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Besoin d'aide avec nos chevaux « à la retraite », près de Kamloops, Colombie-Britannique, Canada

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    We are looking to fill our late Fall/ Winter spots. If you are interested we do give preference to people interested in staying till the new year.

    We recommend being physically fit to help out here at the ranch. Helpers that are good riders, can ride until the snow comes. During winter once the snow has arrived, the only riding offerd is if it is not to icy. In Fall and early Winter you might get to help move cows. In the winter months there is still lots for you to do if your keen. We are a retirement home and rescue for horses so most of our horses are a little older, if your looking for a place to run or gallop across the hills this might not be the right place for you. If you want to build a wonderful connection with these amazing animals where you can work on your horsemanship and some wonderful walk and trots on our beautiful trails then write me and we can talk! For beginners there is lots of ground work you can do with the horses to help them as well. You will learn lots about our wonderful horses. We still have lots of winter fun besides horse stuff. Cross-country skiing snowshoeing and lots of time to enjoy a good book and games as well as crafts if your into that sitting by the fire is good for the spirit.
    We starting to look for our winter 2024 /2025 helpers please read our profile and if you are interests please write us anytime.

    Hello our family, (Lea, Bud and our adult children, Erika, her husband Mike and our son Karl) We have a horse ranch near Kamloops B.C., in rolling grasslands of Knutsford. We are a 20 min drive to Kamloops. This is a retirement and rescue home for horses. These horses come from many different backgrounds. Some we are still able to ride, the rest we just enjoy giving lots of love to and they give it back 10 x over. Working on a ranch is hard work and its not part time work! Some says are long and hard and somedays are shorting and there is lots of time to relax but you must be prepared to put in the hours when needed. Everyday is different so you have to enjoy working outside and willing to put in some longer days. If you enjoy working outside then it doesn't feel like work! We spend our time after chores just giving the horses lots of love and attention and a wonderful retirement. The helpers that come will learn natural horsemanship and the art of looking after older horses. If you are open minded you can learn a lot about horses and ranch life.

    We have been hosting helpers for 20 years and would love to welcome you to our home and ranch. We can help you to improve your riding skills and your ground work and can also help improving your spoken English. Bud loves to talk and teach helpers about the world.
    You will work hard here as horses need love/care every day, but you will also learn lots and enjoy life on the ranch with many very cool horses. Open your mind and your heart and you will learn so much. If this interests you please read further and see what we are looking for at the moment and get in touch. At different times of year we look for different types of helpers.

    We are looking for people that are self starters, like to keep busy and can be helpful in all areas of ranch and work includinghelping with house choresand some cooking.

    --- We ask for a minimum stay of 4 weeks as it takes time to train you longer is even better.

    --- We take Covid precautions seriously and are only looking for responsible people who are fully vaccinated.

    --- We love to take in people who are already in Canada but will also take people with serious plans to travel to Canada.

    --- Horse experience is not a requirement but definitely helps , we can teach you as long as you're willing to learn. You must be able to go into a herd of jorses so if you are afraid of horses we might not be the place to start. If you are not as interested in riding but just working and learning about horses winter months might be a better option for you.

    --- We do not offer letters of 'employment' to help with visas or permits. Sorry

    About the kind of help we need:

    The Ranch is in Knutsford about a 20 minute drive from Kamloops. We offer a retirement home for about 46 horses of all kinds, sizes and breeds. Lea and Bud have three dogs, 4 cats and about 80 chickens. At the main house and Erika and Mike have 2 dogs and 3 cats. All of our animals and pets need lots of love and attention. The help we are looking for is mostly farm tasks, feeding horses, walking dogs, moving hay, picking up horse manure (not in the winter when the snow comes), cleaning tack, collecting eggs and keeping the chicken coop clean. Also helping keep the house and the out buildings clean and organized.

    Lea has many years of experience with horses and can teach and pass on some of her wisdom, if you are keen and want to learn.

    Fall/Winters help:

    In the fall we have to get our winter wood in before it snows each year. We have a hydraulic splitter but any chainsaw skills would be very helpful, but not essential.

    The winter days are quiet. Once you are done with chores you are welcome to relax or go for walks, brush and enjoy the horses or whatever you like. We will have snow from November until March time (approx).

    We live in a place with beautiful scenery, lots of peace and quiet, but there is still lots to do if you are a self motivated person.

