Homestay at a cat crazy home and help us with cooking, decluttering and feng-shuing in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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    Homestay at a cat crazy home in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.Help us with cooking , decluttering and feng-shuing

    We love to test new recipes, we cook for our cats, and like to have our terrace ready for stargazing. We are non smoker and accept only non smoker and cat lovers. Our home is located about 20 minutes walking from city center and from It, one can go using public transportation to very nice landscapes. Santa Cruz is 26ºC in summer and our flat is so sunny in Winter that can be 24ºC in Winter mornings.

  • Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Trabalho beneficente
    Projetos artísticos
    Prática de idiomas
    Ajuda em projetos ambientais
    Construção/faça você mesmo
    Cuidar de animais
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Manutenção geral
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
  • Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    We do have some knowledge on world music, and food. My husband is from Canary islands ( he is 49) and I am from Colombia (44). We have 2 cats: Chocolate and Júpiter. would love to have rabbits, lab rescued rats and a Chiuaua and a Husky and a fox and a raven and parrots and Iguanas but we cannot and regarding wild animals we would feel guilty. As we do not have all the pets we would love to, when we travel, try to see them at their hábitats.

    We have been low budget travellers but in a sensible way, we hate "Gringo Trails" film described travellers!, we can share with you, our point of view on that, and we would like to know your experience at travelling, we are curious about a good selection of your travel photos and adventures. If you are a gringo trail traveller we will try to convince you to look your travels in a very sensitive/respectful way regarding the destination.

    We are not ourselves examples of capitalism success, but that helps Sonia to un-coach her own way . We are not mainstreamers nor hippies but we can say : we cannot live without critical thinking and without learning something new each day. We love science news, biology, cosmology and attend to free conferences on related topics in the city, if u are learning Spanish u can join many, which are free. That makes us having a fanatic hate for fanatisms and radical positions. You can come with us to that or to many music festivals organized in the island.

    Seriously, We are really really allergic to fanatics in politics, religión, eating habits or any other topic. We are very openminded and avoid being close to dogmatic people, we like to do conversation instead domination in our relations to people. We love philosophy and respecting others believes and also be respected in that sense. Besides to that, we are open to all ages/ sexual oriented workawayers since they can do the required tasks.

    We also like our workawayers attend meetings, have their friends and feel a sort of normal life in their free time or if they wanna join a course or be mentally productive this is a good place, but with COVID too active, we have to ask u to minimize your social interactions in your free time as Sonia is under medical controls for other health conditions. If u are very tight of budget or like to read, u have close by parks, your room or a hammock in the clothes terrace, feel free to have your time on your own. Remember: we dont Accept smokers or drinkers!!!

    We are experts on exploration of free cultural activities of our island. Tertulita/Sonia is on dreams (at night) and subconscious contact usage to improve selfknowledge and for creativity, so if you wish we can have a relaxed waking up morning having breakfast saving or recording dreams and doing yoga breaths (if u know Yoga, cuz I am not expert nor do it, we can try if u are into it)... and then you can start working. Some days Sonia will lead that work, sometimes Mau.

    If you are a digital nomad let me know in advance if u have a remote work schedule to see if it matches us and if its flexible in timing u can tell us , maybe u can do it perfectly or maybe its not good idea, depending on the moment, just let us know if u are digital nomad to see if we can make it work here or not . We have WiFi at home but not in terrace or garage.

    My husband is good at taking good photos of night landscapes and nature and likes gardening and sewing on the machine. He is astroamateur but not friki, as he does not spend crazy money on that hobby. He also likes to make things with his hands and is a VERY peacefull/silent person. I do like conceptual design of un-fashionable and wearable art clothing, but lately i am more on mental development issues, so Embroidery and DIY fits that stage more. I am also interested in creativity development and on copyleft issues. We are very used to multicultural environments and like intergenerational Exchange. If you have experience or wish we can try some DIY, or make fabrics customization, thematic picnic organization, decorate a tree in the forest or any other ideas we give birth together. or if you know stitching or crochet you can teach me.

    We have done photoshooting of visitors with soul of models who do not mind to participate on being photographed with wearable un-fashionable cloth. For us, any human and non human, can be a model. if you like that, lets us know.

    On your free days you also can take food from us and cook your picnic food. We have Smart tv, where we would love to share with you and also to learn from your own knowledge on social networks, music, etc.

