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    Nothing beats a little walk around town and a good conversation. Okay, maybe a big one.

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    Turkey - desde Ago 2022 até Ago 2022
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    Hey there!
    After studying Environmental Engineering for a while in Munich, I decided to have some more of it, but in India. So now as I have my place confirmed, it's just a matter of getting there. Not that easy concerning the urge to get stuck in a few countries on the way. But I'll have a bit of time. Will you help me in getting at least a little bit stuck?
    I'm fully excited and ready to explore the beauty of all the countries, people and challenges I haven't encountered yet. I hope I can find my way into an area full of new and different tasks, new people and a nice countryside to enjoy.
    It feels amazing to participate in a project you want to support with honest effort - helping where you possibly can to make an actual difference in the end; for the project, yourself and the people you've been working with. So I definitely look forward to experience another trip of a lifetime, where I'll be able to see beautiful nature, learn a lot about new cultures and styles of living, be far away from home and the related old habits, have a lot of fun doing quite a different kind of work I'm not used to and finally, to meet up with strangers, with whom I hopefully can more than just work with.
    Generally speaking I'd say that I have a honest and direct personality (ok, I'm German, that's just how we are), am optimistic and always manage to keep calm and practical in order to master any difficult obligation, problem or time. Furthermore I'm open-mined (who could have guessed it on this platform?), have a good attitude towards whatever is coming and basically get along pretty well with anyone open for a little conversation.

    Now I guess I just list a few interests / hobbies of mine so you can get a better picture of who I am, maybe we can connect on something and if not, it gets even more interesting!
    Geography, Cycling, Exploring, Skiing, Planning, Aviation, Dancing around the room at 4 AM, Teaching, Geopolitics and conflicts, Science and engineering (professionally wastewater treatment, chemistry, geology, geotechnics, hydrology, risk management; just for fun quantum physics, astronomy, earth sciences, math, biology, ...) and if you read that far, you!

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    Prática de idiomas
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
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    So far I always prefered solving arbitrary math and engineering problems over physical work, but this doesn't mean that I can't handle something different, I'm a quick learner and definitely look forward to anything you hosts can come up with. I have experience with teaching, everything regarding (waste)water, risk management, computer-related stuff and bicycles. I think I can also use at least some tools without looking like a complete idiot nailing nails in their fingernails (no guarantee)

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    Alemão: Fluente
    Inglês: Fluente
    Russo: Iniciante

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    Currently studying Russian, sure would be great to exchange a few phrases with a native speaker!

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      I'm German. This means I'm allergic to everything that can make me sneeze, up to 3 min without stopping. But on a dietary basis there's nothing to worry about

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