Cat-sitting et bricolage en zone semi-rurale près de Bangkok en Thaïlande



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Offre "last minute" : besoin d'aide urgent, tout de suite, mais aussi à d'autres périodes de l'année.

 Séjour min. souhaité : Au moins une semaine

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    *** CoVid19 update ***

    Workawayers already in Thailand are welcome to come anytime to look after my furry family and enjoy the peaceful semi-rural life, while I am working outside.
    Please feel free to send last-minute request!

    Workawayers outside Thailand, please make sure to get in touch with the Thai embassy of your country to get all the latest traveling conditions (quarantine or no quarantine) and meet the requirements before contacting us since we are not aware of all the latest changes.
    Thanks for your kind understanding!

    *** CoVid19 update ***

    Bonjour à toutes et tous,

    I'm the lucky "carer" and humble servant of 7 cats (5 Siamese, 1 lovely grey Oriental and 1 young fluffy black and ginger half Persian).

    I've been living for nearly 14 years with the Siamese who are extremely nice but sometimes impudent and dirty: some of them (especially Bob, Bobine and Ping Pong) LOVE peeing on new things (make sure to leave your valuable and fragile items somewhere safe)

    In September 2012, I rescued a lovely (even if he loves chewing backpack straps [please make sure he cannot access yours]) grey cat from the street. His name is Laski (the one dressed as Santacat in the pictures below).
    As he was the last one who entered the house, so there have been conflicts from time to time mainly with Bob, especially at night; so you might be awaken by their "argument" and you will have to stop any potential fight.

    In July 2016, someone abandoned a very young and sick kitten in a beer box in front of our former place's door... :-(
    Since she was so lovely and got along quite well with other residents, we have decided to keep her in the family.

    My furry family members (I'm insisting on the fact that I see them as individuals and not as pets) are super friendly and love spending time with people especially during meals time (the young black and ginger half Persian usually comes at that time to beg for some food).
    Since I grew up on a farm, I don't mind that kind of behaviour but I can imagine that some people might not feel at ease.

    If you're a hygiene freak, I guess you do not need to read further down: our place is not the right one for you.


    WHO I AM:

    100% VEGAN by heart / 95% successful* French Metalhead interested in:

    ° Cats (Siamese particularly);
    ° Animal rights;
    ° Vegetarian/vegan food;
    ° Alternative Education;
    ° Permaculture;
    ° Eco houses;
    ° Japan;
    ° 渋み;
    ° Metal music;
    ° Live music;
    ° Korean and Japanese films;
    ° 20th century French literature.

    * I never eat meat and cheese nor I drink milk but many Thai products (such as bread!!!) include tiny quantity of milk powder or eggs :-(
    I do my best to get the 100% vegan alternative but sometimes it's not possible, that's my 5% failure rate...

  • Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    S’occuper des animaux
    Entretien général

  • Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    The neighbourhood we live is mostly Thai with almost no foreigners living there. So, most of the people don't speak English but they are always friendly and ready to help the many people visiting.
    So it will be a genuine semi-rural-life experience among locals.

    P.S. Please make sure you dress and behave properly: I already got complains from neighbours who felt "attacked" by the outfit and behaviour of some volunteers.

  • Aide



    Read the full profile before sending any messages/requests.



    Workaway published a list of great tips in "How to be a great guest" which can be found in "Information for Workawayers" whose link is accessible at the bottom of the page in "INFORMATION" main menu
    I strongly advise to read if you have not done it yet.


    No internet and Wi-Fi at home.
    Coming to our place will also a way to cut away from the all-day web connectivity.
    If you feel that you cannot live without your phone and/or laptop next to your hand, no need to read further down, we won't be the right place.
    (#7 Workaway tip: "Disconnect From Technology")


    I need workawayers to take care of my furry family while I'm away or I'm working outside (meeting for my association or at the recording studio). As you may be on your own in the house for a significant period of time, this placement really suits someone who is happy to keep themselves busy/amused.

