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    We're doing an independent study for architecture, so exploring large cities is certainly a goal. That being said, we'd love to hike, camp, and just dive into anything!

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    Aidan: I am currently a third year architecture student with a history minor at the University of Missouri. I travelled and lived "off the grid" for the first time during the beginning of the pandemic, and it was life changing. I connected so much more with myself, and found peace and inspiration in nature. Now, I am driven by a career in design, especially sustainable design that gives back to our planet and communities. I feel the need to travel now to get a broader perspective of our world beyond my limited scope, so as to gain an appreciation of things I do not yet know.

    A few things about me: I love theatre and sports, play ultimate frisbee on the university team. I also play banjo, ukulele and trumpet. I have wanted to visit Germany since first beginning my studies on the language eight years ago. My skills in speaking and reading have certainly waned, though I am anxious to delve back into it soon! I've always been fascinated with German and Italian history. My interest originally began on the military side, as many young boy's does, but as I've gotten older and studied in other fields, I have become even more interested in the cultural, political, and architectural history of these two countries. I can trace half of my heritage back to Germany, as well, so I am excited to see a place of my ancestry.

    Joni: Hayo! My name is Joni, but many just call me Jo. I’m currently a third-year college student at the University of Missouri where I’m studying both architecture and journalism. I love where I am from, however, I have never been more ready to part ways with my life in mid-Missouri (at least for a little while). My life and perspective of the world shifted for the better after I had spent much of the pandemic road tripping around the United States and connecting with the outdoors, local communities and myself. I have only been out of the United States once for an exchange trip that I had the opportunity to take to Japan a few years ago. However, I’m ready to put my passport to use again!

    Now that I got my coming-of-age travel story out of the way, here’s a summary of me in bite size sentences:

    I love skateboarding (or basically any sport with a board involved). I drink too much coffee. Ever since I was young, I found out that I, in fact, love to eat food. So, I naturally enjoy cooking and baking as well, especially for the people i have in my life. Reading and writing has always been a method of escape for me. I don’t like sudoku puzzles. I like playing sports and am well-practiced in many. I play the harmonica, though I’m not very good so don’t ask me to play unless you’re prepared to be disappointed. And, above all, I believe life is sweetest when shared. Though I enjoy my own company, none of these activities would be as special to me if I didn’t have people to enjoy them with. So, let’s be friends!

    Maybe you can even convince me to like sudoku puzzles.

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    Aidan: I'm capable in handiwork. I worked on theatre set construction for four years, and then as a landscaper for two years. Additionally, as an architecture student I'm aware of some basic fundamentals of residential construction, though I'd love to learn more through experience! I enjoy physical labor, and do not mind working in any conditions, I currently work at a bar so being on my feet for long hours is fundamental at this point. I also am well versed in adobe and CAD software.

    Joni: I enjoy hands-on jobs that allow me to stay active and on my feet for ling periods of time. Over the years, I have worked numerous jobs where I'm under the sun for long hours, such as general contracting jobs and lifeguarding. Aside from this, I am also becoming more well-versed in ecologically-friendly architecture and design through college, where I am majoring in both architecture and journalism. I have experience in working with software systems such as Auto CAD, Rhino and Adobe products. My background in working in the newsroom also has allowed me to fine-tune my documentary skills, such as photography, video, audio and writing. Above all though, I pride myself in being a quick and curious learner for any task that is thrown at me and love to immerse myself in whatever culture I stumble my way into.

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Alemão: Intermediário
    Espanhol: Iniciante

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    Interested in learning Italian and becoming more fluent in German

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    21 & 21

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    We love music! I am working on improving my skills on the banjo, and I'd love to learn Guitar soon, as well. We are in general just very flexible and excited to explore new experiences.

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      Cats, Dogs, very minor peanut allergy

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      Can't do peanuts