Cultivate soil and conscious awareness on our organic fruit and veggie farm on the north shore of Kaua'i, Hawaii

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    Aloha Workawayers!


    We are a 5-acre vegetarian, organic farm located in Anahola on the island of Kauai. Our vision for this land is to create a living ecosystem, which involves a harmonious integration of micro-organisms in the soil, biodiversity of plant life, and the community and animals which inhabit this land. Avocados and bananas are our main crops. We create our own compost and compost tea, we strive to grow with the resources we can create on the land.

    Please note farm work is manual labor and is meant to strengthen your mind and body. 5 hours a day, 5 days a week with required 7 am morning meetings.

    We are a strictly vegetarian farm.

    We have a thriving avocado orchard and a diverse grove of fruit trees in our food forest. These resources will be provided to helpers for nourishment along with room and board. We have a community kitchen, with stoves, ovens, and lots of counter and table space for cooking community meals. There is a heated outdoor shower onsite, as well as running water and flush toilets. Each of the cabins for the Workawayers has electricity and wifi. Washing machine on site. We like to keep our footprint small and focus on the natural beauty of Kauai

    Farm Activities (after work we relax, heal, and play!):
    Two beaches 10-15 minute bike rides away.
    We have bikes to use .

    If this sounds like a good fit to you please read our 5 page Work Trade Guidelines and then contact us if still interested.


    WELCOME! The offers you:
    Private cabin or loft with bed, linens, mosquito net, light, electrical outlet or tent camping, depending on availability/ length of stay.
    Shared kitchen with refrigerator space, personal food bin, and portable gas stove
    Hot water shower
    Washing machine
    Highspeed internet
    Common area: yoga space, library, (currently under construction)
    Food basics are provided: brown rice, beans, porridge oats, coconut oil, spices, salt, sugar.
    Limited communal use of our farm truck (NO PERSONAL USE)

    When you arrive, there is a one week trial period, at the end of which the farm staff and you will decide if the farm is a match for you. We are seeking long-term residents/interns, typically 3 to 6 months or longer. Occasionally, if you have special skills that we require, or we have an opening, a shorter stay may be negotiated.

    Farm vision: This farm is not a commercial project, although it must be economically self-sustaining. The goal of the farm is to create a self-sustaining, living eco-system. This means the harmonious integration of natural/wild eco-systems, agro-ecosystems, and human habitation. We are striving to connect and align with the full spectrum of the environment: from the micro-organisms in the soil up to the place we hold in the macro-systems of the planet, from human created systems such as economics and politics, through the tangible physical world, to the subtle energy systems we inhabit. By joining you are expected to own the project, to actively engage with the vision while you are here. This farm is a place to practice consciousness, beauty, and gentle harmony with nature and each other. Each person is offered both connection to the community, and privacy as they choose. Consideration for fellow residents is central, as this is a shared home. We especially strive to make this farm a safe and comfortable place for women. The farm is home to women, and they must never feel unwanted attention in their home. Men are to relate to women as community members and sisters.

    Please be aware that in addition to the intern program there is a group of long term residents who manage different areas of the farm. Interns will be working under the long term residents.

    All volunteers must sign a liability waiver

    Exchange is 25 hours work per week. Typically 5 hours per day, Monday through Friday, afternoons, evenings and Saturday and Sunday off. Work is usually from 7am to 12pm, with a break at 10am, although timing may vary. Work is a mix of agriculture, maintenance, construction, and other work relating to farm projects. Flexibility is required.

    Work guidelines:
    By joining the farm you agree to give high value work. Much of your work will not be supervised, so you agree to honestly fulfill your hours, and give the highest quality work possible, and to record your hours and tasks on the worksheet provided. You are expected to organize and compartmentalize your life so that work hours can be fully dedicated to farm work.
    Work hours are not primarily social, it is a time to be with the plants and earth and focus on your task. You have plenty of time for conversations and social interaction after work hours.
    For the farm to prosper, productivity and efficiency are important. If your task is going very slowly, or if you are struggling please ask for help from your supervisor---there may be a better way.
    We request that you not carry your phone during work hours. Please take a break from your phone and focus on your work.
    There are always weeds to pull, so please make sure you know which areas to work on, that way if you are ever without work, and your supervisor is unavailable, you can immediately move to weeding---no need to hang back or wait around.
    Drink plenty of water, carry your water bottle, wear a hat, use gloves and proper footwear, follow all safety guidelines. Try to come away from your work hours feeling like you’ve had a good workout at the gym.
    SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY! Do not use power tools---electric saws and drills, or weed-eaters and chainsaws---without permission and instruction. Remember that pruning saws, pruning shears and hand scythes can also be dangerous. If you are unsure about how to operate any of the tools PLEASE ASK FOR HELP. This is a place of learning so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Please read the workshop guidelines. Safety goggles MUST be worn while using any power tools. No, it doesn’t look cool to wear the goggles, but you will feel even more ridiculous wearing a patch over your eye because you got debris in it while cutting materials because you thought goggles were lame. We are a long way from the hospital. Wear the goggles and any other safety items. Gloves are provided, but you must provide your own footwear. Some work requires closed work shoes, and long pants. Caution and common sense is required, if in doubt about the safety of a task please ask the farm manager before proceeding.
    A first aid kit is provided, please promptly treat any injuries. We are in the tropics and staph infection is possible, so please take responsibility for your health. Consult with the manager immediately regarding any injuries.

