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    What motivates me is a keen desire to live.

    To experience people and to have a rich vault of experiences to refer to rather than using assumptions or stereotypes.

    What moves me is a drive to enhance this planet. In this regard, taking care of and protecting the environment are especially dear to my heart.

    What challeges me is building up a new skillset. I am 21, growing more and more aware that nothing in life comes from nothing.

    Everything comes from your keen intention on making it happen, no matter the cost.

    What brings me the most joy is being with people.
    I love being in a festival or party type environment, diving into the moment with every last bit that I am.

    What I hate are my morning workouts but I love quiet moments of accomplishment.

    What I am?
    I am looking forward to an adventure with you

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    I have come from being introverted and not feeling like i belonged among people to being somebody who can socialize easily and build connections.

    That not only means, that whatever team I am put in (if the are not complete twats), I'll be able to fit right in, I am also able to secure networking / business opportunieties when it comes to expanding the project.

    Besides that, I am building up an online coaching business dedicated to helping guys to become more charismatic and find their ideal partner.
    In the two years working on this, I have also aquired an intermediate understanding of how to move and influence people.

    (If you are looking to promote your work on social media and are looking help with photography, I am also building up a skillset here and I am more than happy to take that responsability)

    Furthermore, I have started using these skills as a fundraiser for greenpeace.

    I am a very driven guy, that means that if I apply to a project, I am also looking to be good at what I do. Obviously, I am not always able to accomplish these goals by myself. This is why in my local office, I rose up to be a team leader within just a few months.

    So I have a keen ability to motivate not only myself but also the people around me.
    As a bonus, I've become more organized and I am able to keep my keys with me for prolonged periods of time.

    Other than that, I have continued to express myself artistically and hone my craft in this regard. Not just in Music but also in Videography.

    I know the hard work it takes to bring your dreams to live and if I believe in a vision, I am able to commit myself to it and give my best to make it come true.

    When I was stranded in Miami a few weeks ago with my card not working and not a dollar in my pocket, I was able to generate 220$ out of nothing with just my camera.

    I think it is needless to say here that in order to create this vision I am more than open to picking up several new skillsets. Seeing how wood works or how to shape a plain grass field to the cottage of your dreams.

  • Idiomas

    Alemão: Fluente
    Inglês: Fluente
    Francês: Intermediário

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    I am interested in learning spanish and being able to navigate southern america. I am able to teach German and English at a good level, French as good as I may ^^

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    I like Skateboarding from A-B
    I love being out in nature and would love to learn anything along the lines of survial / scouting.
    I would much appreciate the ability to go out and socialize (bars / clubs) regularly to maintain my social skills. For up to 4 months, I could imagine something else however.

    Other than that, I am able to fit myself snuggly into most any situation.

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