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    Hello! I've always had a strong interest in travel, yet never really travelled... This is my first step into trying something new and exciting in life and developing my confidence and independence. I've always had a strong interest in travelling the U.S. Despite being a U.S citizen, I have lived in the U.K for most of my life, the first five years of my life being in Kenya and Eritrea. As you can see, the American roots without actually venturing in the U.S too much is what has garnered me such a vast interest. I do eventually want to travel the whole globe, but my itch starts with the U.S!

    My biggest motivation is making connections across the globe. I would love nothing more to make friends from all different countries and cultures. Connections that I can once meet again in their homeland or them in mine. Secondly, I'm a big fan of beautiful landscapes. I haven't visited many natural wonders or beautiful landscapes as of yet and the U.S is the first destination I think towards.

    What brings me happiness is friends, adventure, football, history and gaming. Im an avid Liverpool fan! They are also doing well so that helps! Moreover, doing activities and visiting places I never expected In a million years I would be doing or seeing!

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    Inglês: Fluente

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    I've always wanted to learn Spanish and am trying to learn Duolingo style, to start off with. I'm very much an extreme beginner but the interest is there!

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    Trabalho beneficente
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    Vida na fazenda
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    Ajuda com computadores/internet
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    In terms of a work career I have ample experience in retail. Thus, I'm a confident communicator and have great customer service skills. I'm naturally a people person and am very empathetic. This experience in retail has generally lead me to be a confident, understanding individual who can empathise and get on with people from all sorts of lives and backgrounds. I genuinely enjoy people and love to hear people's stories.

    I also have some gardening experience and want to expand on my knowledge of tending to the outdoors. I'm a fit and young individual so physicality isn't an issue when getting stuck into physically demanding tasks. I am eager and ready to learn all sorts of different skills. The more the better!

    Lastly, I do have a Bachelors degree with a 2:1 in American Studies (With a Year Abroad in North America). So I am also academic with a strong interest in American history.

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