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    I'm currently living in Utah. I came to the United States last year to study english at an academic level.

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    Hi there!

    I'm Cristina, I'm a chilean girl who has been living in the US for almost 7 months now. I'm currently studying here to take my english skills to the next level.

    I speak spanish (as is my mother tong), english (not good as I want yet) and a little bit of french (cause I lived in France for a year).
    I come from the most arid desert in the world but also, I've lived in Patagonia for several years so I can adapt to almost all weathers. I studied Tourism because I love to be outside and to practice outdoor sports like hikking, climbing and skiing. I came to the states with my personal climbing gear and I am currently enjoying this winter season skiing in the slopes of the wasatch mountains.

    I love to travel, learn about different realities and cultures, share my experiences, being helpfull, and of course, practice my english, are some the main reasons that made me going into this adventure.

    My school break is comming soon so I'm planning to travel as much as I can to finally get to know this beautifull (and huge) country and its PEOPLE (I put this in capital letters cause is very important for me. Since I arrived It has being super hard for me to ge to know people from here, all of my friends are latin haha and I really want to learn about your culture and of course being of help to you!!)

    In my country I worked as excursions guide in the 8th natural wonder in the world... Torres del Paine National Park, so being hikking in the mountain was part of my everyday life.I know the USA have amazing places to visit and I am eager to go to find myself again in the mountains. I hope we can share this love for nature, this deep passion for chasing the moments that makes you feel more alive while I help you with any projects that you have.

    I also love to read, to sing and to play the ukulele (I travel with my uku since I learn to play it three years ago), I love all forms of arts, I used to paint, write, and doing some acting in theater while I was on highschool and though I can't practice those arts anymore I still appreciate them and try to write whenever I have the time.

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Fluente
    Francês: Iniciante

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    I can teach spanish through our music and culture. I would love to improve my english and french. I would also like to learn portuguese and italian in a future.

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    I have experiencie working in different areas of the tourisim industry.

    I've worked in many different areas of the tourism industry ; as a receptionist, housekeeper, hostess, server and the most important and fulfilling for me: a mid-mountain excursions guide in Torres del Paine National Park, where I've worked for the last five seasons. So as you can see, I definitly have experience in customer service.
    I know a little bit about taking care of childerns (I have 4 nieces and nephews) but I'm good at keeping them entertained and teaching them things!
    I can be usefull in the kitchen, specially if you want to try chilean food!

    I have also taken two times the first aid course called "Wilderness firts responder" (necessary in my work field), that can be very usefull in some cases, also experience has given me knowledge about risk management.

    I learn a lot of new skills from my lovely hosts from workaway while I was on France three years ago. So now I know how to use some construction tools, I've gained some garnening skills, a lot of tasty recipes to cook and much more. I also worked as a maid that winter season so I'm very confident about my cleaning skills haha.

    I can help in almost everything. And the things I don't know how to do yet, I will love to learn them from you!

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    if your need any touristic information about my country or you want to visit it, I am the right one to help you!!

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      alergic to cats,horses and dust

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      flexible, I eat vegetarian most of the time but I love to try new things from the places I'm in.