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    Atividades em que tenho interesse:

    I’m in Tala, Paphos, Cyprus for 2 mouths.
    I would like to meet locals or workaways 😉🤗

    Text me if you are interested in to meet and plan something

    Meu próximo destino:

    Cyprus - desde Jul 2022 até Set 2022
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  • Descrição

    I'm Szandi from Szeged, Hungary 🇭🇺
    Right now I’m taking some time to explore the world and learn new things, getting know new people and culture.

    I've started learning the English language in High School from local teachers and I had teachers from America. At first I wasn't confident when I had to communicate with people, but then after a couple of years I changed my attitude and started talking confidently, even though my grammar wasn't always right. I always got along with people. 🇺🇸📖📚

    I also learned German language for 2 years, I'm not confident to speak, but I understand it. I would love to hear some experience as well. 🇩🇪

    I'm interested in:
    - taking pictures of animals and nature ( but not professional level) 📸
    - I like the animals I am not afraid neither of them, I have a family dog in my home country, I used to take care of a friend's cat for a while. 🐶🕷🐢
    - We have a small family farm with goats, sheep. I've been always happy to visit them and feed them when I've had the chance to go there. 🐑
    - I like being in the nature, hiking, walking, cycling, dancing, singing💃🏼
    - I worked in a corn fields in a hot summer season

    I would call myself a positive personality, tireless and reliable, open-minded, courios person. You can count on me to be responsible in both my work and my life.

  • Interesses

    Esportes de aventura
    Atividades ao ar livre
    Trabalho beneficente
    Desenho e pintura
    Filmes e TV

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  • Idiomas

    Inglês: Intermediário
    Alemão: Iniciante

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    German, Spanish, Italian,

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  • Habilidades e conhecimento para compartilhar ou aprender

    Tenho interesse em:  

    Vida na fazenda
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda com computadores/internet

    Conhecimento de:  

    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Cuidar de animais
    Fazer companhia para idosos
    Manutenção geral
    Cuidar de crianças/atividades criativas
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    - I have been a workaway helper/child minder in Genoa, Italy in June, July in 2022.
    I took care of 3 boys for 5 weeks.
    I did washing, cleaning the rooms, kitchen, bathroom.
    I entertained the children – playing with them, taking them to the park, on the
    beach, in the playground, I tought them English language
    The boys age: 9, 11, 14

    - I have been also a child minder in Ireland for 9 mouths Sept- May in 2021-'22.
    I cleaned their room, made their beds, tidied up their toys,
    prepared food, assisted with feeding the children, and cleaned up after their
    meals, I entertained the children – playing with them, taking them to the park, on the
    beach, in the playground,
    I dropped off/picked up the children from the school, helped with their homework, brought them to afterschool activities
    The boys age: 4, 12

    - I was helping an old man in Galway for a week in April of 2022
    I did general maintance cleaning, laundy, he was a great company and that time I had realised I want to travel and getting know new people and culture and I llike talking and taking care of people without no hesitation.

    - I've worked in a sales assistant in a Big Supermarket in Szeged, Hungary for 3 years (2018-2021) ( I also have a sales assistant degree)
    I provided information to customers, I paid attention to customer complaints,
    I met a lot of people, I handle cash and credit card transactions
    I worked at the To ygo fields ( I made fresh sandwiches, coffees) serviced pizza slices, cake slices and Grill meats.

    - I've worked as an office administrator in Szeged, Hungary for
    I did daily administrative tasks picked up telephones, provided information,
    correspondence to the competent authorities, I used computer every day, knowledge of office software (Word, Excel, Power Point), copied, scanned, repaired defective office equipment, if necessary, liaised with the institution's staff, internal units and external organizations

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      No, nothing

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      No, I'm not picky