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    en voyage

    Les activités qui nous intéressent :

    Outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, kayaking, etc.)
    horseriding (especially jumping)
    water sports (diving, (wind)-surfing)
    winter sports (sledding, skiing, snowboarding)
    open to try out everything!

    Notre prochaine destination :

    Ireland - du Mai 2022 au Jun 2022
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  • Description

    we are two best friends from Bavaria, Germany. We both just finished school and want to make some new experiences and see the world before starting university.
    Since our first holiday to Ireland together we love traveling with each other, our trips included a bicycle tour to Norway last summer. We only got Interrail Tickets before and started the trip without any detailed plans. With our bikes and a tent (and trains ;) ) we even came up to the Lofoten islands and made some amazing memories on the way.
    We love the outdoors and any outddor activites like hiking, camping, climbing etc. We love adventures and action, but also like to have a relaxed day in our hammocks. Beeing in the mountains, at the ocean or in nature in general and doing sports of all kinds is something we really enjoy, along with trying out new things and learning new skills.
    One of our passions are horses, especially ponys, we love caring for them and have good riding experience (groundwork, flatwork and a bit of jumping) that comes from riding nasty ponys since we started. We like caring for all kinds of animals.
    Since we just finished school we don't have much experience in non-school-related skills but we are eager to learn and don't mind getting our hands dirty. We are very motivated to help with all kinds of tasks and learn them if we can't do them yet.
    We are looking forward to our upcoming workaway experiences very much and can't wait to meet all the amazing people out there!

  • Centres d’intérêt

    Voile / bateau
    Sports d'aventure
    Sports nautiques
    Sports d'équipe
    Sports d’hiver
    Activités en plein air
    Vie en van
    Dev. durable

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  • Compétences et connaissances que nous aimerions partager ou apprendre

    Ça nous intéresse :  

    Aider dans une ferme

    Nous avons des connaissances :  

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider à la maison
    Pratique des langues
    Accueil / tourisme
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    We just finished school, so we don't have many special skills yet, but we are very eager to learn!
    We have experience in caring for different kinds of animals and don't mind getting dirty while doing so, especially with horses (grooming, mucking out, groundwork, riding).
    We have a little experience in gardening and plantcare (planting, watering, cutting grass) and are happy to learn more about it.
    We would love to learn about carpentry, woodwork and building, but we only have basic experience with it.
    We love cooking and baking and can prepare various meals for a family or small group. As we are vegetarian, we don't really like cooking meat or fish, but we can do it if necessary.
    We also have basic knowledge and experience with cleaning, painting and repairing bikes and other things.
    We have experince with childcare, Hanna from working at a kindergarden and Marina from beeing a councelor at a camp for children and we both have been teaching a little bit (Marina is good at science and Maths, Hanna at languages).
    We are very motivated to learn all kinds of skills and don't mind hard work!

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    Allemand: Courant
    Anglais: Courant
    Français: Débutant

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    20 & 20

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