Dogsitter and a hand in the household in rural Meerbeke, Belgium




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    >>> Workaways who've been here have encountered the offered solo-time: some adore it and stay, some hate it and leave... so please consider this before you reach out! On my working days I'm only around for a short time in the house

    >>> So: LOOKING FOR dogsitter help
    At this moment 1 workawayers are here and would stay to beginnings 2023 (so I'm covered for the time I still need to work at the office full time untill end 2022)


    Workaways around in the house: I think it's very cosy :)
    Good experiences so far X Thx for sharing!
    From the beginning of 2023 I'd be doing a job 85% from home.. and 2 days at the office.
    This means that a workaway can still be usefull to cover the extra 2 days I'm at the office for dogsitting, and the other days for some extra things-to-do around the house.

    Since life has many ways, please feel free to contact me when you're interested!


    Hello, My name is Evelien.

    I have been a freelancer in the arts (scenography) and have been traveling a lot (England, Morocco, Cambodia, France, Germany). I had my fair share of career and roaming an decided to go on my own pace. Since then I sold my Brussels City-appartment and now that I am back for the first time in my hometown, renting a super lovely house in a small co-housing ancient estate in the midst of the fields (4 neighbors in one estate, all separate houses and one communal courtyard entree garden; some of us have our own private garden, small and big, as well on top). Other neighbors are cute white and brown furry cows and horses. It's super lovely here and I am completely in love with this place.

    Out here I've chosen to pick up full time helpdesk jobs online from home to be as much at home as possible and to prepare and fund my life before my own future project is really going.

    Since beginning 2022 I have found a job that suits me in customer care instead of commercial agent (and pays better then the other ones :D very welcome in this post-covid times) , only the first months it's not a home job and I need to go to Antwerp every day.
    So this means my BORDER COLLIE PUP (°04/04/2021) is alone most of the time. He's super social and has enjoyed already some workaway friendships and he's doing superb :) he love the walks, the company, the play... I think it's ideal for his socialization :D

    So yes: come and make us happy with your happy help in dogsitting and hand around the house!

    And enjoy the peace and tranquility of birdsongs, chicken stories and corn whispers and the company of a good hearted young dog, and myself.


    Flinn is 1,7 year since 4th of april 2021. Since I'd want him to have a good health, walking the dog at least 3 times a day for 1h of 1h30 or 2h would be ideal. He's working on a active life style :D He is not castrated, but much physical exercice keeps him happy and content. I prefer this for his health.

    So for 3h/4h a day this would be your job :D
    And cuddles, playing, etc...

    Further more after every walk, he needs a rest of at least 1,5h/2h afterwards. After that he can play in the garden, snuff the house, cats etc.. So you have a break either way.

    Yes there are cats too: 2 cats: Bumble and Bee. Bumble is the female and the most present around the house (Bie, her brother, is wandering around since june 2022 unfortunatly, only seen 4x since then :) . At night that could mean Bumble could miauw at your door for a night sleep on your bed (feel free to keep the door closed, she'll learn it fast) and during the day they are in the garden and fields.

    My approach to dog life is a very respectful one;
    Please visit the site of Geert de Bolster and his Connection Method: if you agree with this style, be welcome!
    So no pulling the leash, allowing the dog to sniff and follow his curiosity, and only encouraging good behaviour and no punishing bad behaviour. Leading him into good things, avoiding the happening of bad things you don't want, etc..

    + EXTRA HAND IN THE HOUSE is welcome
    The house has some small things to improve (like any other) and I like to keep it clean for sure. So beside dog sitting (the main activity) this would be the second this to keep an eye on, for the extra time

    Also I have a lower back issue since two years, and I've been a bit immobilized by this. Normally I just start and things get going, but now that's different... so it's also nice to have some extra hands around if more heavy things need to be moved, etc..

    EXTRA welcome skills but not a priority

    Very ideally, the workawayer would be also a handy(wo)man, who would be comfortable help me with a wooden house to upgrade in the garden; and other gardening things( gras weeding, building wooden wall, etc..)
    I like doing stuff anyway, so it's a cosy thing to do, but time can go fast...

    My attic could be also cleaned / treated for wood-insects and well-prepared to install my atelier (felting is the first project - already have 200kg of wool waiting to be felted!); if there would be time to get this started, that would be a blast. But it's not isolated, and I'd prefer to do the works on the moment that I'm working from home.. I guess many questions can pop up

    SOOO.... the dog sitting part is the most important and TOP PRIORITY! So looking for people who recognizing themselves as doglovers who have a connection to animals.


