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    I have been looking for an organization or website like workaway.info for a long time, and I am planning to travel and workaway around the world as much as I can, and to truly live life to the fullest. Fortunately I found it in 2013,and I have been workawaying since then.
    All these years workaway have helped me to have a healthy life.I like cook healthy food following the nutriology guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Food is important,but when to eat is more important than what and how much to eat according to YIN and YANG.
    The secret to cook healthy and delicious food is to use the 5 tastes(sour,bitter,sweet,spicy and salty)properly and correctly in the correct time,this will prevent us from getting sick.
    For example,ginger would warm up our body in the morning,but it's bad for dinner,as there is a Chinese saying: Ginger is as bad as arsenic for dinner.
    I've cured my Insomnia and Toe--digital mucous cyst or myxoid,or pseudocyst (Chinese call them Sputum nucleus) by changing and adjusting my dietary remedies.
    I don't eat food after 1PM.
    Many hosts like my Chinese Babaozhou(Eight Treasure Ingredient Porridge).

    I am workawaying in US now.

    My workawayed list:

    Costa Rica,Mexico,Seattle of US:March 20-October 15 2018

    Jan 10--March 19 2018:help with the garden and house in Kailua
    Dec 16 2017--Jan 9 2018:Help making a horse acreage sustainable in Makaha

    I:helping with many ongoing projects around the house in a semi-rural location 1 hour from NYC,March 1--11
    II:Help at a bay front house in Miami beach,March 16--23
    III:Help a little dog family in south Miami, March 24--30
    IV:Help out at a new eco lodge in el Valle,Panama.April 26--May 23
    V:-Community Work & Sustainable Living in the Rain Forest of Costa Rica.March 31--April 26+May 23--June 20+August 1-30
    VI:Help to build an ecovillage in Xalapa,Veracruz, Mexico,June 20-July 10
    VII:Help a rancho for sustainable project in Aculco, Mexico,July 11-31
    VIII:Visiting Miami and New York City, August 29-September 10
    IX:Helping at a forest farm property as they develop the agri-tourism camping and gathering spaces as well as growing and foraging food from the land near New York.September 9-October 30

    October 24 2016-January 18 2017 Tasmania and New South Wales, Australia.
    I:Help with general land maintenance in beautiful rural New South Wales,October 24---November 8
    II:Learn about organic olive harvests and help with the garden and house in southern Tasmania,November 8---22
    III:Help with farming near Cygnet township, Lymington, Tasmania,November 22---December 6
    IV:Help on a hobby farm near Exeter,December 6---17
    V:Help out around heritage-listed country hotel in the quaint town of Waratah, December 18---Jan 9
    VI:Stay with a family an hour north of Sydney on the beautiful Central Coast,Jan 10---18.

    July 2-September 26 2016, Vermont,Niagara Falls,New York,USA
    I:Help in an old Vermont Farmhouse build in 1840, in the gardens, rebuilding the corn crib and other odd jobs, July 2-18
    II:Help out in a family run home hostel located on the USA side of Niagara Falls,July 19-August 7
    III:Help on a beautiful ranch, buried in the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County, August 8-September 18
    IV.Help out in a vacation farm in upstate New York,September 19-26.

    April 1 2016-June 13 2016,Queensland,Australia
    I:Help with property maintenance, gardening and around the house in rain forest, near Brisbane,March 31-April 14 2016
    II:help at the farm and explore the beautiful sunshine coast,April 14-27
    III:Help out around a 25 acre organic farm growing small crops for the local market on the Capricorn Coast.April 27-May 9
    IV:Stay in Airlie Beach and help with the holiday cabins.May 10-25
    V:Help in a garden, North of Brisbane.May 25-June 13

    Dec 26 2015-Feb 9 2016, north of NSW and Brisbane,Gold Coast area,Australia
    I:General maintenance and garden help in a B&B in Yamba,NSW,Dec 27 2015-January 8 2016
    II:Help to expand the rain forest retreat in NSW near Gold Coast January, 9-January 16
    III:Help to renovate the property in Brisbane, January 16-23
    IV:Help to erect a kit home at Russell Island in sunny Queensland,January 24-30
    V:Help to renovate the property in Brisbane,January 30-Feb 6
    VI:Stay with the family an hour north of Sydney on the beautiful Central Coast,Feb 7-9

    August 24 -November 22 2015, Sydney area,NSW, Australia
    I: Help at a home in Sydney & Geocache,August 24 -September 12 2015.
    II:Help with yard and home maintenance and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Central Coast, September 12 -September 24 2015
    III:Help with gardening, household chores and with sweet cats in Glebe,September 24 -September 30 2015
    IV:Stay with the family an hour north of Sydney on the beautiful Central Coast,October 1-13,2015
    V:Help at a lavender estate: Oct 13-15 Melbourne Australia;Oct 16-20 Shandong China.
    VI:Help at a property ready to house refugees in Sydney, NSW,Nov 13-22

