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    I am a primary education teacher on a year leave (off, sabathic...). Due to the circumstances of the Covid, I´ve had to change all my expectations for this year (like everybody else), but so far I´ve been able to keep discovering things I would never think that can be done, and at the same time I´ve been able to do a few things that were in my mind for long time and I made them happen: move to the countryside, prove myself in new jobs and enviroments, live in the mountains, learn a new language (French) and start a ski instructor course...
    I´m looking forward to keep learning from different enviroments and cultures, live next to the nature, and help people with shared interests I have.

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    I started working when I was 15, at that time I was a basketball player in one of the biggest academies in Spain and one of my coaches gave me the oportunity of start coaching kids in the time left I had between my studies and my practises. I discovered that I really like working with kids adn I kept doing that in many other fields but alwys related with children (basketball, summercamps, orientiring, swimming, kayaking, academy support, children with special needs...).
    When I was 20 I also worked for a couple of years in a catering company as a waiter to be able to be independent (I kept coaching and studying at that time). At that age too, I started my Education studies in university to become a teacher. I did internships in Milan, Edinburgh and Gävle (Sweden) and I worked a couple of summers in Oxford as an activity manager with groups of internationa students.
    At 25 I finished my Education degree and become a teacher. I worked 5 years in a school with a Proyect Based Learning approach to education, and where we give a lot of importance to the interaction with nature, creativity, emotions and cooperation. I learnt a lot there and I will be back when I finished my year leave.
    6 months ago I moved to the countryside to work in a wine factory during the grapes season, where I learn a lot about the work, live and culture in the countryside (tools managment, woodcutting, repairing, heavymachinery...).
    Then I moved to France to a farm where I help the owner by woodcutting, cleaning and repairing fences and taking care of the horses (I also learnt how to ride).
    Finally, in December I came to the Alps where I am currently working as a Comunnity Manager in a Coliving&Coworking space. Here I´m in charge of leading weekly meeting to gather people wishes and try to organize activities for the community. I also give a hand with keeping the house clean and tidy.

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    I´ve been teaching English in my school during 5 years to kids between 6 and 10 years old. I´d be happy to keep doing it in ohther contexts. I´m also learning French so I place where I coukld practise would be great.

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    I love travelling, last three years I´ve spend almost all my holidays travelling with my van around Spain and Europe.
    I also love all sort of sport and outdoor activities. As I mentioned, during most of my life I´ve been around the world of basketball. I also love skiing and ski touring, boxing, yoga, diving, hiking, climbing, etc.
    I also consider myself a books lover, I love graphic novels, history and science fiction, and recently I,m trying to start writting as well.
    I like board games as well, recently very into Secret Hitler and 7 wonders.

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