    * No couples allowed: I have some unpleasant experiences regarding this.. some new people reaching out, but I considered but still not up for rethinking it... to much things on my head now (sorry guys)

    Working rythm: my working hours create the workaway's rythm

    PS The rythm would be different than the planning proposed by workaway (5h a day, 5 days a week + 2 days off)

    This is my working schedule
    week 1: 7 days working (out of the house from 08:30 till 22:30) Dogsit&help around the house (walks and free time throughout the day)
    Week 2: 7 DAYS FREE for me, and thus also for the workaway
    (Weeks start on thursdays, untill wednesdays)

    This means that during your days here:
    AND I ask for 2 or 3 walks of 1 or 2h spread throughout, when I'm not at home. But you have time for yourself too, and have a light home sitting experience with kitchen and the whole house and garden for you to enjoy the day.
    AND the other 7 days you're free

    Since my working days are long, during these days you will be spending quite some TIME ALONE in the house, with the dog.

    Some of the workaways who've been here have encountered this solo-time: some adore it and stay, some hate it and leave... so please consider this before you reach out!
    I like to sleep as regular as possible, idealy from 22h-6h or 22:30-6h30 : so ideally I go to sleep immediatly after arriving home from work, and in the morning we would meet in the morning in the house & there is a breakfast sharing possibility & a walking possibility (morning walk with the dog for some 45min is great to start a working day) or a dishwashing and food preparing morning :)

    During my free days, I do all the general house task (shopping, admin, cleaning, etc...)

    I try to be as efficient as possible, but being a WorkAway hosts has thought me that all kind of things can pop up all the time... When you want me to guide you here around more (which I do gladly) Workaway also means investing time in each other, tips, stories, etc..

    Digital nomads very welcome! Super WIFI and enough space to install you home office;
    Nomads with buses also welcome: the private garden has an entrance at the back so you can park there.



    Open for someone who could stay for 6 months or more!
    Shorter periods of time also possible... contact me for info.
    Ideally 2 weeks or a month at least: so my dog can get to know you and does not have much too much impressions or changes in his young home life

    I think it's a great experience and It's nice to have people around who enjoy the environment -
    I have been rediscovering my birth ground and it's very great to show it to visitors and share the experience

    I don't mind the idea to have a workawayer around at all times: I find it super cosy and my dog is super happy when I'm busy that he's with a friend and has his walks. I guess it can give him also a different look on his 'human'.
    And the sharing of the experience of living in this place is nicer than job-dogsitters f.e.

    I like a kind and sharing life. After the Workoholic times it's really great to be able to spend time on a daily basis with people who love to enjoy the day and life fully and are not in full focus on some project or career ambition.

    Also I've been spending a lot of time in this estate when I was 16/17 with my female friends and our horses, creating and living our own world and life views and visions, doing volunteer work as well anywhere through the world, loving and respecting life and people... And since those happy soulfull young days make me still happy here today just being here (it's my heart's home, so to say) it's nice to have a sharing experience here through workaway with other good hearted people (what my idea is of a volunteering workawayer)

    Accommodation is included: separate room with chicken and bird songs OR the room with a view on the horses and fields.

    Food: I can offer you the basics of a healthy diet & I can include you in my abonnement for a self-picking biological farm, unfortunatly the farmer only wants the regular abonnees to come and gather the vegetables, but you can enjoy the scenery when there, be welcome at walks, story-telling nights, etc...

    There's a bike for you to use; public transport closeby.

    Extra's like meat, candy etc... are yours to acquire.

    If you would need to go to the supermarket during the working days when I'm busy, you let me know and I can refund...

    WHO AM I?

    I'd love to take a walk in the fields and at the seaside with my dog (plus adore having time to do long day walks), having chats with neighbours and people on my path during the day, passing by places that I like in the area, visit my grandmother, doing some things around the house (garden, cleaning)... and I love to get my breakfast in the sun, with the day in my hands, some digital news paper, some chit chat, some admin, and the day ahead of me.
    Would be great to share some breakfast time and roaming in the fields around the house.
    & I love cooking too... and watching movies (good old disney and netflix :D)
    I need to go as much as possible to a swimming pool for aqua classes and
    So that's me these days in a nutshell :)
    I'd love to go more Ice skating, get some roller blades to use for my dogwalks, start doing sup boarding on the river Dender with Flinn;

    What I love about workaway, is that is help, but it's not work: there is a spontaneity and freedom in volunteering that I like so much: it's nice when people support each other's well being, get the time to roam around, pick up ideas, follow a bird if they want to have a closer look; stare at the sunset for half an hour, find inspiration for themselves and in what they do.


    So a Gentle Doglover Needed, and a friendly and cheerful guest I can treat well in good kinship and who's independent enough, not scared to be alone at a house! I Hope to become good friends with however arrives at my doorstep.

