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    My plans change every two weeks but I know I want to visit Peru this year. Three months for three different Workaways.

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    Norway - du Aoû 2022 au Sep 2022
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  • Description

    Hello everyone!
    Workaway is the tool that gave me priceless help to find a way to enter Canada. I've been there since the 11th of January, I did 4 months of Workaway and I then worked full time for my last two months to save some money for my upcoming trips (more about these later). In Canada everything is more difficult or expensive than in the rest of the world. Even finding hosts is complicated but I really couldn't be happier for the beautiful people and places that I had the chance to live with and work in.
    Please be aware that my bio is really long but it answers any curiosity you might have about me so please read it all.

    • I will start presenting what I did so far in Canada.

    - In my first two months of Workaway I helped a guy reconstruct his huge 3D printer. After years of struggling an lots of money spent I gathered all my knowledge and experience and achieve to not only fix the machine but also renovate it and add new functions. He couldn't be happier about the result.
    - My second two months have been in a big property deep in the wood that my host bought some years ago. My first duty was to organise all the materials and tools found around after many uncaring years. Together with another Workawayer we then made weed and invasive plants removal for a couple of weeks, we cleaned out a little ancient bridge on the small creek that crosses the property and tidied and ordered up all the gardening tools. In the rest of the time we finished renovating one of the two houses present on the land. The vinyl floor was laid on the two floors and trims and baseboards were installed all around the house. Painting and detailing took a lot of time and patience but these are skills I will never lose. During the stay we also took care of the animals (two goats and some loud birds), made gardening in the other (other) house and started the cleaning process of the pond and the little lake. I also learned how to use a Bobcat and a zero-turn lawnmower. I absolutely love using any kind of piece of machinery.
    I eventually came back for an additional month before leaving Canada (this is another story). In this period I spent most of my time renovating a bathroom in the big old house completely from scratch.

    • Following there are some paragraphs with the bio of my entire life (hold on, it's pretty long).

    The first time I started looking myself around was in 2019 when I was working for a firm that manages wastewater treatment plants. I liked my job but I was oppressed by the feeling of uselessness that the position and the seniors casted on me. So I started seeking for freedom, both from work and from family. I still live with my parents and my brother (in Italy) and, unfortunately, relations between mom and dad are ice cold and I suffer a lot for this. I always wished I could solve the situation but it is impossible to change their old mindset. In addition I didn't have an happy childhood and I know I need to solve my problems first before trying to help others.

    It took me two years to come to Canada. The pandemic had undiscussable influence on the extreme dilation of every possible deadline but also luck has been pretty blind with me lately. In the meantime I changed job two times and the fact is that... I scrapped two successful careers for this crazy idea to come to Canada. I literally asked to be fired from my last position to start traveling. My psychological situation has been pretty critical before leaving. As you read in the previous paragraph home is not exactly an happy place so I also went seeing houses to buy just for the sake to escape from that prison of depression. Luckily, as anticipated, luck has been blind with me at that time and I lost my dream house for a day. I say luckily because I would have never been able to come to Canada with a mortgage to pay.
    In two years of therapy the main argument has always been "going to Canada" and I admit it is having unprecedented effects on my mental health. I am now a normal human, mostly. Still too scared of crowds (...) but I'm working on it. It takes time.

    Talking about passions and interests, I love to invent and build stuff. I'm an IT and technology passionate (like 3D printing, electronics and electricity in general) but with my 1/4 square meter desk there's no space for new stuff to be built. I love to renovate vintage items and to build or repair computers and smart devices. Our home is pretty small and I also like to collect eclectic and useful things so I feel really crushed by the extreme lack of vital space. It's good to see new places and leave the old behind. It's really opening my mind, it's changing my attitude and gives Ng me a different new perspective of myself and the world around me.

    I'm a nature lover and taking amazing shots with the phone or with my drone is one of my favourite hobbies. In Italy I live in a province where outdoor sports mean really everything and our economy spins around tourism correlated to mountains and lakes. That applies to me too since I'm a lover of both long and short hikes althought I'm not really fit right now since both me and my friends are usually really busy between work or study. Canada and volunteering are having a major role into taking me back in shape.

    The kitchen is my kingdom. I love preparing complex meals and I have great experience in cooking for large number of people. I don't usually cook at home since my parents often hardly express satisfaction. I prefer to challenge myself in long, difficult cooking adventures. More than once I had the chance to prepare meals every day for two weeks for up to 50 kids at a time. I loved those times, even though they are really demanding for mental and physical energy. I'm really sad that the pandemic distrupted them too.