    We usually host people from Sunday evening to Friday midday; it means that, if you stay for long periods (which is OK for me if we get along well) you will enjoy the provinces nearby (Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Prakan, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan [Hua Hin]) on your own on weekends so that I can enjoy some rest and privacy unless I'm already in Bangkok and then I will ask to look after the babies but I will always make sure that you can enjoy at least a 2 days break in the week.

    When I am away for long periods of time (more than 10 days), I always try to find at least 2 people to make sure that my companions are always well looked after and to be sure that there will be at least 1 person in case someone would cancel at the last minute (it happened too many times already; see no show, negative or neutral feed-backs below).

    Here is the list of the things to do and the time it takes:

    * learning who they are (especially their name), how they look like (in order to recognize them) and what makes them happy (it depends on your memorization skills);

    * giving them fresh water every 2 hours from waking to bed time (10 minutes);

    * cleaning their litter at least 4 times a day (10 minutes);

    * feeding them with little amount of dry food along the day since they only like crunchy bites and leave the rest once it is limp and/or damp because of the Asian humid weather (5-10 minutes) - You will need to wake up around 6.15/6.30 am for their "breakfast";

    * playing with them (it's up to you);

    * petting them (it's up to you);

    * GIVING THEM SOME LOVE (the more, the better!);

    * (when I'm away for long periods) sending me emails every 2 or 3 days to let me know that they are doing well;

    * preventing the potential fights between them (you might be awaken at night even if it has become quite rare over the years...) it also means to make sure they are safe and well when you go out (even for a very quick errand):

    * cleaning the territorial pissing when it happens (5 minutes);

    * sweeping and mopping the floor (of the 3 rooms, not only the living room with CLEAR WATER, no detergent because of the chemicals) every morning for your own comfort and the health of the cats (usually it takes me 10/15 minutes);

    * closing the doors (but please make sure the little cat door installed on the front door always open) at 5.30 pm to make sure the mosquitoes stay outside for the cats' and your own comfort. (5 minutes);

    * switching on outside lights at 6 pm to make sure cats can see what happens when they play outside. Please keep some (at least kitchen and front) switched on all night long for the cats having a night errand;

    * before going to bed, make sure that all the 5 Siamese are in the house or in the garden (1 to 10 minutes depending on where they are/hide);

    ** Please note **

    The total amount of active work/chores is about 1 hour but please note that your presence is required longer than the usual 5 hours indicated on the profile.
    I'm making this clear because I have had a bad experience with a volunteer who refused to look after the cats one evening arguing that she had already made her 5 hours shift.
    Obviously, she was not with us for the right reasons and I heard from her own mouth that she had similar problems with another animal shelter in Bangkok :-(
    So if you are the type of persons counting hours, no need to read further down.


    My place is not a free place to stay with cats (I have very limited financial resources; I work FOR FREE for 2 NGOs and live on a very little alimony my mother gives me once a year), it means that I will be more than happy to share the food I cook while at home but I won't be able to give you "per diem" while I'm away.
    But please note that since it's a local area, food (at restaurants and at the markets) is pretty cheap so your stay should allow to save money for further journey while staying with us.

    I've been harsh but FAIR (see the negative feed-backs - some have not been published) and I will do it again and again with people who do not care properly about my furry companions.

    * Before you send a message, please make sure that:

    - you are available for the requested periods; I've had some kind of a bad experience with a workawayer who left right after her paper work, that she had to do in Bangkok, was done. It gave me the feeling that I was only an information center and a free guesthouse;

    - you are sure about your dates and that you won't change your plans (only contact me in the 2 previous months preceding your planned visit): I've been contacted by so many workawayers who made me waste some precious time by replying to their messages to finally read at the end: "sorry, my/our plans have changed for X reasons, bla-bla-bla, bla-bla-bla...";

    It's fine to be out of the house for quick errands during the day time (they usually sleep from 10 am until 2/3 pm but later they are longing for company and need to be well looked after at night time.