    Your room (and office? living room can be office space too ps) has an only door that enters through another room, and in the same corner in the opposite wall is the door to the hall.

    So the rooms are right next to each other; with my working schedule I might be awake before you are, but I'll be quiet :D And off course, and it's completely closed off with a long curtain, to secure our privacy.
    So this one room will be private for the guest, rest of the house is shared.

    Also: I'd love to quit smoking, haven't done that yet though...

    I only smoke outside!! No smoking inside the house accepted! No pot either, no drugs, no alcoholism, none of that at all. Healthy people for sure; but I do enjoy some good food, wine and dine. being a good cook would be a plus, I love sharing about that, enjoying table time even more... I'd love to learn more about vegetable pies and oven dishes... We can dive into cooking books and sites together as well...

    But most important: being just hands-on and having a good (dog)heart is what is very welcome and needed here; off course friendly and respectful people, content to be here and a breeze to have around: be very welcome!!
    I'm very interested and respectful: guests have my respect, care, curiosity and allegence. I expect the same in return.


    In the middle of fields and the Breughel countryside of Belgium! Walking, hiking, biking: I live in the town where the Tour of Flanders Cycling event had it's finale, and the area is very filled with walking, hiking, biking routes.

    And some nice bars... Paddenbroek Countryside Center is at Gooik, open every day from 11h, and serves you coffee, juice, beer, a great terrace, or superb natural garden. Or in the weekend Stalleke, 30min light walk to the church of Lieferinge is super cute, run by neighbours who won't let this little hub dissapear... Gonzo is a more alternative bar with rock 'n roll music, if you enjoy some of that and a chat with the bartender (who's lived in a bar most of his life and is a great guy)

    Forest closeby: half an hour walk. or half an hour biking to a second one via the river Dender.
    River Dender is close too, and has a cycling and walking path running next to it (silence and peace garanteed, some bike traffic on weekdays) Kayak renting and supboarding renting are happening there. It's 1h walk, or 15min bike drive to the river. Bus 5min. Ice skating is here too, a bit further, 1h by bike alon the river, we have a BLOSO Ice skate center.
    Denderwindeke centre is very close: shops and banks closeby on a 5min bike ride.

    Further more bus station is 10min walk, and take you to the train station in 15min, from where you can get to Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Oostende ... all in about an hour. The rest of Belgium is close by and very lovely!

  • Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Cuidar de animais
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Manutenção geral

  • Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Travellers get to explore the countryside of Belgium, close to the Vlaamse Ardennen, Pajottenland, and the valley of river Dender. I am an open minded person, and love a good conversation, so cultural exchange it will be for sure! Get to know this beautiful side of Belgium and the good country life around animals.

  • Ajuda


    All written above :D

    DOGSITTING Top Priority



  • Idiomas

    Inglês: Fluente
    Francês: Fluente
    Holandês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Intermediário
    Alemão: Iniciante

    Este anfitrião oferece intercâmbio de idiomas
    Love to get better in German as I have a small knowledge (from holidays since a baby) but I haven't had some serious spending time learning it

  • Acomodação


    The house is recently renovated and has one small and one extra (big room view on chickens and co-garden) and a smaller room with view on the garden & fields free for workaways (bed, sofa corner). If you have a campervan, there's room for you to park it on the spot. Water is there, electricity is outside present too. you just need your specific cable.

  • Algo mais...

    Algo mais...

    Public transport is closeby. (bus, train) Super for hikers, mountainbikers, runners... Half an hour walk through the fields to a forest. Located at the outskirts of a small town and village, it's an old Land House in the middle of the fields: with the open fields ahead of you. Halle is an hour bike, Brussels is 2h bike.

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    Mais alguns detalhes

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      Acesso à internet limitado

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  • Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    I'm fully equipped with internet and have been working from home a long time and it works perfectly. Working from home has always been without any troubles or a weakness in the line.

  • Espaço para estacionar campervans

    Espaço para estacionar campervans

    No problem - parking available - outside water tap and electricity point available.

  • Pode aceitar animais

    Pode aceitar animais

    My pup Flinn had recently 1 sleeping and a comrade dog in his own house, dog Fidji (small César dog) and Flinn has behaved superbly, if you consider his interest in sniffing and playing not to offensive... He's a very physical dog, also in playing with other dogs; But with Fidji he learned fast enough how to relate best to her - overall a great experience. He's a friendly and social dog and loves to play with other dogs! In the beginning he's very physical and then he gets to know you best... - he's can be very direct in the first moments. PLUS Some organized time off and sleeping nap time would be needed here in this case :D

  • Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?

    Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?


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    During my working hours (11h a day) 4h walking at least

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