Experience Minangnese life and teach English to our community in Payakumbuh, West Sumatera, Indonesia



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    I am Mr. Amy. I am an English teacher, teaching at the government school. I live in my own house with my wife amd my two sons Revlyn and Habib near Payakumbuh in West Sumatra. In the afteroons and evenings I also run extra English courses for local teenagers. The name of the English club is Paris, named after my hometown PARIaman Selatan. I have built this project already four years ago. There are many students, enthusiastic to learn English.So i am with my Family ( me.my wife my two sons.Revlyn and Habib)Manage this project teamly.we are open minded person

    Students in group 1: age 12-15, students in group 2: age 16-18 and in group 3: age 18-25 years old. Unfortunately, they don't have many chances in practising verbal skills with English speakers, as there are not a lot of tourists in this area. Purpose of the volunteering project is, therefore, helping practising English with the students.

    About us
    We are a group of Family who likes to learn about new culture and see the world from different side. We also like to share about our culture in Minang West Sumatera, meeting new people and forming some great friendships. We teach, encourage, motivate and transform young kids and youth mentality to have a great thinking to change the world better. We do social works, we provide education for underprivileged children, we educate people how to keep the environtment, we encourage literacy for children, and also we encourage tourism in our city. We earn money and share it to other people through those projects.

    Our goal is to provide equitable good education for all, open the horizon of the global world, and inspire others to do good things. With our motto "Never Stop Teaching".

    Job Description:
    Primary Duties – You need to be able to speak English. (Don't have to be an English native speaker)
    Secondary duties – be able to encourage students to learn a thing, motivate them in any ways. And giving new ideas to developt the community.

    What you will do:
    Assist the teacher in the class (you also have a chance to handle your own class)
    Meet students and have a conversation with them (giving them a chance to practice their English)
    Have fun with students in any activities.
    Seeing the real Local life
    See how local makes tofu, tempe,and local noodle
    See how local makes food and drink (You can also try to make it)
    See how local makes some arts like Bamboo handicraft and painting,
    Visiting jungle, natural spring lakes, etc.
    Join the cooking class.
    See and learn learn martial art or Silat and tarditional innstruement

    What we expect:
    • Teaching kids as well as adult (a teacher will guide you in the class)
    • Do much more than standing at the front of a classroom talking.

    • Fluent English conversation ability
    • Minimum Stay: one weeks
    • Professional conduct, Sociable, friendly, and cheerful :-)

  • Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Prática de idiomas
    Ajuda com computadores/internet

  • Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Living with my family, you can experience the real local culture of West Sumatra. It might happen, that you are going to be the only tourist around. You will meet a lot of local people, learn their habits and language. Teaching will also give you the opportunity to hang out with the students outside of the class. There are also few mountains and vulcanoes around for the sport enthusiats. We can also organize day trips around the area.

  • Projetos que envolvem crianças

    Projetos que envolvem crianças

    Este projeto pode envolver crianças. Para mais informações, veja aqui nossas diretrizes e dicas.

  • Ajuda


    The main help needed is teaching an Englich class 3 hours per day in 5 days in a week. Teaching is done alone, however it is more of a easy conversation than classic classroom teaching. Courses give the students ability to communicate with English speakers outside of school.. Classes can be either in the afternoons or in the evenings.The Volunteer in Payakumbuh Programme

    The Volunteer Programme was created in 2015 by a small group of English teachers who have been working for several years alongside Native Speakers. The reason that we created this programme is to help the local students and give them the opportunity to learn English with English speaking-people.Payakumbuhis a non-touristy place with few travellers, so meeting english-speaking people is particularly valued here.
    In 2015, The Volunteer Programme was recommended by The Travellers and Randy Sukri. The programme was founded by Affan his friend. the team are enthusiastic and passionate about improving the local student’s English.
    The team:

    Our main part of the programme is to help the local students with English because it is the best way to get to know the culture and socialize with the local people, but our programme is flexible. Travellers can choose what they’d like to do, whether it’s visiting countryside, the jungle village, Bamboo Rafting, tea plantation, traditional market, ricefields, waterfalls In Harau Valley hotspring, go hiking to the volcano, cycling or even doing Yoga. Travellers might of course be too busy socialising with new friends or fellow teachers they’ve met in Payakumbuh to do all of these!
    The homestay is located in an indonesian neighbourhood where travellers can get an insight into the everyday life in this Club. We try our best to immerse our guests in the local culture and environment, so this is a perfect programme for those interested in learning more about Indonesian culture, cuisine or the Bahasa Indonesia.
    Recently, we are setting up an English School. It is an afterschool program where students can go and learn English there.