    If we connect well, sometimes ( not always) we do some walks or beach rides,you can join us. But we cannot assure you that we will organize an excursión. You must be independent on the usage of your freetime.

    As I said, we have a terrace upstairs for sunbathing, yoga, stargazing and gardening or reading and you can use it if you wish. You CANNOT smoke there either. This is a Wifi -free área, that is: NO WIFI there ( the terrace and garage). By the way, please be polite regarding the use of your devices. We use devices and mobiles but will always be as polite as possible with other people who is in front of us.

  • Ajuda


    House Rules and other information:

    As you come (NOT BEFORE) bring a copy of your Passport and social security or insurance for your health and travel. If possible, give us a contact number of your family and Friends and follow our advice regarding hiking in the wild. Is not safe in many trails of the island hiking alone.

    *️️*️️*️️*️️You wont have our keys and in weekdays you must arrive at 11 pm. ( no cooking late ). When we need to go out, you also should go out. We do not allow anybody to stay at home while we are out.

    *️️*️️*️️*️️Extreme care with our cats who do not go out is the MOST important issue at our place.

    *Please do not bring pets and please be a clean person, we do not mind at making extra laundry or at considered on timing daily douche.

    *If you are a party animal or a night person, please look for other homestay, the same is applied to alcohol drinkers, smokers or drugs users.


    We offer you food but you must cook it or help with cooking or follow instructions when testing new recipes. Normally, We do not offer a homestay longer than 9 nights. But in case of lot to do and availability, we might extend it bit more.

    You will have your own small but cozy room and a powder room, but shared douche. You can always close your room door and have intimacy but we are experienced at having helpers and couchsurfers and prefer people who are not iddle at home after they finish their work. Of course if you need to rest you can rest and the same can be said if you need to sleep, we can start work from 8:30 or 9 am or bit later on.

    July 2022

    Note: due to a recent bad experience on WA, of a person pushing to include "eating together and chat as work hours", in my home THAT IS NOT ABOUT ELDERLY CARE OR ENTERTAIN US, I have to be clear now: EATING TOGERTHER IS NOT PART OF THE JOB, if you feel that way, we can either shorten your stay or you can eat by your own in the terrace or your room. I normally enjoy eating and talking with my visitors, but if they see It as work, i cut down my kindness. Eating time is rest time and in the night, you always have to clean your dishes, i am not a maid, despites i am a housewife, and IS kind of weird to have to write this, but i prefer to be clear instead of going out of workaway because one person did not behave or had care at home. You Also must clean the toilette you use when you are about yo leave, its very odd for me to write this but for some visitors IS not so obvious.


    We really appreciate proactive people, that is, people that do not need to be pullled or be said all the time: "ist time to work". However, we are laid back people and want you also to enjoy your stay in the island and will help you to explore it in a way that fits your budget.

    Our priorities are: We want to learn from the human being that you are and that you explore the island and know its landscapes and culture on your own or with us as well, depending on our availability and your energies and interest. Do the tasks at a normal pace and with care is of course part of the deal and the reference as you leave will be done as objectively as possible. If happens that your tasks will be creative or handcrafted related i will pay more attention to how it all flows regarding the creative process and how are u as a visitor as i write the reference.

    -----when writting your request write if you want if u have speciall skills for some marked with number 3 or written below under desidered skills----


    *Cleanning oven and fridge (4)

    *cleanning the balcony (1)

    *easy fast task related with composting and plants(3)

    *backing (4)

    *cooking under instructions and things from your culture if you want and it fits our eating habits (1)

    *Cooking for the cats (1)

    *playing with the cats (if u like cats and the cats like you. OUR CATS NEED TIME AND ARE SOMETIMES Despotic, the want games and play slaves, so if u are good at creating DIY toys for it, we can try. (3)

    *cleaning the terrace (1)

    *cleaning bathrooms and applying white to the tiles edges (1)

    *washing dishes in the way we do, not soaking (1)

    *Teach English grammar, listening and conversation to a friend of mine Who is poor and had a very bad quality education at school. (3)

    *Install a Bird House with camera and internet connection in our terrace (3)

    *Create more birdhouses ( if you know carpentry Tell me básic tools that one needs for this or lets Talk about It sharing Pinterest options (3)