    When we have snow and ice there is not much riding unless the ground is not to slippery. Riding depends a lot on your ability level. More advanced riders will be able to ride in winter conditions, mostly bare back in the snow, as long as it is not too slippery. There is lots of other things to do with horses not just riding. Other things to do inside, read some of our books, play the guitar, play some games, do crafts bake whatever you like. Bud loves to teach people how to play crib, (a card game!) The winter up here is cold so be prepared, it might be harder than the winters you are used to. We have some extra warm clothes you can borrow while your here. There is also cross country skiing locally and we have some skis and sledges as well as shoe shoes so you can have fun in the snow.

    Once the snow melts it's the clean up after a long winter so there is lots of manure picking up and fence/pen repair. We also have to get our garden ready for planting. The garden gives us lots of fresh vegetables during summer. It's a lot of work and somedays are longer then others but it's rewarding to get everything cleaned up after the winter.


    During spring we do the winter clear up and plant the garden. We like to do lots of vegetables to keep us fed and lots of flowers and bedding plants to make the ranch look even more gorgeous. We need to give lots of attention to the horses and brush them regularly. We also need to start getting the ridable horses back into shape after the winter. We have an arena and round pen to work the horses in. We practice natural horsemanship. On our 160 acres so lots of land to trial ride through. We ideally look for helpers that are confident riders or confident around the horses, and have horse experience but this is not essential. If you are very keen and willing to learn then we would take you as well. Other duties include any fence repairs, general maintenance around the buildings and ranch. Summers are hot and dry but wonderful to enjoy the outdoors, the ranch has hiking and gorgeous views.
    In your free time the local lakes and rivers are gorgeous spots too, as well as taking the horses out for a trail ride.

    During the wildfire season we have to be proactive and take preventative measures so we can stay safe, this can mean more work than normal.

    My favourite time is spring and fall but anytime of year is amazing here.

    The ranch is a beautiful place for you to get to know new people and become part of our family. Being here is a great chance to find your passion in life and have time to reflect about what you want your future to be! The helpers that enjoy the ranch the most are people that can help independently as well as a team. You need to be self motivated and enjoy staying busy. If you don't really enjoy hard outdoor tasks that must be done everyday then this might not be the place for you. We accept single helpers and couples (unfortunately no pets some of our dogs are not the best with strange animals). There is not a set number of hours per day. Somedays we work on a project all day and somedays we just feed and pick up horse manure and that's all. So if you expect to just work 4 or 5 hours per day then your done. This might not be the workaway for you. Ranch life is a busy life and we need people that want to truly experience that kind of life so if you only want to do a set amount of helping ranching and working with horses is not an office job. We have lots of fun and we enjoy life but we work hard and we need helpers that want to embrace that life style.

    A normal day here starts at 8 am when we feed, (sometimes earlier in summer when it's hot). Then we do any other chores that need doing, even if the weather isn't nice. Once chores are finished you can take some of the afternoon to enjoy working with and riding the horses. There are opportunities to go on trail rides when the weather allows but not everyday depends on your riding abilities. The soul focus here is working with and loving the senior horses. We feed again at 4:30pm in the winter and 5pm in summer.
    We are a team and everyone learns all the different chores and shares in everything. We work hard everyday but if we are organized and get busy, tasks get done sooner and you can enjoy your free time at the ranch. We don't go to town that often so you have to find things here to keep you busy! If you buy a car while you are in Canada you are welcome once chores are done to go to town in the afternoon or in the evening and enjoy what the Kamloops area offers. I take helpers to town every now and again but having a car gives you a little more freedom. There are no busses or trains to town only cars or trucks.

    We do not expect you to help the whole day every day but we do need to get the chores done! Horses are hungry everyday, even on Sundays! One day a week we just feed the horses in the morning and afternoon and as long as there is no emergency, we take the rest of the day off. When we have enough helpers I try to give everyone a full day off. Sometimes its not possible. We also take a day here and there and go off on little excursions, like going to rodeos and visiting lakes to swim when its hot, or going skiing for the day and other fun activites all year long. There is also time in the afternoon (most days) to enjoy a walk, work with the horses, or just relax.
    As long as we work as a team, communicate with each other and get everything done quickly than you have free time.

    We want to offer a nice atmosphere with people that are open minded and happy to help! Tasks that are done together take half the time because you enjoy it and have fun doing them! You get out what you put in!!

