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    Usually known as Fletch, I haven't spent more than six months at a time in the same place for over fifteen years, living, working and travelling in Switzerland, France, Spain, New Zealand and SE Asia. It's been planes, trains and buses. Living out of a backpack, suitcase, or both, depending on the circumstances.

    Winter seasons have mostly been spent in the Alps, filling various hospitality roles in ski resorts. Some years I have taken a break from this work, choosing to travel and enjoy the climate in the southern hemisphere.
    During the summer months, I was initially plying my trade as a mountain guide, but since 2014, I have been working for a UK company, at their outdoor activity holiday centres on the Costa Brava, and southern France, employed as Driver/Maintenance. Without guests for the 2020, 2021 and 2022 summer seasons, I have been fortunate to remain employed for some of the time, performing general site gardening and maintenance tasks that are numerous and varied. This will pause for a period from November 2022... I'll be on the road again in my campervan conversion project, with the abandoned cat that adopted me seven years ago in Spain. I hope to find hosts to stay with during this time, close to nature, to enjoy the peace and quiet. (My time at nightclubs has passed!) I have a strong work ethic, prefer working outdoors and can do this independently or with others. In my own time I always have things to do. This winter there are some small changes to my campervan, the continuation of design projects and some upgrade work on my website.

    Before this nomadic existence, I wore a variety of hats at a small Horticultural Biochemistry company, developing organic nutrient solutions for hydroponic cultivation.

    My long-term goal is to buy some land, build a place to call home, and live off-grid, so I am always interested in learning more about this way of life and the challenges involved.

  • Interesses

    Esportes de inverno
    Atividades ao ar livre
    Vida na estrada
    Arte e design
    Faça você mesmo
    Cuidar de plantas
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    Inglês: Fluente
    Francês: Iniciante

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    My French needs improving! I'm also learning Spanish.

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    Vida na fazenda
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Cuidar de animais
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    During the several years working as a chalet manager, I put my observational skills and attention to detail to good use, ensuring guest rooms and communal areas were spotlessly clean. I also became a reasonably good cook, serving three course menus to families and adult groups of up to twelve people, and also catering for larger school groups.
    I have assisted a friend in New Zealand (4 months in 2016/17, 5 months in 2017/18), renovating his house and landscaping the garden. This included removing a WC and relocating the next door utility room to the garage, and then converting this new space into a bedroom, replacing an external porch with a new floor and exterior wall to the house, thus creating an interior seating area.
    In the garden, we built a number of retaining walls, creating a new lawn area and flower beds, and constructed raised wooden walkways, staircases and a decked seating area. In addition, my recent employment at holiday centres in northern Spain and southern France, has required me to use basic skills for the maintenance of grounds, accommodation and equipment.
    I enjoy physical labour because it helps keep me fit. I also have some IT experience, designing and building my own website.

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    I am particularly interested in conservation, sustainability projects and the environment. I prefer to be outdoors, and enjoy walking long distances (up to 3000km), on my own, carrying all that I need in my backpack, and camping wild along the way. You can read more about this by visiting my website.

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