    *Design with upcycled materials, Bird feeders (3)

    *Do DIY less toxic cosmétics (1)

    *Create mind Maps of boicot to unethical companies and orgs, plástics reduction at home , footprints accounting Fairy TRADE Bután like humano development measure and happiness research indexes (3), some must be done on fábrics for túnics, flags, huilpils, picnic fábrics...other translated into other Languages.(3)

    *translations into your language of different cooperative knowledge base fundings or related to collaborative econonoy, ecology, fast and eco fashion, ecological economy (maybe, depends on your native language) (4)

    *Deep cleaning of kitchen storage and feng shui and decluttering of it (4)

    *Classification of stuff of the sewing room, labeling measuring fabrics, decluttering of it.(depends on your own profile, some visitors i see they may do well, others have other skills) (1)

    *Embroidery and some sewing by hand tasks like putting buttons (3)

    *Experiments with customization of fabrics (2)

    *painting with a lot of care our hall in white (DONE)

    *painting metallic garden chairs at the terrace (2)

    *clean frames and doors (1)

    *make or prepare to make cat related small hammocks and boxes (not, unless u know sewing and carpentry)(3)

    *create or invent with us cardboard cat iglu (3)

    *little tasks to create or improve features of next things my husband will sew: napkins, supermarket fruits bags, cushions for terrace chairs, restore creatively very old curtains. (3)

    *Create on fabric a Mandala or a mind map about the following african proverb: "you have the watches, but we have the time" and maybe other proverbs or stories ( depends on the leght of your stay, (3)

    *join, prepare, brainstorm, cook and organize tematic picnics, many times we will make a lot of pictures of that (2)

    *photo shutting if u dont mind modeling our creativity related experiments which include conceptual cloths, conceptual picnics, starglazing picnics, etc (yes, but depends on how well we connect and time availability)(4)

    *cooking for 2 or 3 friends and join that dinners if u want for the time u want.(4)

    *decluttering garage (done)

    *teaching us design related programs or mind mapping related programs (3)

    *German-Spanish exchange (3)

    *Survival skills on Egyptian Arab(3)

    *Create, design and construct bird feeders with repurposed things (3)

    *improvised making or arranging of carnival low cost customes (4)

    *singing for the cats (3), if they like u and you like them.

    *Help at shopping (1)

    *Cook something from your land or knowledge (1)

    *Clean dust (1)

    * **
    Interesting skills for us, if you have some please mention it in your request.

    *mind mapping
    *Drawing or painting or sculpture in virtual reality
    *Creativity development and neurophisics related to creativity
    *lucid dreaming
    *Cuántic and Day dreaming
    *Antropológique Diversity applied to Oneirology
    *Astral trips
    *Knowledge about artificial inteligencia, futurology , Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
    *psychonauts but NOT addicted ppl please.
    *Neuroscience and Mind Related knowledge
    *usage of dreams for creativity
    *Psychedelics knowledge (i dont Accept having drugs at home but i am interested in your experiences and knowledge about them and other herbs)
    *drawing as ilustrator
    *stiching croché macramé making yard from whool
    *Environmental Economics and Green Accountancy of Externalities and Total Económic Value.
    *music related knowledge
    *DJs traveling with portable or laptop base mixer
    *african dance
    *knowledge about recycling and non waste of food or anything so that leads to circular economy.
    *If you are a massage therapist, we also would like to include that on your working hours if we connect well and do not fell uncomfortable with that. I say so because i am a housewife but have to use these type of platforms due to health problems that have made us look for additional help sometimes.
    * 3D or other useful 3D easy to learn program for cloths design
    *German language teaching and translation, Teaching other languages can also be part of your tasks depending on our next trips. We would love to visit Senegal, Egyp, Galapagos, Madagascar and Mexico, so if u come from there ur survival language skills or trip tips may be appreaciated as well.
    *engineering or knowledge related on: clean energies, zero waste, fair trade, slow fashion,

    If u have a profile at a home or petsitting dude, pls provide your profile too.