    * Since,
    - I want the cats to be well looked after;
    - I can accommodate at least 2 persons;
    - I get many requests;
    you might be staying home with a fellow workawayer but I will always inform you beforehand to give you the opportunity to let me know your feeling about the other person.

    * No outsider allowed in the house: please understand that I only let people I know or I've been in touch with enter the "Cats' house".

    * No workawayer aged less than 21 years.
    I've had an horrible experience with an 18 girl who allowed a stranger (whereas the rule above was written) to stay at our place and she left him alone giving the possibility to do whatever he wanted. I let you imagine!

    * Never forget that THE HOUSE BELONGS TO THE CATS; you and I are guests. So you cannot do things that will disturb their routine (e.g. in our previous place, 2 workawayers kicked my lovely Doudou out of the bedroom because they did not want to be disturbed and wanted to enjoy it on their own; some woke up late and did not feed them nor open the door so they can enjoy the garden, etc, IT CANNOT HAPPEN LIKE THIS).
    + the cats love sleeping on the bed only with me, if I'm not home, you won't be able to sleep on my bed since they will not feel comfortable as it happened already.

    * Many volunteers really love my lawn but did not water it when it was very hot and dry, so please do not let it die and use the sprinkler at night and morning time (then the water does not evaporate too quickly).

    When I'm home, I might ask you some little help for the general maintenance (extra cleaning) and beautification (mainly painting) of the house.

  • Langues parlées

    Anglais: Courant
    Français: Courant
    Allemand: Intermédiaire
    Khmer: Débutant
    Thai: Débutant

  • Hébergement


    We live in a semi-detached house with a cute little garden in a typical middle-class "Muban" in Bang Yai, Nonthaburi province, next to Bangkok (30 kilometres away from city center).

    When I'm home, workawayers will either sleep in the guest room of the recording of the association I work for (if of course it's not full with recording musicians) which is located 1,5 km away from the house or sleep on an IKEA sofa-bed in the living-room.

    I do provide clean sheets, blankets and a pillow.


    You can come from the capital by public transport quite easily.

    Here are the ways to come here:

    * Taxi
    From Bangkok, it costs between 300 and 400 THB (a very good option if you are at least 2 persons since it will make you save a lot of time);

    * New MRT line:
    You go to the "Tao Poon" terminus of the underground "blue line" and then you connect to the new "Purple line" and you will stop at "Talad Bangyai Station", next to Cental Westgate.
    from Central Westgate side you can either take a taxi (100 THB) or take an ORANGE (not blue going another direction) sangthaew (7 THB) and stop at the over-pass bridge in front of the 1026 "Bang Yai-Bang Khu Lat Rd" (also nicknamed "soi Kantana" because of the TV studio located there or "soi Toyota" because of the big car dealer next to it), close to Bang Yai Hospital (โรงพยาบาลบางใหญ่),
    cross the highway and go just before the intersection where you can take the local 1023 "oranges ongthaew" (10 THB from 5 am to 7 pm) that stops just in front of the 7 Eleven located at the corner of Kanchanapisek Highway and the soi "Kantana/Toyota";

    * Silom BTS line:
    You go to last station of the "Silom Line" named "Bang Wa",
    then take exit 4 and go to the bus stop to get a 147 bus (9 THB) and stop at the "The Mall" Bang Khae to catch a minibus next to the 7 Eleven to go to the beginning of the 1026 "Bang Yai-Bang Khu Lat Rd" (also nicknamed "soi Kantana" because of the TV studio located there or "soi Toyota" because of the big car dealer next to it), close to Bang Yai Hospital (โรงพยาบาลบางใหญ่), (25 THB),
    and then take either the local 1023 orange songthaew (10 THB from 5 am to 7 pm) or a motor-taxi (35 THB);

    * Via Salaya by public transport + taxi:
    - by bus 515 from Victory Monument (25 THB)
    - by train from Bang Sue Junction (price depends on the train you take, only take local ones (3 digits number which cost 7 THB to 20 THB) otherwise it might be crazily expensive (Up to 400 THB!!!!!)
    in Salaya, you need to take a taxi (110 THB) or a mototaxi (90 THB)

