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    I believe that life is a beautiful mess. There's no structure at all, except our natural and our self-imposed limitations. It seems that we are all in a way searching - and somehow finding - our freedom within the container.

    I am quite an inquisitive person, with so many (sometimes too many?) interests. But just as I see the whole of life as a wonderful teacher, I am also (more and more) turning my gaze inward, looking towards the mysterious "I" that is there our whole lives, yet quite unknown. In my view it is the biggest teacher of all. Yes, I am spiritual, not in a dogmatic but in an inquisitive way, and I'd like to reconnect the inside and the outside.

    (Re-)Connection, in general, is a big paradigm of mine. Reconnection of things that are thought to be separate but are actually not: Humans (and all of their culture), nature, and the spiritual. I like to meet life with an open mind and heart, and see what's unified, not what's separate. And I believe that this is the way to have a positive impact on the world, too: Creating connection and unity, not separation, by recognizing our inherent relationship with everything. This beautiful relationship, for me, is love.

    I like to work with daily mantras/affirmations, and maybe my favorite ones can provide an idea of who I am, or how I work:

    "Who am I?"
    Know thyself - for me, the most important discovery there is. How can I authentically interact with the world when I don't know who I am, and thus what I am doing?

    "This is it"
    There is nothing that ever exists, that we ever have, but what's here in this very moment (which is everchanging, but always present). Whatever we are searching, whatever we want to have, do, or be - it can only be found here (in the future maybe, but then the future will be the present moment). On the other hand, what's here now (and now, and now) is all we will ever have and enjoy - isn't this the most liberating thought ever?

    "Soften into being"
    We are so busy in our lives, minds, bodies, our world keeps on turning like a carrousel, bringing us out of balance and into confusion. And so we become (habitually) tight and contracted in the face of life's challenges. They are certainly there, but are we really efficiently dealing with them when we are stiff amidst an everchanging and fluid world? I believe that relaxing, deeper and deeper, into the experience of being here in this world ("this is it"), will not make us lethargic, but ready for life and its chaos, and soft enough to become aware of all its subtleties.

    "Meet life as love"
    Every experience in life is a meeting between "me" (whoever that is), and what is happening, what is there. How do I approach this meeting? From fear, resistance, contraction? Or from a curious openness, acceptance, friendliness - in other words, Love.

    "Life helps life through love"
    Looking at nature, I can see that life is not separate living things, but one big unfolding whole that is supporting itself in creating the most fascinating and beautiful forms one can imagine. Trees, birds, flowers, clouds, mountains, the sea, continents... the Earth, the stars, the whole universe. It is one big loving interaction with itself, one "interbeing". Recognizing that humans (and all that we have created) are an integral part of life just as is everything else (for example a stone), we can see that life/mother nature supports us in so many ways, and what selfish and greedy children would we be to not honor this loving care with gratitude, respect, and reciprocity - to give back, to support, to nourish all that is around us, lovingly. And that includes also all our fellow human beings - why don't we help and care for each other a bit more? Why don't we love each other a bit more?

    ... now while this might be a little impression of how I work inside, please don't think that you can't have "normal" conversations with me, haha! I live in this world, so I love the mundane :)
    And most of the time I forget all that I just wrote, anyway. I'm working on not forgetting anymore.

    Anyway, generally, I'm interested in consciousness, nature, culture, permaculture, ecology, philosophy, psychology, mythology, language, anthropology, art, creativity, alternative education, forest school, herbalism, veganism, healing, alternative medicine, psychedelics, shamanism, spirituality, (traditional) tantra, yoga, meditation, movement, somatics, embodiment, bodywork, massage, martial arts, dance, voice, music, energy, existence

    Oh, if you want, you can visit my Instagram:

    Maybe we will be the next station on each other's journey? How unique would that be? :)

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    I will be a yoga teacher soon - my main interest at this moment.
    Also some workaway experience with housekeeping and (permaculture) gardening.
    I don't have any "official" certificates (I quit my studies of business psychology in the last semester, and since then acquiring some other certificate wasn't really in my interest). But I love to learn, and I believe I'm a quick learner. I'm up for challenges, too :)
    I seem to have a warm and positive energy and people say that it's easy to feel comfortable with me.
    I might bring my guitar, and a big pile of books that I'm currently traveling with for a weird reason (I love books).

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    Francês: Iniciante

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    Just thank you for reading my profile up to here. And thank you for existing :)

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