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    Currently in Buenos Aires but not for long, I will be near Mendoza for the month of October (will probably hitchhike to Chile) and plan to travel south all the way to Patagonia.

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    Argentina - desde Set 2022 até Jun 2023
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    I'm Alex, I'm from the south-west of France, deep countryside that made me learn a lot about nature and DIY, and I have always liked to discover new places and leave my comfort zone.
    My goal from September 2022 to June 2023 is to discover South America and practice Spanish. I learnt about Latin America through culture, from movies to history, including music, animation, exhibitions... I'm looking forward experiencing its different way of life and going to regions that are not so known in Europe because I feel there is so much more to like about Spanish speaking countries.
    I've lived in the USA for a year as an exchange student when I was young, since then, I've regularly been a camp leader in summer camps, the taste of adventure never left me even if I couldn't move as much as I use to with my studies. I crave change in my life.
    This year I really want to see something different from what I've done so far, I want to be challenged daily on things I could not expect and I'm not used to.
    I hope we get to meet soon, fellow adventurer !

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    Inglês: Fluente
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    I can teach French and English for sure. I am really willing to improve my Spanish skills.

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    I don't have one really advanced skill but I'm willing to learn new things. In France, where I lived in the countryside, and through summer camps, I've come to like DIY stuff around houses or gardens, I am quite a manual worker in that aspect.
    Thanks to my studies, I'm fluent in english and spanish besides french and can teach those languages, I can also enjoy any type of indoor works that requires to put thinking into it.
    My grandparents where all farmers, I know a bit about farming and animals and would really enjoy sharing their tips and tricks.

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    I enjoy physical work and reading, I'm really into the "healthy mind in a healthy body" type of linving. I am quite fond of literature and cinema.
    I am very curious about traditions, whether in a place I live in or when I am just visiting. I am always interested in trying new things and sharing authentic moments with locals.
    I like animals in general, cats in particular and protected species.
    I think one day I will be an hermit in the mountains to enjoy the peace and quiet to medidate haha, but for now I really love to share with people in general and I'm always down for a drink.

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