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Welcome to our little slice of paradise Join us for permaculture, organic farming and conservation in a Costa Rica jungle farm, San Jose

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  • Description


    Welcome to our little slice of paradise! We are a vibrant and growing family fortunate enough to call the Diamante Valley our home. Nestled within a breathtaking 100-acre cloud forest, our lives are a daily adventure amidst the misty canopies and lush greenery that surround us.

    Our journey began with a dream to create a sustainable lifestyle that’s in harmony with nature. Today, we’re proud to say that we’re living that dream, cultivating the land, and learning from the forest. We believe in the power of community and the magic that unfolds when people come together to share, learn, and grow.

    As stewards of this land, we’re passionate about permaculture, organic farming, and conservation. We’re constantly exploring innovative ways to nurture our environment while providing a nurturing space for our children to flourish.

    We invite you to join our family, whether it’s for a short stay or a longer collaboration. Here, you’ll find more than just a place to work; you’ll find a place to connect, create, and be part of something bigger. Together, let’s make every day an opportunity to learn and celebrate the beauty of life in the cloud forest.

  • Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Projets artistiques
    Pratique d’une langue
    Aide avec des éco-projets
    Bricolage et construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Aide dans une ferme
    Cuisine/repas pour la famille
    Entretien général
    Aide informatique/internet
  • Objectifs de développement durable de l’ONU que cet hôte essaie d'atteindre

    Objectifs de développement durable de l’ONU que cet hôte essaie d'atteindre

    Objectifs de l’ONU
    Pas de pauvreté
    Faim «zéro»
    Bonne santé et bien-être
    Éducation de qualité
    Égalité entre les sexes
    Eau propre et assainissement
    Énergie propre et d'un coût abordable
    Travail décent et croissance économique
    Industrie, innovation et infrastructure
    Inégalités réduites
    Villes et communautés durables
    Consommation et production responsables
    Mesures relatives à la lutte contre les changements climatiques
    Vie aquatique
    Vie terrestre
    Paix, justice et institutions efficaces
    Partenariats pour la réalisation des objectifs
  • Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Travelers who join us at our cloud forest home in the Diamante Valley will be immersed in a rich cultural exchange that offers a wealth of learning opportunities. Here’s what they can look forward to:

    Cultural Exchange Benefits:

    Connection with Nature: Learn the rhythms of life in a cloud forest, from the early morning mists to the symphony of nocturnal sounds.
    Sustainable Living: Gain hands-on experience in sustainable practices and permaculture that can be applied anywhere in the world.
    Local Cuisine: Discover the flavors of our region through cooking and sharing meals using fresh, organic produce from our gardens.
    Learning Opportunities:

    Traditional Building Techniques: Understand the principles of eco-friendly construction and how to use local materials in building projects.
    Animal Husbandry: Learn about caring for a variety of animals in a way that respects their natural habits and the environment.
    Language Skills: Improve your Spanish through daily practice and informal lessons with native speakers.
    Unique Aspects for Visitors:

    Diamante Valley’s Biodiversity: Explore one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet and learn about the unique flora and fauna that call it home.
    Community Involvement: Engage with the local community, participate in events, and learn about the cultural heritage of the area.
    Artistic Inspiration: The stunning landscape and vibrant community provide endless inspiration for any creative endeavor, be it writing, painting, or photography.
    We believe that cultural exchange is about more than just sharing work; it’s about sharing lives, stories, and a vision for a better world. As a visitor, you’ll not only contribute to our projects but also become a part of our extended family and leave with memories and skills that last a lifetime.

  • Aide


    We are in search of enthusiastic and skilled individuals who are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into a variety of projects that help keep our forest home thriving. Here’s a breakdown of the areas where we need your help:

    Building Projects:

    Construction Enthusiasts: If you have experience with carpentry, masonry, or general construction, we have ongoing projects ranging from building treehouses to setting up eco-friendly structures.
    Creative Minds: Those with an eye for design can help us with planning and creating functional yet beautiful spaces that blend with the natural surroundings.
    Animal Care:

    Animal Lovers: Our animals are part of our family, and we need help with their daily care, feeding, and health checks.
    Veterinary Skills: If you have veterinary experience or training, we’d love assistance with maintaining the well-being of our furry and feathered friends.
    Manual Labour:

    Strong Hands: There’s always work to be done, from clearing paths to maintaining the infrastructure. Your physical strength and stamina will be greatly appreciated.
    Team Players: We value those who can work well in a team, as many tasks require coordination and cooperation.

