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    I'm Arthur, 21 and I took a break from my studies (to become an electrical engineer) in order to experience the world of travel and meet different people, cultures and customs around the world, since I wasn't convinced of my choice to study anymore and not content with my way of life either. I found different people with different life stories to share which offered insight and inspiration, a whole world of involvement, resiliance and options different to the ones I knew. I learned a lot about Permaculture, sustainable and off-grid living, day to day struggles we all experience and need to combat. I witnessed creative, alternative, conservative and innovative approaches to problem-solving.
    Above all I saw a need to work together and support each other's weaknesses with ones own strengths and to work together for a greater goal.
    I would consider myself to have grown a lot since departing in Summer 22, matured but always ready to keep going! Since I am generally quite curious and happy to learn about pretty much anything I believe that everyone has something to offer and would always be happy to exchange experience :)
    I spent time all over Europe on longer and shorter stays, solo and group travelling, volunteering and chilling and am finishing this chapter of my life with two months in South Africa with my bestie and a tiny VW Golf Citi!

  • Interesses

    Cuidar de plantas
    Vida na estrada
    Trabalho beneficente
    Artes performáticas
    Esportes de equipe
    Atividades ao ar livre
    Política/justiça social
    Eventos e social

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  • Idiomas

    Alemão: Fluente
    Inglês: Fluente
    Francês: Iniciante
    Holandês: Iniciante

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    Whenever I spend a decent amount of time around other languages, I start to want to learn them so yes! Improve (actually just use) french would be cool, but I'll learn whatever :)

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  • Habilidades e conhecimento para compartilhar ou aprender

    Temos interesse em:  

    Trabalho beneficente
    Projetos artísticos

    Conhecimento de:  

    Fazer companhia para idosos
    Projetos ambientais
    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Cuidar de animais
    Vida na fazenda
    Manutenção geral
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
    Cuidar de crianças/atividades criativas

    Podemos ensinar:  

    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    I love learning new skills and am genuinly interessted in diving into other peoples passion! I like to think that I am well equipped to adapt to problems and work my way into new situations.

    I am a hands-on person and enjoy work around the house (everything from renovating to cooking!). I am a sportive person who enjoys their share of activity, though resting periods are important as well!

    I have a good work attitude and am reliable.

    I have gathered quite a lot of experience on various different off-grid stays so I'd consider myself as experienced with most type of simple work :)

    I don't have any expert specific knowledge, aside from some electrical knowledge :)

  • Idade

    21 & 22

  • Algo mais...

    If you're up for some team sports I always love to join! Same goes for most games :)
    I also enjoy to have a good discourse concerning current/political topics and love to contemplate bigger questions of life, even though maybe not every night, otherwise having fun would get very difficult if you are always lost in thought!

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    • Dietas especiais
      I eat vegan and appreciate other's making an effort that way, if that's not possible I'll eat anything.