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    Hi guys and girls.

    Let me just start off by saying am the worst English person you will ever meet. I am not a massive fan of football, Never had a pint of beer in my life and don't drink tea or coffee. Yeah i don't know what went wrong either

    The things i do like are travelling to different places that other people wouldn't consider. My drink of choice is vodka orange juice which i have been made of fun of by my rugby mates for years. That brings me onto my sport of choice i am massive rugby fan both league and union watching and playing. I am also a fan of NBA and can generally sit and chat about most sports over a drink to anyone.

    I have been travelling and working for the past 8 years, working in such places as Morocco, Latvia, Australia, Manchester. I really enjoy travelling and going to places off the beaten track like when visited Uganda to see the mountain gorillas and go white water rafting on the Nile also trekking to Everest base camp.

    I have also worked on the cruise ships out of america as a casino dealer going round the Caribbean every week and you can imagine how tough that job was with all that sun and beautiful countries.

    On a serious am an incredibly hard working guy who may not be the greatest at the paperwork and writing things down but listens to instructions and picks things up quickly. i also can different from the times when its okay to have a good time and when its time to get the job done and not mess around. Saying that i am most happiest working out doors or with my hands and doing things with a smile and upbeat attitude.

    I have done the best to describe myself but if you want to know anything else feel free to ask i am very approachable and very open. Always being honest and wear my heart on my sleeve.

    All the best

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    My day to day job is a casino dealer currently working in Latvia as an online casino dealer. But have worked a variety of jobs as seen below.

    This was building massive marques some as big as 40m by 50m. duties included unloading vans and putting the Marques together with steal beams weighing as much as 80kg in the summer of Australia. Also working as labourer working on a project that needed a lot of demolition so these duties including working with power tools and swinging a sledge hammer for 8 hours a day knocking walls down. also shifting rubble and putting steal beams in.

    I worked as a cook and barman which included serving drinks and food when working on the bar. Whilst working in the kitchen preparing the food which included steaks burgers and fish and chips. also doing the weekly orders for what was needed in the kitchen. whilst also doing the rotas for the kitchen staff.

    Farm hand
    I worked as a farm hand for six months on a farm that had sheep cattle and also crops.duties included moving stock around, feeding the stock with the tractor and feed cart. Fixing fences and other general jobs that needed doing round the farm. most of the time working as a farm hand i was give my jobs and then left to get them done so i am very self motivated

    I have also done some work in the past as a painter and decorator so am pretty decent with a brush in hand. Also worked as a night supermarket manager running a shift of about twenty people on a night time and being responsible for the store

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    I would be very keen to learn how to sail, The concept of living on a boat and having the ability to move and go where ever you want in the world is super appealing. Also would love to learn to scuba dive always been one of my biggest regrets of all the places i have been never done one or learnt how to do it

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