking care of the animals and learning a lot about food sharing.

    About Jeje:
    I have been trained to be a waiter, and I worked in several coffees, hotels and restaurants since then. I like as well physical work, like cunting wood, moving heavy stuff, painting etc.
    I can try to cook something sometimes it's good sometimes it's what it is. I'm use to cleaning jobs and fruit picking jobs. I like to take care of dogs. I learn fast when I have an interest in my work. I'm Interested about photography and filming.
    I had several workaway experiences, a lot of them in hostel, and some farm stays.

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    29 & 28

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    Well, writing a lot about ourself is no use for us, let's better meet and get to know each other! :)

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