    March 11 2015-May 29 2015,Tasmania, Australia
    I: Help with the produce stall-(ICE CREAM SHOP) and to create an orchard on the East Coast of Tasmania, near Bicheno March 11----27
    II: Help and house sit at a veggie garden and the new passive solar house near Hobart March 28----April 18
    III: Help in the upkeep of the gardens at a luxury holiday retreat in Woodbridge,April 19----29
    IV:Help in the house and garden in a huge property in Kempton,April 29-----May 13
    V: Horse Farm in NW Tasmania,,May 13---29

    November 2 2014---February 2 2015 ---Victoria, Australia
    I: Cattle farm on the Mornington Peninsula,November 3----23
    II:Help with house renovation on the Mornington Peninsula,Nov 24----30
    III:An Eco farm on an unspoilt island-French Island,Dec 1----15
    IV: Cattle farm on the Mornington Peninsula,Dec 16----21
    V: Camping in Castlemaine and Lake Eildon National Park with Lu,Peter and Jo,Dec 22-27
    VI:Yuulong lavender estate, Dec 27----Jan 14
    VII:Family help in Yallourn North,Jan 15----19
    VIII:Jan 19-20 Immigration office of New Zealand at Auckland International Airport
    IX:Family help in Yallourn North,Moe, Jan 22----Feb 2
    X:Feb 2 Melbourne-Hongkong-Beijing

    2014 (Feb 19--Aug 17)-United States--California:
    I: Ranch, San Diego,, February 19 ----March 31
    II: El Cajon,April 1----8 (learning how to take care 25 dogs)
    III: Ranch,Mariposa,Yosemite,April 9----May 12
    IV: Visited Lake Tahoe,Carmel and San Francisco. May 13----18
    V: The permaculture farm,Santa Rosa.May 19----June 3
    VI: Family yard help,Oceano,Pismo beach,San Luis Obispo, June 4----14
    VII: Family help,Victorville,June 15----21
    VIII:Hostel,San Diego,June 22----July 17
    IX: Hostel,Los Angeles,July 18----August 16
    X:August 18 2014 back China

    2013(May 21--Nov 19)-United States--East coast
    I: Organic farm community, Albany, NY state,May 22----August 3, (visited places surrounding, such as Saratoga,Rutland, Boston,Plymouth,Hyannis)
    II: Home garden help,New York City, August 3---August 14
    III: Deli,Chattanooga,Tennessee,August 15----September 11(visited Pulaski)
    IV:Home yard help,Shawnee, Oklahoma City, September 11----October 3
    V:Dude ranch, Bourbon, Missouri,October 3---17 (visited St. Louise)
    VI: Asheville, North Carolina, October 18----November 4
    VII: Home garden help,Washington DC, November 5----15
    VIII: Organic Farm, Hillsboro,Virginia,November 15-19
    IV: New York City----November 20 2013 back China.

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Fluente
    Chinês (mandarim): Fluente
    Chinese (Cantonese): Fluente

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    My parents are farmers and I have done a lot of farm work before and after I went to university, basically I have tried such farm works as loosening soil, weeding, cleaning up sheepfold and pigsty, feeding animals(rabbit、sheep、pig), picking fruits(apple、peach、grape、persimmon), picking vegetables(tomato、egg plant、hot pepper) and digging vegetables (sweet potato、carrot、white radish).
    Needless to say, I enjoy doing housework. At my home, I always try to put things right when lights fuse, furniture gets rickety, bathroom gets clogged, bike screw looses, roof leaks, computer crashes, clothes broken, etc.
    I learned English in a university in China, then 5 years English teacher in high school and university,1 year national tour guide, 10 years regional sales manager for Wrigley and Heinz, 10 years translator, 6 years volunteer for Beijing Playhouse as stage crew and actor, scene painting and props making teacher for international students at Kids Camp.
    Language assistant and driver for Croatian National TV and Radio during the XXIX Olympic Games and the XIII Paralympics Games in Beijing in 2008.
    2012:Housekeeping for my own rent-out apartment.
    Being a volunteer has helped my daughter's successful full-scholarship(4 years-including tuition fee and living cost) application to a US college.
    She has learned English in the following presentations:
    Nothing should be spoken before it has been heard.
    Nothing should be read before it has been spoken.
    Nothing should be written before it has been read.
    Maybe I can help you on learning foreign languages and US college scholarship applications.

    My nephew is learning English the same way as my daughter in Beijing China now.

    I believe it's never too late to be a workawayer and travel around the world.

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