    We offer accommodation for girls and boys separately. Girls share a small cabin and the guys share a nice room in our barn, we offer 3 healthy meals a day in exchange for your help. Breakfast and lunch, you do for yourself and tidy/wash up. We will cook some dinners but ask if you enjoy cooking to cook a few dinners a week. With everyone helping out with cooking dinners are a fun time to learn some new cooking techniques. So bring your favorite recipes and try them out on us. We tend to eat healthy meals that keep my budget in mind. I don't offer dessert every night so any extras I can't offer you are welcome to purchase yourself when we go to town. You will have more then enough food but there are some restrictions.
    Please send us a message if you are interested in staying here so that we can talk and work something out! We have had lots of international people staying here and we love to keep that exchange going! Feel free to write if you have any questions.

    Lea, Bud, Erika (Mike) and Karl.

  • Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Bricolage et construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Aide dans une ferme
    Cuisine/repas pour la famille
    Aide à la maison
    Entretien général
    Aide informatique/internet
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    Objectifs de développement durable de l’ONU que cet hôte essaie d'atteindre

    Objectifs de l’ONU
    Pas de pauvreté
    Faim «zéro»
    Bonne santé et bien-être
    Éducation de qualité
    Égalité entre les sexes
    Eau propre et assainissement
    Énergie propre et d'un coût abordable
    Travail décent et croissance économique
    Industrie, innovation et infrastructure
    Inégalités réduites
    Villes et communautés durables
    Consommation et production responsables
    Mesures relatives à la lutte contre les changements climatiques
    Vie aquatique
    Vie terrestre
    Paix, justice et institutions efficaces
    Partenariats pour la réalisation des objectifs
  • Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    You will learn how to look after and may have the chance to ride horses. You can learn natural horsemanship, we also hope you learn some good life lessons. We look after retired horses so you get to love lots of cool horses. As well as be a part of some building and clean up projects. We have years of wisdom and many special horsemanship skills to teach you. You can also improve your English speaking skills. We have had many helpers that say their experience here has changed their lives for the better. Our ranch is a great place to find what makes you happy! We want everyone to follow their dreams and if we can help you with that we will be happy!!

  • Aide


    Our ranch is up in Knutsford near Kamloops. We offer a retirement home for about 45 horses of all kinds, sizes and breeds, our three dogs, 4 cats and about 40 chickens! All of our animals and pets need lots of love and attention. The help here is mostly farm tasks, you will feed our horses, walk our dogs, move hay, pick up horse manure (not in the winter when the snow comes), clean tack, collect eggs and keep chicken coop clean. You also will help keep the house and the out buildings clean and organized. will help and get to learn all about working with horses as well as help keeping the ranch running well. You will also help in the house. Someone that enjoys helping with cooking would be wonderful. We have egg laying chickens so everyone helps look after them as well. We have three dogs that need to be taken on walks. We also have cats that need love and attention and sleep inside at night for safety, especially inside the helpers cabins. It's their favorite place ❣️

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    Anglais: Courant

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  • Hébergement


    You share cabin accommodation with a single bed and your own dresser. We offer balanced basic healthy food for you to make your own breakfast and lunch and we share in cooking dinners. Everyone gets enough food, no one goes hungry but any extras like junk food/snacks etc we don't supply. You can get a chance to buy these and any extra/specialty foods you require, if you wish, when we go into town to shop, but at your own cost. We offer vegetarian alternatives but can not accommodate vegan diets.

    Everyone helps keep the house clean and also helps with dinner prep and clean up.

    The female helpers live in a cabin together and the male helpers have a nice room in the barn. You share a bathroom with the other helpers in the main house. Everyone helps keep where you live and the main house clean and tidy!!

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    I am looking for people that enjoy the outdoors and like staying busy. The summer is very dry and warm normally. In the winter months we have snow for a good part of the winter so you can snowshoe or cross country ski. We have dogs that love to go for walks. The evenings are quiet and you will have lots of time to relax if you wish. In the winter months, we look for people that are happy finding things to keep themselves busy and entertained. We don't go to town that often so you must find things you enjoy to keep yourself busy. We have a wonderful life here and we enjoy sharing it with other people. Please email me if you think you would enjoy the life we have to offer.

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    Informations complémentaires

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    Espace pour garer des vans

    I have space for cars and vans. I can also offer power but there would be a charge for that.

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    We need to look after the animals everyday but some days are less hours than others, on average about 5 hours a day - max 25 hours

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