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    Hey dear hosts and travellers,

    My name ist Soraya, I’ve just finished my studies in cultural anthropology and decided to come back to travelling in Latin America to get in touch with different life realities and skills, which currently inspire me and help me to shape my way for the future. I think one of the greatest things about being on earth is to interact with people, to share ideas and emotions and to come in contact with nature at different places.

    Current heart topics and learning fields of mine concern on the one hand alternative educational approaches in the in the wide spectrum of Montessori and Waldorf as well as beyond and sustainable educational work with a focus on cultural diversity of knowledge.

    I love spending time with children and learning from how their families and environments teach them for life and I am grateful when people allow me to be a part of that. Normally it is very easy for me to develope a connection with children. I believe everybody should be a bit more attentive to what they can show us. It just makes me happy to be with them and to be part of their playful, imaginative world, even if I feel very exhausted after it sometimes.

    On the other hand, I have a deep interest in intentional living in communities. I have already experienced some very exciting projects in communities and ecovillages but have often mainly looked after the children there and I would like to get more practical knowledge about permaculture or gardening in general, ecological building, sustainable water systems and much more. It really inspires me how many people are creating a conscious and harmonious coexistence right now with each other, with animals and with the earth.

    I am also very interested in emotional and bodywork in various forms. I would like to train to become a doula in the next years and I am passionate about empowerment and embodiment of feminine energy, specifically womb work and voice work and I am looking forward to any kind of exchange about it.

    See you :)

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    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
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    Cuidar de crianças/atividades criativas
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    I am a certified German teacher with emphasis on interculturality and multilingualism. I am working at an online language school for 6 years now and I really enjoy explaining language to different people, in different ages, from different countries. I can help adults with grammar material and speech practices, and with children I think it's fun to learn new languages in a playful, natural way. I have experiences with teaching German and English.

    I have gained some experience in the field of educational work. On one hand I worked on the materials for children on sustainability with a focus on indigenous knowledge, and on the other hand I worked 3 years as a volunteer in workshops on sexual education with teenagers. I would really like to learn more about these fields and about educational work in general.

    I did babysitting for 5 years before I started travelling and for another 2 years when I was studying. On my trips I did various projects with children. For example I was working voluntarily in a kindergarten in Cusco, I helped out in a primary school in the Amazon and lived with many families in different countries.

    I have some experience with gardening and natural building, but not enough to do projects independently, at least not yet :) I also have some skills in social media, film editing, and writing.

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