    Guests: DO NOT GIVE OUT THE GATE CODE! If you have a guest coming over, meet them at the gate upon arrival and exiting. Gate is to remain locked at all times when not in use.

    Please use good judgment when deciding whom to bring to our farm. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable while they are here. That really talkative person who just gave you a ride hitchhiking, and who insists on seeing where you are staying may not be the best choice for a guest. Unfortunately, there are some unsavory characters on this island that are ready to take advantage of trusting newcomers so please use common sense. If you are unsure, discuss it with a friend or manager.

    You are responsible to ensure that your guests follow the farm guidelines, respect boundaries, and are courteous to fellow farm residents. Your guests may only be on the farm when you are present, and are not allowed to use farm facilities such as the workshop, washing machine, or nursery---they are guests and not residents. Please check with your fellow workawayers to see that your guests are welcome. It is important that women on the farm never experience unwanted attention from other residents or from their guests. While guests may share your meals they are not entitled to take farm produce with them when they leave, unless there is surplus offered by the farm manager.

    You are allowed to have an overnight guest in your cabin. If your guest wishes to stay more than one night permission must be taken from the manager, and your guest must participate in the 5 hours of work and sign a waiver. If you end up in an ongoing relationship, your friend’s overnight stays are limited to one night a week---preferably Friday or Saturday. Your guest must be sure to not interfere with the breakfast activities in the kitchen prior to the 7 o’clock morning meeting.

    Food. This is a vegetarian farm, we fully embrace a plant based diet. As a concession to mainstream diets, dairy products and eggs are also permitted, although all meat products are prohibited. We do not support factory farming, especially of animals, and so we ask that if you do choose to eat dairy products and eggs, they come from organic and humane farms, and if possible locally sourced. In general we avoid highly processed foods brought from the mainland, try to source your food locally.

    Most of the fruit and vegetables grown on the farm are for market, there is however a kitchen garden, and plenty available for you too, but please check with the manager before collecting produce for your own consumption.

    Drugs and alcohol:
    Illegal drugs are not allowed, and heavy use of alcohol is not allowed. By joining the farm you agree to not use intoxicants before or during your work hours. The farm has been forced into having an explicit policy on the use of Cannabis. While we acknowledge that cannabis has medicinal and ceremonial uses, if you are a daily user of cannabis then this is not the farm for you. We seek clear, focused, productive energy, and so recreational use of cannabis is not allowed.

    Common area maintenance:
    Do not leave your personal belongings in any of the common areas. You are expected to pick up after yourself, being conscious of your space and others. We strive for beauty and orderliness on the farm.
    If you see trash on the farm please pick it up.
    If you see equipment or materials out of place, or in danger of exposure to rain or sun please inform the manager.
    If you see a leak in the irrigation immediately inform the manager.
    Also, there are plenty of mosquitos here on Kauai and we would like to minimize their proliferation. If you see any standing water that has collected please dump it out as that is how they breed.
    This farm is your home while you are here and we would like you to care for it as if it were your own.

    Shower: We provide a filter to remove chlorine in your shower. Do not leave any toiletries, towels or clothes in the shower area. Take everything to and from your cabin each time. Use the items provided to clean the shower after each use as needed. We ask that only organic soaps and shampoos be used as the grey water is being fed back into the land.

    Washing machine: Keep the cover down to protect the machine from rain. Promptly remove your clothes when finished. Hang your clothes on the lines behind your cabin, or on common lines. Please use only organic laundry soap, which we provide. Bleach, fabric softeners, etc. are not allowed, as once again, grey water is being directed to plants.
    If you need to do washing and someone clothes are in the washer, carefully remove items and place them in the grey bin next to washer. Let the other person know their clothes are in the bin and ready to be hung up.

    Kitchen: CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF RIGHT AWAY!! This is a non-negotiable, non-flexible rule, sorry. We are flexible but this is not a point of flexibility. Clean every dish and pot that you use immediately. Period. The kitchen may be crowded in the morning before work, so leave enough time to eat, clean up, and
    arrive for work on time. It is a point of consciousness and respectful of others, and the limited space we have by cleaning up any items and areas you use to eat and prepare food. If you are still unsure, or if you have not yet got the point: this means all dishes, utensils and surfaces, including stove, countertops, and sink must, without exception, be cleaned immediately. In addition to consideration, please remember that we live in the tropics and you have an open kitchen. If you leave unwashed dishes or uncovered food they will quickly attract ants, flies, cockroaches, chickens, birds, the farm cats, etc. Please keep the lid on the kitchen compost bucket.

