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    Hi :)

    We are two young (we think so at least...) French travelers looking for new experiences throughout the world. We are convinced that the best way to travel is to meet locals, live and work with them to share knowledge and learn new skills.

    What truly motivates us is simply to discover new people, new lifestyles and to never stop learning. In exchange for all of this, we are more than happy to help you but also prepare some good food and when it's a super fun day, we can even tell not so funny jokes ;)

    In France, we are both high school teachers. Julien is a philosophy teacher and I (Evie) am an English teacher. We love our job but wanted to take some time off to be able to travel and get to know more about different countries (but also our own!) and different ways of thinking.

    We are very curious and excited about our adventure! Our idea is to go from places to places but to stay long enough in every place to have time to get to know people and to get used to the tasks we'll be asked to do (to do it well!). Currently (January 2022), we are in Ardèche (France) working with hosts on their "domaine". Our job is mainly to do some renovation work and building work. We will stay in France until mid February but will go to Colombia then and try to find people who might need our help.
    - A school where we can use our teaching skills to help there. Teaching abroad has been one of our main goals for years !
    - A project with woodwork and building jobs
    - A permaculture farm where we could learn a lot about growing veggies...

    We are hard-working and dedicated people who love outdoor sports, hiking, swimming, running, rock climbing, kayaking but also watching series and movies and listening to music. Before settling in somewhere someday, we are trying to acquire some skills that could help us on our daily life (gardening, woodwork, forge, carpentry, plumbing, foreign languages, taking care of plants and animals...).

    A simple and authentic everyday life - that's all we want !

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    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Prática de idiomas
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    Apparently we have to talk about our "expertise".... I don't know if we are experts in anything but we can help with various daily tasks inside and outside the house.

    We did spend 3 months in Scotland and worked as gardeners for a while and we participated in the construction of eco-houses (we did the insulation of a round house among other things). We also stayed 6 weeks with French hosts and helped renovating stone walls, fixing a roof, painting... Finally, from August to November 2021, we traveled in Italy, Slovenia and Germany and worked with animals, built fences and dry toilets, cooked a lot and did more gardening work.

    We are very interested in volunteering in schools now but also in learning even more about construction, renovation, cooking and gardening.

    Julien would absolutely love to do some woodwork again ! His dream is to have his own workshop and tools someday. Mine is to have unique pieces of furniture made by him :)

    We both have sisters and brothers and would love to help with kids (we can teach them some French or English!).

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Francês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Intermediário
    Alemão: Iniciante
    Italiano: Iniciante

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    Esta pessoa indicou ser um workawayer com interesse em compartilhar seu(s) idioma(s) ou em aprender um novo. Entre em contato diretamente para discutir o assunto.

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    30 & 31

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    We almost forgot...! Spending entire nights playing board games together would make us really happy !

    And always remember, "Le gras, c'est la vie".

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