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    I actually love to do some mountain hikings and to discover new landscapes around the world, but sharing my time with people is the most important for me

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    Turkey - desde Fev 2024 até Mai 2024
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    I'm a nomad traveller who loves to share moments with new people while discovering places around this huge world. I don't only travel as a backpacker doing hitchhiking and sleeping in my camping tent in the wild nature, but I also love to stop for some months in a coutry to meet in a deeper way the local culture and traditions around the area, so opening myself to new ideas, trips, proyects and cultures is what has brought me to workaway.

    I usually travell by hitchhiking with my camping tent, crossing new countries and volunteering with NGOs or communities which match with me and my philosophy.
    I was travelling like that during 2022 and I got in love with this life. I started a new trip on May 2023 until... who knows? maybe 2030?
    I hope to share my time with you soon!! See you! ;)

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    I don't mind opening up to people with a different language than mine because there is always some way to understand each other and I actually love learning new languages

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    I am a photographer (im working on stock photography) and I love being one. However I also have many other interests such as traveling, discovering new areas and always, in the measure of the possible, surrounded by nature and people who makes me grow as a human.
    I love learning new skills and helping whenever I can with manual jobs as carpentry or painting. I'm pretty versatile so I could help with mostly everything. Likewise I always prefer a creative job that allows to flourish my creativity :)

    This is my portfolio website:

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    Since I'm working as a digital nomad I would need a bit of time during the day just for working. I don't need a long time but just some hours to be focused in. Anyway the rest of the day I would love to enjoy my time with you!!

    I know I'm young, but I actually think the age is just a number, such a tool, used to generalise the personality and character of people around the world. So please, do not judge me just for that number which appears on my profile because I don't think I'm in the way of the general people. Lets enjoy as humans!
    I would like to meet you soon, I'm waiting for new aventures!! ;)

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      I'm vegetarian, in the path for a vegan diet