    * If you are in Khao San area:
    The 516 bus will bring you directly at the beginning of the 1026 "Bang Yai-Bang Khu Lat Rd" (also nicknamed "soi Kantana" because of the TV studio located there or "soi Toyota" because of the big car dealer next to it), close to Bang Yai Hospital (โรงพยาบาลบางใหญ่), (23 THB),
    and then take either the local 1023 orange bus (10 THB from 5 am to 7 pm) or a motor-taxi (35 THB);

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    * Workaway site warns people traveling to Thailand about the legal issues of their visit in the country, so I get many requests from workawayers for volunteer visa (called "Non-Immigrant O") which I cannot help with since I'm not a legal entity, which means I am not entitled to sponsor you, and of course, I am unable to provide any of the many documents you will need for the application at a Thai consulate/embassy.
    If you want to know more about this topic, you can find detailed and useful information from "Tasty Thailand"'s website by simply typing "tasty thailand volunteering" in your search engine.
    But the good news is that the position I'm offering should not create any problems in the unlikely event of a control by the immigration service since it's genuine personal help (no money involved) at a "friend (as the digital community likes to call it)'s place, which also benefits the local economy.
    So don't worry to stay with us ;-)

    * NO DRUGS ALLOWED: it's Thai law!


    * No late-risers if you stay at the house: the cats (and I) usually wake up between 6.00 and 6.30 am to be fed and go outside and we want to be able to do as much noise as we want without worrying about the sleep of other people in or around the house;

    * When I'm not home: you will be able to enjoy my home-cinema (good projector with 80'' screen) with many DVDs that should satisfy most of the tastes. Please note that you cannot watch after 10 pm since the partition wall is very thin and the neighbours have already complained that they could not sleep because other volunteers watch films until early in the morning);

    * I have (very) good French and English books that you can read while staying with us;

    * I will lend you a bicycle(s) so that you can explore the area;

    * Please feel also free to use the kitchen to cook whatever plant-based makes you happy;

    * Before volunteers arrive, I usually make a big cleaning to show how the house needs to be kept; I count on you to make sure you keep it that way and keep the kitchen always spotless;

    * There are water-filtering machines where you can refill empty bottles, please make sure there is always cold water in the fridge;

    * There are laundry machines and a couple of convenience stores in the village;

    * I don't have direct internet access, you will need to get a 3G/4G sim card at the local phone shop;

    * Smokers can ONLY smoke outside;

    * I'm not a tourist information office; I will be happy to share experiences and give some tips but I have no time to organize long trips around the country and/or SE-Asia;

    * I give myself the right to ask you to leave before the agreed date if I feel we (the cats and/or I) don't get along: I have had recently the feeling of being a prisoner of my own house;

    * I usually write feed-backs after you leave yours. So do not hesitate to write yours when your memory (and mine) is still fresh;

    * MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE FULL PROFILE BEFORE SENDING ANY MESSAGE (don't make us waste some precious time); please write "Well-planned home-stay with Siamese cats" in the subject of your request.
    If you don't, it will simply mean you have not read the full profile; then I will have to decline your request since you have not read the tasks, conditions and rules.

    *** Final Word ***

    Because of too many bad requests and a couple of not so nice experiences, I made my profile look tough but if you read the feedbacks left by workawayers below, you will see that we are not the psycho-rigid people that we may look appear.

  • Informations complémentaires

    Informations complémentaires

    • Accès Internet

    • Accès Internet limité

      Accès Internet limité

    • Nous avons des animaux

    • Nous sommes fumeurs

    • Familles bienvenues

  • Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    There are 2 comfortable spot to work with a computer in the house: a dining table in the living room and a big working desk in the veranda. As far as internet connection is concerned, I can help you to get at the local phone shop unlimited 4G 10MB/S for 30 days for 320 THB (10 USD).

  • Espace pour garer des vans

    Espace pour garer des vans

    There is enough space in the village to either park your vehicle in front of the house or a little further next to the big roundabout.

  • Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?

    Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?

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