    Weekly maintenance tasks: typically done at the end of work hours, or on Saturday. The sign-up sheet is in the kitchen, along with a detailed chores list. If you have questions, please ask the farm manager.

    Recycling. Please carefully recycle all trash in the marked containers. There is a detailed waste sheet above recycle buckets outside of kitchen. Please ask the manager to explain the recycle system to avoid mix-ups---Hawaii has different systems than the mainland.

    Transportation: There is a limited public bus system on the island, and hitchhiking is a common way to travel. We will make efforts to pick you up at the airport if you are arriving for the first time. Use of the farm truck however is not included in the work trade agreement. Typically there will be a weekly shopping trip for work traders on Wednesday, and usually on Saturday or Sunday for the beach or ecstatic dance. It is also possible to ride to town when the truck is on farm errands. There are bicycles on the farm, these may be used to travel to the nearest beach (2 miles), or the fruit stand/bus stop (1/2 mile). They can also be taken on the bus. If you take a bicycle you are responsible to keep it locked when not in use.

    Vehicles: If you rent or purchase a vehicle it must be parked at the parking area near the gate, not driven into the farm---this also applies to your guest’s vehicles. All vehicles must have current registration, safety check and insurance. Non-conforming vehicles may not be kept on the farm due to liability insurance requirements. Do not do mechanical work on your vehicle on the farm. We are an organic farm and do not want toxic fluids in the soil. No long-term storage of vehicles, when you leave, your vehicle must leave with you, whether it is running or not.

    Interaction with the local community. The farm takes the position that Hawaii is a sovereign nation, currently under occupation by the USA. Although we are allowed to live here under US laws, we are obligated to behave with great respect for the Hawaiian culture and the local community. Many US citizens come with a sense of entitlement and arrogance. By joining the farm you agree to behave with respect and humility.

    Departures. Please inform the manager well in advance of your departure dates. Also co-ordinate with the manager, well in advance, if you would like to take time off for hiking, exploring, etc. so we can plan for your absence.
    Clean your cabin and wash your bed sheets before leaving. When your time is finished here you will be expected to take with you, give away, or dispose of all of your belongings. Do not leave anything that you have collected during your stay on the farm. We already have all we need!

    If you are experiencing problems or are confused about something, please feel free to seek out guidance and clarity. We want you to succeed!

    Please respect the farm owner’s privacy by calling or texting before going down to his residence.

    By signing this you confirm that you have read and understood the guidelines, and that you agree to the terms and conditions above. The farm management reserves the right to ask you to leave at any time if you fail to follow the guidelines, or if your presence is not in harmony with the energy that we are cultivating here.

    Signature: _______________________________________________________________ Date:________

    Please review these guidelines again after you have been here a week. There are many details included and the guidelines will become more clear after you are familiar with the farm and work process.

  • Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Ajuda em projetos ambientais
    Construção/faça você mesmo
    Ajuda em fazenda
    Manutenção geral
  • Objetivos de sustentabilidade da ONU que este anfitrião quer atingir

    Objetivos de sustentabilidade da ONU que este anfitrião quer atingir

    Objetivos da ONU
    Erradicar a pobreza
    Erradicar a fome
    Saúde de qualidade
    Educação de qualidade
    Igualdade de género
    Água potável e saneamento
    Energias renováveis e acessíveis
    Trabalho digno e crescimento económico
    Indústria, inovação e infraestruturas
    Reduzir as desigualdades
    Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis
    Produção e consumo sustentáveis
    Ação climática
    Proteger a vida marinha
    Proteger a vida terrestre
    Paz, justiça et instituições eficazes
    Parcerias para a implementação dos objetivos
  • Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    You will have the opportunity to put your skills to work and expand your knowledge regarding organic farming in a tropical environment.
    Outside of the farm, you will have the chance to explore all that Kauai has to offer. There is much hiking to be done as well as beaches to checkout and a variety of water sports to try your hand. There is a rich Hawaiian culture to be exposed to and much to learn about the local medicinal and edible plants of Hawaii.

  • Ajuda


    We are looking for individuals interested in helping who possess prior knowledge and experience in building small structures.

    We are looking for a jack or Jane of all trades! Even though our main interests are gardening, we hope to attract individuals who have a variety of skills to contribute. We value drama-free hard workers to help us build the infrastructure we need to really thrive. Looking for individuals who are able to make a commitment of 3-6 months, though this is open to negotiation.

  • Idiomas

    Inglês: Fluente

  • Acomodação


    Private cabin.

    ~ We are a vegetarian and vegan-friendly farm, though we are open to dietary exceptions with the acknowledgement and respect.

  • Algo mais...

    Algo mais...

    Workers will be expected to contribute 5 focused hours of work, 5 days a week, allowing for plenty of time to adventure and relax. This will be in exchange for your private shelter, access to kitchen, hot shower, washer, wifi and common area Structure for a yoga and meditation space is in the planning stages...perhaps you could help with that :)

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    Mais alguns detalhes

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    5 hours per weekday, 25 hours per week

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