    As a tech passionate I dream to have one day my space to invent new stuff to patent and improve people lifes. At the same time helping youth, schools and companies to test and/or develop their products or patents. As a farm machinery lover I also dream about founding a big farm to raise my crops in eco-friendly manner and work as contractor to help other farmers cultivate their lands. The point is that I still don't know what I'll be doing in my life and where I'll end up being since the road to stability is still long and uncertain. Lots of unforgettable experiences must still be lived before settling. Lately I also started thinking about getting back to school. I always hated studying but the dream to work as a game designer and programmer for a specific company in the Netherlands is, well, a dream. Also following courses for thermal imaging or vibration analysis would open me a bright way into drone and industrial inspection services. Who knows where the time goes.

    Getting back to motivation; before leaving Italy I was in extreme need of freedom. At that time I had recently changed job and I absolutely wasn't liking the place where I ended up working. It was a bad choice to abandon my previous position but now I'm totally happy with this life-changing experience I'm having. I had a great time in Canada and I wish I wasn't forced to leave (permit expires). Although I already know I would like to come back next year since I have an employment offer to become a fire investigator. People seem to be seeing in me the good I've never been able to see.

    My plan for this year is not over yet, I don't want to get back home before Christmas. I have many ideas for countries I would love to visit but in these though times it is hard to set down a precise schedule. I originally had to go to Iceland for a roadtrip with some Italian friends but the trip was canceled. I also wanted to go to USA but it seems like I don't have proper documentation and I was sent back. Peru is one of those magical places that people hardly talk about because they are usually too far to reach. In my case I happen to not give a crap about distance, it is my gap year and I'll do whatever I want. So let it be Peru and after that we'll see. I wish I could go to Japan but I still don't know if it will be possible with the ongoing pandemic.

    Talking about feelings; in this moment I am trying to accept my loneliness but the truth is that I really desire to meet new people. I often feel alone and stranded, I don't have many friends and I'm too shy to seek for new people to meet in person so I rely on sites and apps with the only result of destroying my already low self esteem.
    I don't know why it is so difficult, there shouldn't be a thing called "strangers", everybody can be friends (or more) after meeting for the first time. Come on, it's the 21st century! People shouldn't be scared of other humans, let's stop this stereotype of dangerous and untrustable people. There's some really good human beings around and it's a shame to destroy them for these old and fearful prejudices.
    I'm just searching for people to do stuff with, be friends and have a great time.
    I like to treat new people as I knew them for a life. I describe myself as authentic, honest, sincere and respectful. I think respect is an underrated aspect of social life, there are no terms, it must be unconditional in disregard of age and social class. Unfortunately, and especially in the youngest generations like mine, it's really rare to find honest and respectful people.

    My bio is ending soon, here is just a couple of more information.
    I'm fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 with three shots. I'm in favour to nuclear energy but strongly against nuclear weapons. I believe that solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars are absolutely not the solution to save the environment. They are actually doing worse (data, not theories).
    I'm an atheist, non-smoker, non-drinker and I don't assume any drug (never did).
    Cleanliness and tidiness are major indisputable factors for me.
    I tend to follow an healthy diet based on the Mediterranean type but I avoid meat as much as possible. Don't read me wrong, I like it and it is a major protagonist in Italian cuisine. It is a choice for the good of humanity and planet Earth. Nobody should eat it and I tend to use really limited quantities of white meat.

    This is the end of my bio, as complete as it could ever be. Feel free to ask anything that might have passed through your mind while reading my story. There's much much more to know.
    Thank you for reading till the end. Hit me up to reclaim your free cookie. 🍪

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    Travail associatif
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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs

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    Pratique des langues
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider à la maison
    Entretien général
    Aide informatique / Internet
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    To breifly introduce my skills I'll start with my work experience. In the past five years I've always worked in big industrial facilities, in the last two I've developed my skills in the industrial maintenance. My main subjects are electricity, electotechnics, electronics and IT but I'm also practical with mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and vehicles.
    I know a little of everything and I'm always happy to learn new things, expand my knowledge and teach what I know best. I love inventing, designing and building stuff (would it be a little fountain or a robotic arm).
    I'm very keen to PCs, I build and maintain them and I'm learning to program in C++ for Arduino (which I use a lot in my little projects). I like to design in 3D and 3D print my projects with my 3D printers. I've got a little practice with mills and lathes too.
    I can cook some really delicious Italian food and the kitchen is definitely my natural element. I set up and clean table and kitchen and I've been using the dishwasher since I was a toddler and I can do the laundry. I'm a lover of tidiness and my room and bed are almost always in good order.
    I can mowe the lawn and take care of the plants and I'll love to learn how to take care of animals (which are not my cats). I like dogs but I don't like touching them though.

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    Anglais: Courant
    Italien: Courant

    Plus de détails sur les langues qui m'intéressent
    Italian is my mother language and I'll love to have the chance to teach it. I consider English my second language but I know I'm a little rusty and I really want to smooth it out and widen my knowledge and fluency. I am interested in learning French, German (got some background) and Spanish.

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      In spring I become allergic to pollens and dust but that doesn't inhibit myself too much.

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      I want to avoid eating meat as much as possible, especially beef. Read bio for more info.