    Green Thumbs: Our organic gardens are the heart of our sustenance, and we need help with planting, weeding, harvesting, and composting.
    Permaculture Knowledge: If you have experience with permaculture principles, you can contribute to the planning and expansion of our sustainable agriculture practices.
    We believe that every hand makes a difference, and we’re excited to learn from your experiences as much as we’re eager to share our knowledge with you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or keen to learn new skills, we welcome your contribution to our family’s farm

    Spanish Teachers:

    Language Enthusiasts: We’re on the lookout for fluent Spanish speakers who can help us and our community members improve our language.

    Flexible Teaching: Whether you have formal teaching experience or an informal approach to language sharing, we welcome diverse methods that can cater to different learning styles.

    We believe that language is a bridge that connects people and cultures. As a Spanish teacher here, you’ll have the opportunity to make a lasting impact by enriching our communication and deepening our understanding of the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Langues

    Langues parlées
    Anglais: Courant
    Espagnol: Débutant

    Cet hôte propose un échange linguistique
    Always looking to improve our Spanish.

  • Hébergement


    For your Workaway profile, you can describe the accommodation and food arrangements like this:

    Accommodation Details

    At our cloud forest retreat, we offer a truly immersive experience with nature. Workawayers will be accommodated in comfortable tents nestled within the forest, providing a serene and authentic connection to the environment. Each tent is equipped with:

    Cozy Bedding: Warm and comfortable sleeping arrangements to ensure a good night’s rest.
    Storage Space: A place to keep personal belongings safe and organized.
    Lighting: Solar-powered lights for reading and navigation at night.
    Facilities available for Workawayers include:

    Communal Kitchen: A shared space equipped with cooking essentials where meals are prepared using fresh ingredients from our gardens.
    Bathroom Facilities: Clean and eco-friendly compost toilets and outdoor showers with hot water.
    Recreational Areas: Spaces for relaxation, meditation, and socializing with other travelers and our family.
    Food Arrangements

    We believe that food is not just sustenance but also an opportunity for cultural exchange and community building. Here’s what Workawayers can expect:

    Shared Meals: Enjoy communal meals twice a day, prepared together using organic produce from our land.
    Cooking Together: Participate in cooking classes to learn about local cuisine and contribute your own culinary skills.
    Self-Catering Option: Access to the kitchen for preparing your own meals if you have specific dietary preferences or requirements.
    We strive to create a space that feels like home, where every traveler can find peace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Our goal is to ensure that your stay with us is not just comfortable but also enriching and memorable.

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    During your time off, there’s a world of adventure waiting for you right outside your tent flap. The Diamante Valley is a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural experiences. Here are some highlights:

    Hiking Trails: Discover numerous trails that offer stunning views and encounters with local wildlife.
    Waterfalls: Visit the majestic waterfalls nearby, perfect for a refreshing swim or a picnic.
    Bird Watching: The valley is a haven for bird enthusiasts, with a diverse array of tropical birds to observe.
    Local Sights and Transport

    Community Markets: Explore the local markets where you can sample exotic fruits and mingle with the residents.
    Cultural Events: Participate in community events and festivals to experience the local traditions and customs.
    Transport Options: Local buses are available for longer excursions, and we’re happy to help coordinate rideshares for more remote destinations.
    Our Lifestyle and Expectations

    We embrace a lifestyle that’s in tune with nature, valuing simplicity, mindfulness, and respect for all living beings. We expect those who join us to share these values and contribute positively to our home and the surrounding environment. We encourage open communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to learn from each other.

    While we work hard, we also take time to appreciate the beauty around us, whether it’s sharing stories around the campfire, stargazing, or simply enjoying the quiet moments that life in the cloud forest offers.

  • Informations complémentaires

    Informations complémentaires

    • Accès Internet

    • Accès Internet limité

      Accès Internet limité

    • Nous avons des animaux

    • Nous sommes fumeurs

    • Familles bienvenues

  • Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    We have everything you need to work online.

  • Espace pour garer des vans

    Espace pour garer des vans

    Cet hôte a de la place pour les vans.

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    4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week

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