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    Hi there!
    Work-awaying again after three years. The fist experiences I had through this platform were all incredible, each one will stick with me (and my stories) for the rest of my life. So excited to be back at it, going out there in the world and meeting new wonderful/inspiring people and sharing skills, conversations and happy days.
    After settling down for a while in that beautiful, messy, little gem stuck between France and Germany, called Belgium, the travelbug started to itch again. All those beautiful places and people out there are calling me. There's so many things to experience and I'm ready to go out and soak 'em up.
    The last couple of years were calmer than usual, as for most of us. I worked at an aquaponic urban farm, an exciting and inspiring place. I loved working in sustainability/local production. And being in charge of sales and public relations, I met so many people with wonderful ideas and drives. This world really inspired me and I would love to find myself in similar organisations/companies/communities also when abroad. Having a personal and social connection with the people surrounding me is very important to me, as well as working for a bigger idea or goal. I'm up for a challenge and would like to be part of a bigger project that matches my worldview. I'm motivated to take up my share of the change that needs to happen, while keeping a close eye on my own needs and mental stability.
    Food is key in a lot of things I'm passionate about in life. The way we eat has a huge impact on our world, not just in the environmental sense, but also in a social, cultural and ... way. Where our food comes from and our relationship to the origin of our food and the way it travels to our dinner tables has always interested me immensely. Obviously this is what led me to a job in (alternative) food production. Besides it goes without saying that cooking has been a passion for a long time, lately I've been obsessed with sourdough bread and baking, even taking up a side-job in a local bakery. I would like to keep on exploring this path of cooking and baking.
    Then there's people. Oh people, having deep conversations, positive vibes and joking around brings me the deepest of joys. Even though it's challenging for me from time to time - my inner loner takes over sometimes, and it's important to give him his space - there's nothing I love more than getting to know new people and socializing. I strongly believe in a positive attitude towards other people, open communication and trying to understand others. There's always a common ground to be found.
    Also I'm a sucker for DIY. It has not always been the easiest/cheapest/quickest thing to do. But I find enormous value in understanding the way something works, and then being able to do it yourself. I'm looking forward to work together on other peoples DIY project and learning from them.
    Lastly I would love to learn how to surf. I'm an absolute beginner, so I'm looking for a patient teacher.
    All in all, I'm looking for a few months where I get away from the motherland and go explore this wonderful planet, not in a fast racy and hyper-consuming way, but rather by taking my time, being and feeling part of something and truly connecting to the place and the people.

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    Back in the (not that long ago honestly) I studied biochemical engineering, but that's far form my most important skill. Languages are a passion and I'm always up for learning/teaching new ones. Fluent in Dutch, English and French, much less so in German and Spanish. Have experience in a sustainable business and a good understanding of it's organisation and financials. Cooking and baking-enthusiast, even though I'm no chef. More a baker than a chef actually. Have a feel for people managing and am a caring and open soul. Wanna-be handyman.
    Open to learn many many trades and skills, preference for the basics: building, cooking, making,...

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    Spain made me fall in love with Spanish, Germany made me fall in love with German, Brussels made me fall in love with French. Guess I'm promiscuous when it comes to languages, I love them all. I absolutely adore the feeling of getting more and more familiar with a language. Always looking for new language-buddies.

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