    Important for your packing:

    You do not need to bring to our home sleeping bag, unless your other plans for the island need it. If u like sea sports its advisable to bring neoprene from December until June, but u can buy it here, not very expensive ones such as mine. We provide towels for home and beach if u need. Use better your suitcase with warm clothes because here its very mountainous and beaches are not like in Andalusia, it may be 17-19 and windy in summer in the afternoon and mornings, and as soon as u leave sea level it gets cool. Houses are not adapted to winter as such of Europe o Developed countries. Our flat temperature can be 24 in mornings of winter ( cuz is sunny) and some days of summer might reach 33, but its not often, summer tends to be very good here. Winter nights or afternoons we can be 17-22. But as soon as u leave sea level, that's so often, you may have 14 C indoors or even less depending on the town. So be well organized with your activities and its needs regarding equipment and clothes. If u like hiking bring good boots and support stick, terrains here are not always easy and there are slopes that can be challenging.

    PLEASE, if you come from Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia or Latinamerica just before comming to our home let us know, as somethimes i ask you to bring some cooking specia, music or fabrics or Little handycrafts ( i buy it from you). Of course this is not mandatory, but it may be a nice experience for you, if you are not used to it. I did it with my last helper and it was great as he got a piece of fabric from Senegal for me and story behind that.

  • Idiomas

    Espanhol: Fluente
    Alemão: Intermediário
    Inglês: Intermediário

    Este anfitrião oferece intercâmbio de idiomas
    Arab, Caligraphy from other alphabets skills are welcome. Depend on your skills and previous w.a experiences, there could be possibilities of asking u to teach English to a person with less resources, Who had low education opportunities.

  • Acomodação


    You have your own room and toilet but shared douche. We live in a 90 sqm flat. with an 20 sqm terrace and a garaje that sometimes need fengshuing. At the terrace you can do Yoga or rest in the hammock or the Senegalese Mat. please note that I dont know yoga; I SAY IT FOR THOSE WHO LIKE IT and know how to do it themselves.


    If you are vegan or vegetarian, please note that you can cook different food for yourself with our food but we are not likely to change in a radical way our own habits. You should cook for us as well so take that into account if you are fully vegan. As we are not vegan. However we can say that our home is a friendly place for vegetarians, celiacs and diabetic people based in our own habits. We are open for people with dietary diversity but not for radicals in that sense. You will never be pushed to eat, if u don't like something or are allergic, please feel free to tell us. By the way, if you are allergic to cats, this is not good place for u. If u have a small allergy to cats as I do have, and u bring your pills its OK but your responsibility, and if u get too allergic its better you move to other host or hostel.

  • Algo mais...

    Algo mais...

    Our home is reachable by bus and tramp but in case of tramp you mak walk 15 minutes way up with your backpack.

    Beach is 1 hour by bus reachable, we do have several walking distance libraries and 2 wonderful cityparks very close to our flat. On several nights a week there are couchsurfing meetings close by or in La Laguna historical center.

  • Mais alguns detalhes

    Mais alguns detalhes

    • Acesso à internet

    • Acesso à internet limitado

      Acesso à internet limitado

    • Temos mascotes

    • Somos fumantes

    • Pode hospedar famílias

  • Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    Yes but if it does not interfere with our schedules to aid at home, cooking or other family customs. I had a bad experience with a person who was not good at combining this but I know others are not guilty of people misbehavior. I can describe vía WhatsApp, the tables and spaces for remote work, but I need to know ahead in time, because sometimes I give other usage to that spaces and must clear it. But yes. I feel good at having around digital nomads, if their schedule is not too time consuming or if their meetings online can be done using their own dates in the terrace ir balcón y or the Zoom Meetings dont interfere with my atmosphere at home. I do have Wi-Fi but NOT in every corner of my home. For work meetings that require silence u might go to our terrace but there, u must use ur own dates as it does not have Wi-Fi.

  • Espaço para estacionar campervans

    Espaço para estacionar campervans

    Yes as the area is not a hell to park, but there is not with water or electricity for the van

  • Pode aceitar animais

    Pode aceitar animais

    I wish I could, but not. Maybe a bird or a ground turle coming in a cage in a carivan on the balcony or terrace upstairs where it may sleep at the laundry machine. However we have pray birds around so maybe better in the balcony, the cats don't have access to it, but your bird may get stressed...

  • Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?

    Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?


  • ...

    Horas previstas

    4- max5 hours per day ( we can agree if its good to group that hours in another ways, such as 2 in morning 2 later or one day to more hours and next one 2. Since we keep an average of 4 per day we can do it flexible, so u can also explore some not so clos

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