    Things to do
    Teaching Volunteer

    Volunteering is about giving but it is also about the experience of sharing time with like-minded people, sharing the languages and sharing the fun. Today's volunteers are part of a wonderful history of selfless giving in the face of need. Their effort has helped people to find new hope against poverty for a better future. Without volunteer English teachers, most children would not have the chance to speak to a native English speaker.
    Indonesian English teachers work hard to make their students proficient, but we can add greatly to their effectiveness with regular classes and intensive visits to schools. If the children can master English, their futures are far more promising in this fast-changing country.

    English is one of the most useful languages to speak in the world, but it is often difficult for Indonesian students to master the language without having the chance to practice with English speakers. Schools in Indonesia teach English from Primary level (8-11 years) until Secondary level (12-18 years) and volunteer English teachers are always in high demand. Expect teachers to give you a genuinely warm welcome into their schools, often inviting guests to have lunch with them and expect the children to be very excited that they have an english-speaker in their school.
    Volunteering positions are great for people of all ages, from recent college graduates to retirees seeking meaningful opportunities to use their knowledge and experience.
    We have opportunities for guests to help out in local schools, running conversation classes with students or teaching English using their own methods. Each school is different; some have relaxed learning environments, others are more formal classroom setups. The classes range from around ages 6 to 20. With younger classes the emphasis is on very basic questions and answers, allowing the students a chance to practice their English with a native speaker or English speaking person. Expect the majority of classes to consist of gentle children who have a wonderful sense of humour but are also very shy. It is important for younger students to practise speaking throughout the class and a volunteer can really help with pronunciation and boosting confidence.

    With older groups you are free to take initiative or follow a similar question and answer structure - either in one-on-one 'interviews' or by stimulating class discussions. Older students might be particularly nervous about making mistakes so boosting confidence in a friendly environment is key. Older students are often more interested in your background but sometimes they have difficulty translating their questions into English. However, there is always an English speaking teacher on hand to help with translations if necessary. To help prepare for your classes, writing a list of age-appropriate questions at various levels would be extremely useful. Having a few word-based games (hangman, memory games, tic tac toe, etc) are also great as an icebreaker to relax students or to fill up time at the end of the session.

    We offer volunteer teaching placements in several local schools, universities and even at a Prison. Volunteer teaching in Payakumbuh, Indonesia will leave you feeling fulfilled in the knowledge that you’re making a tremendous impact on the future lives of underprivileged children. We are also happy to pass on donations to schools or students on behalf of volunteers.

    While the majority of teaching takes the form of one time visits to local schools. We are currently in the process of setting up an English School. It’s an afterschool programme that students can attend after their day at the public school to develop their english skillls. Most of the students have a high motivation to learn English because the language expands their options for the future.
    If the volunteers stay for longer than one week, they are able to teach the same groups of students multiple times, giving the classes a sense of continuity and allowing the students and volunteer teacher to develop a relationship beyond that of the usual one-time visits.

    This can be an exceptionally rewarding experience as the volunteers see their students develop their language abilities and grow in confidence. There may also be an opportunity for volunteers to accompany students from a local school on a fieldtrip and cycling. Destinations include Harau Valley,Bamboo Rafting,Fly Over in the Jungle and Merapi Mountaint,Volcanoes,Isaland and Pariaman or Padang beach, etc. These are excellent opportunities to spend time with the students outside the classroom while seeing the attractions west sumatera is famed for.


    Payakumbuh is situated around 125 Km northeast from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra, and becomes the second largest city in West Sumatera. At Payakumbuh, you will find yourself in a charming town embraced by the beauty of nature. Surrounded by an array of valleys and lush green fields and set against the dramatic panorama of Mount Singgalang and Mount Malintang, Payakumbuh is truly the best place to refresh one’s mind, body and soul.

