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    Hi! My name is Davide and I'm planning a long trip in many different countries. Looking also for a travel buddy.
    Loving nature, playing guitar, reading, working out and enjoying nature by hiking!

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    Spain - desde Mai 2022 até Dez 2022
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  • Descrição

    Hi everyone!
    If someone is interested to make a journey and plan together, please let me know and maybe we could cross our path for a while.

    I'm a guy from the North of Italy and I'd like to make some good cultural experiences by working and sharing time together with local people. I'd like to learn not only the job you need but also the language you speak and the place you live. I think workaway it's one of the best way to open yourself to the world and to contribute to a good cause.

    I hope we could have a great time together!

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    Cuidar de animais
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    I've worked as a waiter, chef pub, cleaner and shop assistant so far.
    I can cook without any problems and I'll say I totally independent with my meals. Lately I have been trying to cook new meals coming from other countries and I'd love to know yours!
    I'm a neat person and I like to contribute with it, whatever need to.
    I could do hard work as I'm doing it now in my current job unloading pallet of fruit and vegetables boxes.
    Also I like to keep a place cleaned and, thanks to my cleaner work, I can do that with attention and organization.

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    Italiano: Fluente
    Inglês: Intermediário
    Espanhol: Iniciante

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    I've been learning Spanish by myself lately this year, and I found out that it's a very melodious language, pleasant to ears. English has been going with me since years ago and I always want to improve 'cause I love its sound. Because of those discoveries, I'm sure that learning a third different language could give me the same emotion, maybe a new way of thinking and a path which I go on following in the future!

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    I love music (both listening and playing), new different stories from different people, hiking, playing sports such as football and volleyball.

    I'm also studying Languages and Modern Literature at University, in Bergamo, especially English and Spanish.

    For me the most important thing is sharing experiences, because I'm a guy who likes to get inspired by others' personalities. I always watch others to improve my character, my skill and my idea of life, so talking and sharing is the best way to gain them!

    I'm so versatile and I don't have particular needs. My aim is to be overwhelmed by your way of living, it's one of my reasons of this choice of Workaway. I will feel happy to have the opportunity to try this thing, whatever way it ends

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