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    hit me up if you're in Peru (july) Costa Rica or Mexico (in August)!!

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    Hi !
    My name is Céleste, 22 years-old, and I study engineering in the north of France. I enjoy rugby, horse riding, cooking, sciences and being invested in various projects at my university HEI (Junior-entreprise, festivals, organisation of the student event life...).
    I really enjoy travelling, discovering new cultures and new people. I have experiences in communication, events (some of them to make ecological changes), prospecting clients and sponsors, logistic, marketing strategy etc.
    I would looove to help in hostels/hotels, restaurants, tourism and outside work/ecological missions to further my experiences with guest connect, tourism, creativity and social interactions. Unfortunately my studies don't offer me these kind of experiences and I'm motivated to make profitable memories, travel and to be as helpful as possible for the time I have left.
    I'm super extrovert, I absolutely love getting to know new people, always 100% invested and dynamic. I'm interested in tasks or lifestyles about creativity, innovation, adaptability, learning new things and organisation and the most important values to me are honesty, open-mindness and kindness.
    I've been wanting to travel by myself in Central and South America for a very long time but was waiting for a partner, I experienced classes/travelling abroad on my own few years ago but I will finally do a longer solo roadtrip in new destinations this summer!

    Don't hesitate if you have any question, it will be a pleasure to meet you and I'll be where you need me !

    (If covid is a concern I am vaccinated)

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    Vida na fazenda
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Trabalho beneficente

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    Cuidar de crianças/atividades criativas
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    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Cuidar de animais
    Projetos artísticos
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    -Engineering student so some expertises linked to my classes, including hmtl (websites), css, access (datas), excel/word/pp etc
    -Animation since I was in charge of the organisation of the animations during the construction of a local festival, especially in sports (rugby, cardio, cross running, gymnastic, horse-riding, etc) and artistic activities (took art hobbies during 8/9 years).
    -I am part of the communication team of the same local festival for about a year, I can use social medias and simple graphic design tools (canva, photofiltre, mojo). I created the communication strategy.
    -Marketing and communication challenges for an application
    -this year I was in charge of the finances of a association (abilities in prospecting and exchange with sponsors) and the quality processes of a Junior-Entreprise (Learnt how to pitch a project or association, to analyse a market/our offer and create a developpement strategy). I created a data base and studied a market in real estate promotion a year ago for two weeks.
    -logistic during two internships and work in factories (physical work), also made me reexperience the "rush" I like of deliveries to clients I had when covering shifts in a bar
    -art skills
    -I absolutely love cooking and would cook for everyone everyday with pleasure if you want me too !!
    But I'm open to any new experience !

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    I'm doing a roadtrip this summer and am willing to grow values around open-mindness, social and autonomy. I'm also looking for travel buddies or people interested in grabbing a beer !!Please let me know if you have anything in mind I'm listening ! See you soon :)))

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      vegetarian, but used to live with omnivores so really easy to live with