    Payakumbuh is made up of 3 subdistricts, which is: West Payakumbuh, East Paykumbuh, and North Payakumbuh, and it also the capital of Limapuluh Kota Regency. The town serves as the eastern gate to West Sumatra and connects some major cities in West Sumatra with other provinces. Payakumbuh is also the economic hub and activity center of the Limapuluh Kota Regency as well as that of other nearby regencies including Tanah Datar, Agam, and Bukittinggi.

    During Dutch colonial, this town had a significant part in Perang Padri or Padre War, that lasted from 1803 to 1821. The Dutch colonial government later built the city linked as one with the Nagari Aie Tabik settlements. For this purpose, in 1840 the Dutch built a stone bridge that connects Nagari Aie Tabik to the center of Payakumbuh. The bridge came to be known as Jembatan Ratapan Ibu or literally meaning the Bridge of Weeping Mothers. The name is said to have originated from a tragedy where the children of Payakumbuh were massaced by Dutch troops, thus leaving their mothers sobbing and crying.

    Talking about the ancient heritages, Payakumbuh is marked with megalithic stones that found in various places within and around the town which date back to the pre-historic era.

    It said that Payakumbuh is becomes the heart of the indigenous Minangkabau culture of West Sumatra, the town is also home to the traditional Randai that combines martial art, dance choreography, and music. The Randai performance is usually accompanied by the traditional sounds of the Talempong and the Saluang which produce distinctive Minangkabau tunes. Payakumbuh is known for flying duck races, foods like batiah, small sweet rice cookies; gelamai, a sweet coconut palm sugared snack; and rendang.


    Cycling in Indonesia is generally a means of transport, now booming in popularity as petrol price skyrocket. Bicycles are gaining popularity in Payakumbuh, especially on Sunday morning. There are many local people do a jogging and cycling in a car free day event. The car free day event is a local carnival where the local government closes the main road, just for non-vehicle activities. If reasonably fit with a bit a ton of common sense, cyclists will enjoy cycling to the rice paddy, countryside, forest, floating village, palm plantation, coffee plantation, cacao plantation, vegetable plantation, etc.

    Cooking Lesson
    As well as spending time helping the local children with English, it is possible to learn more about the local food specialities in Payakumbuh, watch and help prepare them, and more importantly, eat them!
    You can watch and assist the local food stall holders whip up a fresh dish of nasi goreng on the street, or watch them preparing the food to sell before they are at their stall. My wife cooks at home and so it is possible to help her cook your own dinner, as well as help other people cook too. All these experiences are more authentic than a cookery class, as it shows you how and what the locals cook. You also get to eat the food too! There are a lot of local specialities such as beef sate, gado gado, and lontong, which can be eaten in great little warungs as well.

    Live Music on Weekend
    Travellers can hang out and mingle with the local people in the local cafes. This is the most favorite place for young people in Payakumbuh to hang out, especially on weekends.
    Travellers can enjoy being there and drink a local drink “Kawa Daun and Teh Tolua” and conversation with local English teachers, students and musicians – everyone is excited to get to know our guests and will have lots of questions for you! Every Saturday and Sunday evening, travellers can listen a live music performed in town.

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  • Acomodação


    Guests will stay with a local family.
    Living with local families is an excellent experience that exposes guests to the real everyday life in Indonesia as they interact with the other residents (including the many children!) of the kampung, engage in the everyday activities of an Indonesian family, and even have the opportunity to learn a bit of Bahasa Indonesia and the West Sumatera Language or Minang as Native language. Guests are also able to accompany the mother to the local traditional market and to learn how to prepare Indonesian dishes.
    The local family provides accommodation in a private room, meals (breakfast and lunch), and for dinner you should find by yourself, except if we cook at home, you can have dinner with us. However, there are so many Indonesian cheap food nearby. Needless to say, the homestay alone is worth the experience!

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    Algo mais...

    We have been hosting international travellers in my home for the last 4 years. We can orgonize the trip for the traveller and use our motorcycle freely only buy the gas for that.we also can share the all facilities are needed

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